Cultivating the Abundance Mentality

Creating Abundance

Abundance and extravagance

by Jayaram V

There are people who spend money way beyond their income and suffer from the consequences. They max out their credit cards, take every possible loan and eventually exhaust all avenues of income. One may argue that extravagant people also have an abundant state of mind and their spending habits also stem from a similar attitude and belief that somehow money will flow into their lives as they live beyond their means, without worrying about their future.

It is true that people who have cultivated an attitude of abundance, or the prosperity of consciousness as the author of this article called it, may sometimes spend money beyond their means to overcome a problem or help someone. However, they will not do so habitually or for egoistic reasons. They do it to deal with some contingency. It is difficult to equate extravagant people who habitually spend money beyond their means with those who live responsibly and do not suffer from scarcity mentality when they do not have adequate income.

They recognize their condition and strive diligently to increase their income and self-worth with intelligence, hope and determination. People who spend extravagantly beyond their means do so not because of their abundance state of minds but various other psychological reasons, including anxiety, insecurity and need for approval. Eventually, they suffer from scarcity. In the following essay the author Ull Sebastian explains why attitude and mentally play an important role in creating and experiencing abundance in anyone's life.

Abundance is a State of Mind

 by Ulla Sebastian

Money for most people is associated with lack, scarcity and stress. Stress around money can ruin the quality of your life. This stress is created in your mind, in what you think and feel about money.

Just watch your thoughts. How often during the day do you think: If I only had more money. Or: 'It is never enough', or 'Money is not for me'.

These thoughts have power, more power than the money in your purse or bank account. Having enough money is not a question of the sum that is at your disposal. Enough or not enough tells you something about the discrepancy between your desires and your material reality.

Of course, you need a substantial amount of money to cover food, cloths and a roof above your head.

But what makes life then worthwhile is not more money but having good friends, freedom and the ability to think over the great threats of life such as death, disease and poverty.

This is not new knowledge. Thousands of years ago, the Greek philosopher Epicurus already came to this conclusion.

Epicurus explored the concept of abundance or true wealth that makes our life fulfilled. Wealth comes from the root word weal which means a sound, healthy or prosperous state of well-being.

The feeling of abundance is a state of mind. Some people call it prosperity consciousness. The sense of lack is also a state of mind called poverty consciousness.

Your thoughts have the potential to bring into your life that what you focus on all day. This is the law of physics that "energy attracts like energy".

Your mind and your thoughts are part of that energy which is underlying your visible world. Quantum physicists call this reality the quantum field.

The practical application of this basic law of physics is that you have the choice to put your mind towards abundance or lack.

This process happens all the time but mostly you are choosing unconsciously through your negative or ambivalent feelings and all the words that run like an inner tape.

You have inherited attitudes, thoughts and beliefs about money from your family, friends, media and culture at large. Examining and exploring your habits, thoughts and feelings about money are essential to create abundance in your life.

To support you in your quest, I offer a free course on positive affirmations concerning money, love and health. Are you wondering about this combination?

Well, from a certain perspective, money is just one form of energy. If you feel very tight around money you may also feel tight around giving your love and appreciation to others. If you feel abundant in yourself, you will tend to share wholeheartedly your care as well as your material resources in as much as you can afford it.

A restricted attitude towards life will also constrict your health, while an abundant attitude will draw everything towards you that will enrich your life and well-being.

Money, love and health are very closely related as I can see each month when I deal with those issues within the distance courses. Even if I focus on a money issue, a relationship theme or a health issue may easily show up and vice versa.

Becoming conscious of your habits, thoughts and feelings about money is a first important step but often not enough to really shift the deep-rooted energetic patterns that hold the attitudes, beliefs and feelings of lack and scarcity in place.

To help you shift those patters, I offer my forty years of research, work with thousands of people from all over the world and a lifelong experience of Self growth and transformation to assist you in achieving money and abundance together with a fulfilled life and good health faster, less painful and more effective.

Personal presence is not required to fully benefit from it. You can sit comfortably at home and pace the process according to your needs.

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Author:Dr. Ulla Sebastian is a well-known author, trainer and psychotherapist. Her work spans a wide range of themes for professional and personal growth and is the result of forty years of research, work with thousands of people from all over the world and a lifelong experience of selfgrowth and transformation. Visit her website for free courses, distance courses, books, eBooks and articles.