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Memory and Remembering

Facts About Human Memory

by Jayaram V

A lot of mystery is still associated with human memory. Certain traumatic events in the life of an individual can trigger memory loss. The trauma may be either psycho-logical or physical. In some cases people tend to remember suppressed memories long after they were forgotten. It is however not clear now far such memories are reliable.

We also now know that human memory is more subjective and personal than it was believed. Our memories can be influenced through hypnosis and suggestion. In some cases memories are rewritten with entirely made up information, and the subject may not be even aware of it. Our memories also change with time. It is also conditioned and influenced by other people and society in general. What you remember and what you forget is also a subject matter. Some memories fade, but some remain in the long-term memory.

Human memory depends upon various mental and physical factors. Health plays an important role in your memory. Studies indicate that your memory depends mostly upon how you train your mind to remember and recall. Other factors include, your level of interest, how important the memories are to you, and how frequently you may use them. It is easier to remember related and meaningful information than meaningless jargon.

Some people are good at remembering visual data and some are good at remembering verbal information. Birth related factors also play a role in memory. Some people are born with photographic memory, superhuman memory and selective memory. It is also possible to improve your memory and remember long lists of unrelated information with purely mechanical methods. Research has also been done to ascertain whether it is possible to boost memory through sleep, hypnosis and subliminal suggestions. In the following article Maria Garcia provides ten valuable suggestion on how to improve your memory.

10 Ideas to Improve Memory

by Maria Gracia

You are busy and you have tons of things to do. How can you possibly remember it all?

Having a sharp memory recall can be as simple as finding ways to help jog your memory throughout the day. Here are 10 quick ideas:

1. WRITE IT DOWN. With the amount of things you have to remember in any given day, why should you try to stuff it all into your memory bank? When you want to remember something, the very best thing to do is write it down. Then, when you need to recall it, it will be there for you in an instant.

2. KEEP IT TOGETHER. When you write down things you want to remember, keep them in one consistent place. Otherwise, you're going to spend a lot of time looking for your notes.

3. GOOD HEALTH. Eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, and exercise. These are all important for your memory, staying focused and being alert.

4. RECORD YOUR THOUGHTS. Sometimes you might want to remember something, but it's impossible for you to write it down, such as when you're driving. A little hand held tape recorder is a wonderful gadget to carry around with you and record your thoughts, or your parking space number, or a phone number you see on a billboard.

5. CALL YOURSELF. If you're at the office, and you want to do something when you arrive home, call your answering machine and leave yourself a message. When you get home, you'll listen to your message and remember exactly what you wanted to do.

6. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If you keep saying you have a bad memory, you'll probably continue to have a bad memory. It's important to have a motivated, I CAN remember attitude.

7. E-MAIL REMINDERS. There are many free e-mail reminder services available. You simply type in what you want to remember, such as a birthday, anniversary or event, and you then receive an e-mail reminder when the date is approaching. Try

8. POST-IT NOTES. Those wonderful, little sticky notes can be amazing memory helpers. Want to remember something before you leave the house? Jot it down on a Post-It Note and stick it on the inside of your door. You'll be sure to see it as you're getting ready to walk out. Have to make an urgent call first thing in the morning? Leave a Post-It Note on your telephone.

9. TIMERS AND ALARMS. Take advantage of alarm clocks and timers throughout the day. Have to take the clothes out of the wash at 3:00? Set your alarm clock to remind you. Want to leave for the basketball game by 6:15? Set your timer to beep a few minutes before.

10. VISUAL REMINDERS. Visual reminders can help you remember and focus. I especially like visual reminders for remembering your goals. If your goal is to take a trip to a beautiful island in a few years, keep a magazine photograph of the island right on your desk. If your goal is to own your own business one day, find a picture or ornament that will help remind you of this goal each day.

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