The Power of Determination


by Jayaram V

Determination connotes the strength, or the tenacity of your mind and will with which you hold to your cherished goals and pursue them with perseverance. Its strength is determined to the extent you work against odds and succeed. Your resolve or determination depends greatly upon your beliefs and the faith you have in your goals and abilities. You may call it by any name, will power, resolve, tenacity, resilience or determination, in the end what makes the difference between success and failure is the strength of your will. Some people may achieve success by luck, but most by determination only. Some people give up easily, while some fight until the end.

You may mistake them often for stubborn or obstinate people, if they pursue their goals ignoring the consequences or the reality of the situation, or if they set unrealistic goals and refuse to listen to their own reason. Otherwise, determined people stand out as tough leaders who finish what they being. Determination is a double edged sword which cuts both ways. It may be used to pursue both good and evil ends. Some people are determined to do evil and live selfishly ignoring the pain and suffering they cause to others by their actions.

 The Bhagavad-Gita considers such resolve evil and demonic, arising from the dark nature of human consciousness. In the end it does no good to anyone and should be avoided. That resolve is good which does not resort to evil methods and does not lead to negative consequences. The following article, which is partially reproduced here was originally published in my book Think Success. It does not speak about how to cultivate determination, but its importance in life and in accomplishing tasks. Jayaram V

In the end determination is what carries you towards your goals. If man has walked on the Moon or is going to land on Mars someday, it is because of our determination to extend our presence far beyond the earth, by surmounting the difficulties and increasing our knowledge and awareness about ourselves, our existence and the universe in which we live. Determination means having the ability to stay on course, to remain focused on your goals, to stand up to the problems and obstacles with conviction, to be fixed and firm about your decisions, solutions and intentions and to apply the power of your will to your dreams and desires with firm resolve, grit, fortitude, faith and courage.

The dynamics of determination
How your determination manifests in your thinking and actions? The most important and direct consequence of determination is the power of focus. Perseverance, or the will to continue in the face of adversity, is another. Faith in your goals and your abilities stems from your determination. Discipline and determination go together. Without discipline and self-control it is difficult to stick to a path of action and pursue it until the end. You can also strengthen your resolve by constantly remembering your goals or your purpose. Your determination also depends upon your endurance for pain and suffering and your ability to manage ambiguity and uncertainty. Determined people strengthen their resolve when things are not going in their favor. They may be flexible in their plans but remain focused upon their goals until they achieve them. If there is one quality you should choose to achieve success in your life, it is your will or resolve. Jayaram V

If there is one gift that you can give to yourself in your life to be what you want to be, it is the power of determination. Without it you are a mere passive spectator in the drama of your life.

If there is one trait that makes a difference between a winner and a loser or a leader and a follower, it is the power of determination. Without it, you may dream wild dreams, but you will not accomplish much in life.

If you have determination nothing can stop you and nothing can deter you from following a particular course of action to achieve your goals or realize your dreams.

Impediments may come and delay your progress. They may halt your progress, disturb you temporarily, may even lead you astray for some time, but they cannot withstand the sustained pressure and energy of strong determination. It is the power that you generate within yourself to hold on tenaciously to the course of action you have chosen and to march forward towards your cherished goals.

Determination is one of the most valuable assets you can have in your life. If you have it, you will have everything you want in your life. You are successful or unsuccessful to the extent you are determined and committed to your goals.

We can do anything we want to, but only if we have the unwavering strength of determination, the conviction that we will reach the goals we have chosen, and we have the freedom to choose and decide the kind of life we want to pursue.

With faith in God and confidence in yourself, and with strong determination, you can achieve the impossible, realize the most difficult dreams and achieve excellence and incredible success in your life.

Source: Reproduced partially from the article, "Becoming Aware of Yourself" from the book Think Success by Jayaram V. You may purchase this book from our online store

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