Beginning Something Great or Small


by Jayaram V

Simple suggestions regarding how to start or begin any action or idea

First, you must have clarity. You must clearly know what you want to achieve and what it takes to get you there. The results may be uncertain, but your actions must be certain. You must also know whether you can do it on your own or need help from others and whether it is within the realm of possibility.

Your thinking and expectations must be realistic and reasonable so that you will not find yourself exhausted and stuck. Are the possibilities higher or lower? If they are lower, what can be done to improve the odds in your favor? Unless you are precise about these estimates, you may face problems later.

Second, timing is important. Are you ready for it? Are the circumstances favorable? Every idea or project has its time. When the chances of success are high and the facilitating factors are stronger than the opposing ones, it is the right time to start or begin anything. You must have the discerning wisdom to know the right time to begin or start anything and estimate the probability of its success.

Before you start any project, let the idea simmer in and stay in your mind for some time. It may be minutes, hours or days, depending upon how serious or complex the work is.

You must be thorough with what you want to do. Gather as much information as possible and weigh all possibilities and probabilities. Sometimes it is better to pause and think rather than rushing in with half-baked ideas and incomplete information.

Meditation helps people see things clearly and understand them better, since in meditation your mind becomes calmer and enters deep thinking. If you regularly meditate or pray, your intuition will also be stronger and you will be able to discern the right time more accurately.

Sometimes common sense will also help to know when to start or begin any action and what you may need to accomplish your goals. You may also consult people who you may think possess the right knowledge about what you want to begin or start.

If you believe in astrology, you may consult an astrologer to determine the auspicious time for important tasks. It is mostly for sentimental purposes, to have the right frame of mind and believe in the possibility of positive outcomes. However, discretion is important in such matters so that you can avoid overdoing it or falling into the trap of superstition.

Another important suggestion which is helpful before you begin or start anything is praying. Prayers help the same way meditation helps, besides putting you in harmony with divine will or your spiritual thinking and deeper awareness. Pray for divine help to give you strength, courage and knowledge to persevere and succeed.

You may use traditional prayers that are meant for your favorite deity, or you may devise your own prayers according to the need, aspiration or occasion. Your prayers must be sincere and personal. If they reflect your goals or the outcome, it will be much better since it will send a powerful impression or suggestion to your subconscious mind.

Some people use “Aum” before they start or begin anything. They mentally or verbally utter Aum three times, taking deep breaths and stretching the sound as long as possible. It is a spiritually powerful practice, which puts you in the zone and takes your mind into tranquility.

Whatever you do, remember to give your best. Plan well, and finish what you start with faith, confidence and perseverance. Disappointments are part of life. You may not always succeed in your actions. As the Bhagavadgita states, your right is to actions only. If you focus on improving your techniques and methods, you have better chances of success.

Therefore, all your intelligence, knowledge, experience, expertise and resources should be used to improve and perfect your actions, rather than worrying about the outcome which is not in your hands. Leave the results to God or fate or chance. If things do not turn out as expected, learn from your mistakes and start again. Success is a process, not an end, and the path of success is seldom straight.

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