Positive Affirmations

Think Success by Jayaram V

by Jayaram V

The following essay is reproduced with publisher's permission from the book Think Success by Jayaram V.

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Summary: Affirmations reinforce your thinking and beliefs. You can use them to counter your negative thoughts, irrational fears and negative self-talk. With affirmations you can constantly remind yourself of your essential purpose, goals and aspirations. Affirmation together with visualization is even more effective. Using affirmations in your daily life does not cost you anything. You do not have to depend upon others to create them. You can create your own affirmations according to your needs and circumstances. And most importantly, you can use them whenever you want to and carry them in your mind wherever you go. Jayaram V


An affirmation is a positive thought or statement that you repeat to yourself frequently and implant in your inner consciousness, as a source of inspiration and motivation for your present and future actions. Once entrenched in your subconscious mind, it guides your thoughts and actions in the direction you desire.

You can use affirmations to overcome certain undesirable traits and negative and habitual thought patterns that prevent you from being what you are or what you want to achieve in your life. Affirmations are also called auto-suggestions because they are the subtle commands you use to feel and act differently.


Your mind is a vast storehouse of accumulated knowledge and learned responses. It is programmed to act in certain mechanical and predictable ways. It relies upon certain habitual patterns of thinking and movements to make life easier for you. It has a tendency to minimize effort and draw immediate conclusions, by filtering the sensory input according to the set of beliefs, values, principles and prejudices to which it is already conditioned. It is difficult to control its movements and break its conventional habits. Using affirmations is one simple and easy way to control some aspects of your mind and mould it according to your needs and circumstances.

1. With the help of positive affirmations, you can instruct your mind and body to act in desirable ways and overcome the barriers that stand between you and your ideal personality.

2. By sending subtle thought forces into your consciousness, you can accomplish a lot such as the following.

  • Powerfully alter your thinking, habits, beliefs and behavior to get what you want
  • Heal yourself in astonishing ways.
  • Counter your negative self-talk to improve your self-esteem and self-acceptance.
  • Empower yourself to deal with the problems and challenges in your life, with greater confidence, enthusiasm and determination.
  • Master your thoughts, emotions and disempowering beliefs to experience life more positively
  • Channel your energies in the direction of your dreams and goals.

3. More specifically speaking, using affirmations, you can bring positive changes, such as the following, in your life.

  • Lose weight on a permanent basis in a very natural and healthy way.
  • Excel in sports or achieve academic distinction.
  • Write a book, thesis or composition, which you thought was difficult.
  • Overcome a phobia, fear, inferiority complex, or low self-esteem, with powerful empowering suggestions.
  • Cure your body of some sickness or weakness.
  • Overcome performance issues.
  • Strengthen your will power to overcome a barrier or achieve something.
  • Learn a new skill or subject.
  • Improve your memory, understanding or empathy
  • Change your attitude, behavior, perception or world view.
  • Change your habits or daily routine.
  • Change your responses to anger, aggression and unjust treatment.
  • Heal your relationships, and past traumas.

Positive affirmations may not get you everything you want in your life, but they can help you build on your thoughts and achieve self-mastery.

They can firmly establish a thinking pattern and a belief system in your consciousness, with which you can shape your life and alter the course of your actions.

Using them regularly, you can overcome your negativity, fears and frustration and feel responsible for your actions and thoughts.

You can face the challenges of your life more confidently, with the conviction that you're not a mere pawn in the hands of some unknown fate or someone else‘s plans and dreams.

With affirmations, you can practically do anything that's humanly possible and within the field of your reality.

You can substantially change the way you think and act and relate yourself with yourself and the world around you.

You can become the person and lead the life you want to.

But, for that to happen, you should know how to make the affirmations work for you. The following suggestions are meant to make positive affirmations work for you and bring you success and happiness more assuredly.

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