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Spoof Cards and A wide choice of quality international calling cards for any destination. Call worldwide with these phone card services. You can make a call without entering a PIN.

Spoofcard is the revolutionary tool that allows a user to maintain anonymity when making a call. This is done with Spoofcard's many features, the most prominent being the ability for the user to substitute any number as their caller ID. They will never know it was you! Pick a new fake number before you call. They’ll see the new number instead of yours and pick up thinking you’re someone else! Additional features include: Option to change the voice to a male or female, in real-time, and an option for the user to record the conversation. Adjust one setting and you’ll instantly change your voice to sound way different. You’ll fool your friends and family into thinking you’re another person! SpoofCard is a subsidiary of TelTech Systems headquartered in New Jersey.

ComFi phone cards provide lowest long distance rates around the globe

Founded in 1998, is a leader in prepaid phone card sales and has the lowest rates available for all of your customers international and domestic calling needs. Customers will receive a PIN number and dialing instructions via e-mail instantly after purchasing online. No signup fees, no commitments, just affordable international calling when you need it!Using prepaid phone cards wisely can help you control your phone bills. Prepaid phone cards are also very convenient. For consumers who do not want to switch their long distance carriers, stand-alone prepaid phone cards are the answer. You receive mobility (calling from any phone including cellular), independence from local carrier and anonymity. Prepaid phone cards are also extremely popular with college students, truck drivers, travelers, and international visitors. Often you can find the absolute LOWEST rate to a particular international country by using prepaid phone cards rather than direct dial 1+ service or 1010 dial.

Cheap international calls with NobelCom | Call India for only 1.9c with NobelCom | Nobelcom Phone cards - Get 5% Bonus! Use code: 5NOBEL

Nobel offers low cost international calls using prepaid phone cards. For over a decade we have been a recognized leader in the global telecom industry, providing superior connection quality at a bargain price. They are able to do this by taking advantage of their own TDM/VoIP network and unique pricing structure. Nobel international phone cards can be used from any phone and also with our mobile app for iPhone and Android or Pc2 Phone app for Windows.Nobel is a leader in the telecom industry since 1998 helping customers stay in touch with their loved ones all over the world. As a NobelCom customer you get the best rates for international calls through phone cards, NobelApp for your smartphone, and great deals for prepaid cell recharges in over 300 mobile networks worldwide. Every dollar spent on phone cards brings you valuable Nobel Points; you also win Points for recommending our service to your friends. You can then use these Points to get discounts on further phone card purchases or recharges.

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