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This editorial is in response to an awful comment made by an American diplomat about rape and vegetarianism in India. In one of the comments she posted on Facebook she said, "It’s the vegetarians that are doing the raping, not the meat-eaters."

The comment raises the question whether her attempts to rescue the maid's family were motivated by religious or racial prejudice. We are eager to know what the diplomat has to say about the frequent gun violence, abduction of young girls, and drug abuse in the USA, and whether she would attribute that also to protein deficiency and vegetarianism.

We can understand the ignorance of a person who lives far away from a country about that country. However, these diplomats lived in India, at the expense of American taxpayers, and had a firsthand experience of the country. While living there they must have seen the country, traveled there, met people, attended parties, and probably visited several restaurants and eating places. Yet, it looks as if they never lived there. It is true India has many problems, just as USA had many problems sixty or seventy years after it got the independence. The country was notorious then for slavery, business and land scams. Every country goes through such turbulent phases in its long history. It is wrong to pick a few images of a country and make judgments about it. The couple ought to know that there are many poor Americans in the USA also, who cannot buy food and depend upon the government and charities for their survival. You cannot compare them to your dog and say you dog lives a better life. If the diplomat couple made a little effort and tried to know the country where they lived for a few years, they would have at least realized the following.

1. Indians probably consume twice the amount of meat consumed by the Americans on any given day.

2. Indian cooks excel in cooking the best meat dishes the world has ever tasted.

3. A majority of Indians eat meat on a regular basis.

4. There is no connection whatsoever between vegetarianism and rape. However, there is a clear connection between obesity and the kind of food most Americans eat in the restaurants. There is also clear proof that pork and red meat cause several diseases including heart disease.

5. The problems of rape in India can be attributed to the falling religious and moral values, in which alcohol, western movies, and western culture play no small role. Indian youth are corrupted by the X-rated movies, and videos found on the websites hosted in the USA and Europe. The rapists and criminals in India have a lot in common with the criminals in other countries. They eat meat, drink liquor, and watch blue films and X-rated movies, do not visit temples, mosques or Churches, or pray to God, and have no moral scruples. They may be Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and atheists. They do watch the Western porn and hold cheap opinions about women in general. This is the reality.

Let us hope that in future the government selects well informed and educated people for foreign postings abroad who create a positive image of the country while they serve it. The diplomat couple owe an apology to all Indians and vegetarians for the comments they made.

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