Limiting Beliefs About Money and Abundance

Limiting Beliefs

by Maria Gamb

Recently I was asked what the number one concern was amongst clients. Invariably, in just about every session I give the question of money comes up. The context varies from person to person. However what I’ve observed is that there seems to be a general anxiety about money; where to get it, how to increase it, how to secure more for the future and how to manage it.

You may be reading this thinking that you’ve got it all together when it comes to money. You have more than they can know what to do with. Others will admit that this is an area they’ve already done a lot of work around. They’ve got financial planners, investments and a savings account. Then there is the group that might still be in denial about their money issues. They may not necessarily spend excessively but still find themselves unable to pay credit card bills and basic living expenses.

What does money have to do with you’re spiritual well being? EVERYTHING! Money is energy. This is the truth. Either you can be someone who feels comfortable working within that energy or you’re not. It basically comes down to what & how you THINK about money. Your thoughts create your reality. No matter how passive you think thoughts are, there really are no passive thoughts. It’s part of our god given manifestion tool kit that create the Law Of Attraction. This is a reflection of your spiritual self esteem: It’s your choice if you attract good things or bad things. Ease or Struggle. Joy or Anxiety. Love or Fear. Financial Abundance or Financial Despair. What do you *really* think you deserve?

There are MANY limiting beliefs (thoughts) relating to money. In this eZine we’ll look at the Top 3 Reason You May Fall Short in achieving your financial goals. Keep in mind the important link between those thoughts and the reality of which you’re experiencing at this very moment in your life.

1) Money is Dirty, Evil, Corrupt –

Common Statements that Support this Thought: Money is filthy lucre People who have a lot of money are evil That rich man is probably taking some on the side. No wonder he’s so rich.

If you were brought up around the concept that money was “filthy lucre”. Then the chances are that if you had earned a large amount of money you might “perceive“money as bad or unclean. Or you may feel that someone who has acquired a vast financial base as corrupt or evil. After all, if you think money is somehow “dirty”then someone who possesses it couldn’t possibly be “good.”What if that person was YOU? Ahhhhhhh, now, do you get it? What if it was YOU who had all this money? You’ve just attracted something to you that you will automatically repel if you don’t change your mindset about it.

2) Money is hard to Manage

Common Statements that Support this Thought: I’m not smart enough to know how to handle money. If I had money I would probably blow it all in a minute. If I make a lot of money I would have to invest in the stock market & I have no clue how to handle that. You know how everyone looses money doing that! These statements are most common in women. This is purely my experience. Most women, even today, still bare the thought that they are incapable of handling their own money & making wise investments. One of the most glaring examples of this was a client I worked with who was telling me through tears that she was “too stupid”to know how to handle money. “Women don’t handle money, men do”she told me, then added, “Men are the powerful ones, men take care of the money.”I was actually quite surprised by these statements, as she was merely a woman in her early 40’s. My intuition kicked in and I asked her what she did for a living. Her reply? She sells insurance & does financial planning for families. All at once we both began laughing. She trusted herself to deal with others financial planning but not her own. Immediately she realized the insanity of her thinking & that this was what was hindering her own financial freedom. She needed to get unstuck by changing her thoughts and actually own her financial intelligence.

3) I don’t deserve money

Common Statements that Support this Thought: I don’t deserve money/abundance I only need enough to pay my bills No one in my family ever had money & they did ok. If you do not believe that you deserve money, then how could you possible have what you desire? Craving abundance while deep down inside you don’t believe that your talents warrant what you are paid or that you deserve anything more created a passive state. It’s simple physics: a positive + a negative = neutral. In energetic terms, you’ve just canceled out any possibility of your abundance. The energy around money becomes passive. That’s crazy, right!? “No one would ever do that!”You say, but yet you are. Think about it.

During a session a client told me that he “only needed enough money to pay his bills.”Then added, “it’s not like I need tons of money, I just want to survive.”Well guess what?! That’s exactly what he was doing –Just Surviving…barely. He was shocked when I asked him why he felt that was all he deserved in life. Shocked & physically taken back, the light bulb when on & he could see how his thoughts/limiting beliefs has stymied his career. I suggested he change his thought process to a deserving abundant mindset and begin to dream about what having some more fluidity with money would look like. For each person this is a very personal journey. We all have different dreams and fantasies. He was not focusing on a BMW (there’s nothing wrong with wanting a nice car) but trekking through Nepal with his girlfriend for 3 months without financial cares. Maybe next year he’ll have shifted his mindset enough to think about the BMW but I would venture to guess it would be a mini van with camping equipment and a tribe of children. : ) That’s HIS hearts desire & HIS personal definition of abundance.

I cannot stress enough that your spiritual well being has much to do with your ability to accept abundance in your life. This is your spiritual self esteem at work. What do you deserve in life? How much do you deserve? For each person the answers to these questions are different. The measure of them also varies. It’s important to know that receiving blessings of abundance (not just money) is as important as sharing them. Ideally the more you have, the more you can bless others around you.

Wishing you your hearts desire. Maria

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Author:Maria Gamb is founder of which was born by her own journey in learning to listen to her inner wisdom and guidance. Through her own experiences she shares that being successful and abundant is indeed a spiritual process. Using practical applications and techniques she empowers individuals to embrace their spiritual self esteem thereby living more abundant lives. Maria Gamb may be contacted at