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by Jayaram V

Before we go further on this subject, please note that the suggestions given here are for information purposes only and meant for only those who have normal and healthy eyes, or just long or short sight. Those with specific eye related problems and other complications, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, should consult an eye care professional or a personal physician before following any exercises or guidelines that are mentioned in this article.

Your eyes are your windows to the world. They are the most dominant of all the senses. About 85% of our sensory input comes from our eyes and the rest from other sensory organs. Having normal and healthy vision is, therefore, a great blessing. Your overall health, eating habits and your life style have a direct bearing upon your vision and the health of your eyes. If you want to lead normal and healthy life, you have to pay utmost attention to your eyes and give them proper rest and care.

Vision impairing diseases are difficult to detect in the early stages of their development, because the symptoms are not easily detectable. Even a simple problem like defective vision may not be immediately known. While this can pose problems, it can be resolved to some extent by having your eyes routinely examined. This is all the more necessary in case of people having chronic health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Stress is a major healthcare issue. It leaves a strong impact upon the eyes. Therefore, they have to be protected from the stress and strain, caused by your daily activities and the pressures of your life. The following suggestions are meant to protect your eyes from the excess wear and tear caused by stressful factors.

1. Protect your eyes from over exertion and the possibilities of migraine and headaches, by giving them adequate rest. One of the simplest ways of doing it is by sleeping well. Sometimes you may not be able to sleep well because of problems like sleep apnea or snoring, in which case you need to consult a doctor and find a suitable remedy. If you live in an area, where noise pollution is high, you may have to find some solutions to deal with it, so that you can sleep soundly. Also make it a policy not to answer official or routine calls after a certain time in the night. You cannot of course make such a decision if you are part of a technical team, which has to provide late night support or service from home. Whatever may be the situation, you have to find solutions to have minimum eight hours of sleep every day. When you sleep, make sure that you sleep in a place, where there is no light and no major disturbance. Alternatively you may use eye covers and ear plugs. This is important because darkness and stillness allow the body to fall into a restful mode and produce certain chemicals, such as melatonin, which induce sleep.

2. Give adequate rest to your eyes during waking hours. If your job requires intense concentration, probably you need to rest them more frequently to avoid eye fatigue. However tough your job may be, learn to relax once in a while at workplace and give your body a chance to recuperate. There will always be time, when you will be doing nothing. Use such moments to close your eyes and relax, letting all the stress out of your system. You can intensify the state of relaxation further by taking a few deep and slow breaths. This will also increase oxygen supply to your body and give your body a chance to relieve the accumulated stress.

3. Cold water has a very soothing effect upon your skin. At least four or five times during the day or night, use cold water to sprinkle your face and soothe your eyes. Make sure the water is clean and it doesn‘t enter your eyes directly, as it may cause a burning sensation in your eyes and make you feel unpleasant. Using cold water, rub your face and eyelids gently a few times and let your facial muscles and the muscles in your eyes relax. After that use a fresh towel to dry your face and feel more relaxed. At the end of each wash, you should feel very relaxed and energized.

4. Do not ignore any symptoms or discomfort in your eyes. Vision problems require immediate attention. Mild eye disorders may be taken care of with self-treatment. But, before taking any treatment, it is always better to consult a qualified professional. We never know what the hidden causes are to a specific problem. What may appear to be a minor irritation in the eye may be actually the symptom of a serious disorder. So, it is not advisable to use self-medication or ignore any vision changes, which you may experience. It is also important to choose the right kind of professional for consultation. For example, the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health categorizes them in the following manner.

Source: Reproduced partially from the article, "Becoming Aware of Yourself" from the book Think Success by Jayaram V. You may purchase this book from our online store

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