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In India, Hinduism is denigrated systematically by various social groups, institutions, political parties, ideologies and irreverent critics.

Prominent among them is the Indian Television industry itself, which uses Hinduism to exploit Hindu sentiments without any consideration for the values the tradition upholds.

Many television serials are produced, depicting Hindu themes and stories from the epics and the Puranas, in the country by people  who have little knowledge of Hinduism and scant respect for its tenets.

Their works show lack of taste, disrespect for the divinities involved and an astounding degree of ignorance of the tradition and its deeper knowledge.

It is a wonder how these programs get to enjoy high rating, when those who watch them ought to know that they depict their deities most denigratingly as emotionally lacking in character, having little dignity worthy of a god, and completely bereft of self-control.

How can you watch your gods, who are supposed to protect and uphold these worlds and our lives, crying and weeping uncontrollably on the screen, as if they are susceptible to all human weaknesses? How can you expect such weak behavior from gods who are supposed to be immortal, infinite, imperishable and blissful?

If they cannot control themselves, how do you expect people to worship them, surrender to them and follow them?

A lot of people protested when M.F. Hussein drew naked pictures of our gods and goddesses, (a matter that is still debatable since the painter used abstraction in his painting rather than realism); but they keep watching these serials where they depict our gods and goddesses in flesh and blood, denuded of their divinity and divine qualities.

Ordinary human beings are subject to duality and the afflictions of the mind. Divinities like Siva, Parvathi, Brahma, Vishnu and Lakshmi are supposed to have divine qualities enumerated in the scriptures, such as compassion, understanding, peace, balance, bliss, equanimity, knowledge of the past, present and future, sameness towards the pairs of opposites, detachment and dispassion.

Even if they experience emotions from time to time due to their association with Nature (Prakriti) it is supposed to be deliberate and within bounds and to provide guidance to the mortals upon earth. The only way you can stop this non-sense is by stop watching them.

If you want to spend time in the contemplation of God or in religious activity, please read the original scriptures such as the epics and the Puranas and use your discretion while watching such programs.

Know that our gods and goddesses are not subject to the modifications of the mind (vrittis) as depicted in them. They may participate in human drama, and may at times act like humans to drive home certain moral lessons, but they are not human beings.

They are the immortal gods of the highest realm, the guardians of this universe whose minds are stabilized in peace, equanimity and sameness. They are forever in the highest yoga of self-absorption, united with Brahman and sharing His infinity, all knowing awareness, and blissful nature.

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