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New Meditation Handkbook

This popular and practical manual Geshe Kelsang Gyatso allows us to discover for ourselves the inner peace and lightness of mind that come from meditation. The author explains 21 step-by-step meditations that lead to increasingly peaceful and beneficial states of mind, and that together form the entire Buddhist path to enlightenment. There are short pauses in the CDs where the listener can stop the CD to meditate. 4-CDs, unabridged.Perfect for both beginners and experienced meditators, this practical guide offers an introduction to the expansive inner world of meditation, leading to increasingly peaceful and beneficial states of mind, which together form the entire Buddhist path to enlightenment. By following simple meditation instructions, readers can experience the inner tranquility and lightness of mind that comes from meditation, to reduce life's difficulties and bring greater happiness for ourself and others. Clear and relevant meditation break practices are revealed, so readers can integrate the meditations into their daily activities to reduce tension and improve relationships. This book is availalable at many book stores both offline and online. You may also search for it on Google Books.

The New Meditation Handbook: Meditations to make our life happy and meaningful

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