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At iMemories, they are reinventing how family memories are experienced in today's cloud-connected, multi-screen world. iMemories places all your videos and photos right at your fingertips, so you can enjoy life’s special moments anytime, anywhere -- and from any decade. iMemories offers the following services: Home movies transferred to DVD (8mm, 16 mm, Super 8, Hi8, VHS, and Mini DV), Film, photo and slide scanning to digital format, Premium online accounts (for editing photos and videos and creating customized gifts), and Safe video and photo storing and sharing in the cloud.

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Find the best in the entertainment: movies, shopping, gifts, collectibles, memorabilia, cartoons, Batman, Dark Knight Rises, Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, Superman, Wizard of Oz, Hogwarts, Quidditch, calendars, clothing, costumes and more from the following great resources: – TV shows box sets, new releases on DVD and Blu-ray Discs. – Exclusive site for Harry Potter merchandise. – Exclusive site for The Hobbit merchandise. – DC Comics, Vertigo and MAD Magazine collectibles. - Official site for Cartoonnetwork – Never before released classic features - Streaming service for classic and hard-to-find movie. .

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YesVideo has helped over 9 million families preserve their precious memories. They offers the following services: - Home movies transferred to private online account and DVD (8mm, 16 mm, Super 8, Hi8, VHS, and Mini DV) - Film and VHS tapes to digital online format - Premium online accounts (for editing videos and creating customized DVD gifts) - Safe and secure video storing and sharing in the cloud - Access from any computer, iPhone or iPad.

Hollywood Mega Store . com | Find the perfect Hollywood gift now! | Movie, Celebrity & TV Memorabilia & Merchandise, 3000+ items!

Hollywood Mega Store has been in business for over 20 years with two stores on the infamous landmark, Hollywood Blvd. Their products have been featured in "Cookie Magazine" and have been purchased by Saks Fifth Avenue, Apple Computers and Universal Studios. Hottest Hollywood merchandis includes collectibles, memorabilia, party supplies and apparel. Their officially licensed products include celebrities, movies, sports, NASCAR, TV, Marvel, DC Comics and much more. You will find High quality color Lifesize Cutouts of celebrities and more, largest selection of Movie Night & Hollywood Theme Party Supplies, Decor, Favors, and unique items, very popular Hollywood Trophies. Hollywood and Nostalgic Gift Sets and Gift Baskets, favored Home Theater Decorations including Reels, Commemoratives, Cinema Lamps and more. Collector items include NECA Action Figures and Head Knockers, Shotglasses, Celebriducks, Tin Signs and Zippo Lighters,. Also offered are most sought after Posters, Prints and Framed Celebrity Prints. Most popular celebrity, movie and music T-shirts. Hollywood theme T-shirts, Tote Bags and Caps., very hot JH Design Jackets and Hoodies for men, women, and kids, in all sizes, Celebrity and Novelty License Plates. Rare Vintage License Plates. California Traffic & Street Signs, and more .

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BBC Shop offers the U.S. audience the very best of British programming through our website and catalog, with a broad array of products, which includes DVDs, videos, books, audio books, music, home décor and collectibles developed around top BBC and British brands. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of the BBC. Hence, their profits support the BBC's mission of enriching people's lives through innovative programs and services that inform, educate and entertain. From Dame Judi Dench and Cranford to Doctor Who and Planet Earth, you can rely on the BBC for award-winning programs that Entertain, Inform and Inspire you. Quality programs like these reflect the BBC's more-than-85-year heritage of integrity and creativity.

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The Discovery Channel Store reaches beyond the television screen to bring the wonder and mystery of our world to you. They've scoured the globe to provide their customers access to the most informative, engaging, and entertaining products available. Explore your world and entertain your brain Discovery style! The Discovery Channel Store products reflect the spirit of each channel in their network family and every unique customer: Discovery Channel – Exclusive documentaries, hit show merchandise, fun & educational merchandise, and state-of-the-art telescopes. TLC – Sassy tops, sweet treats, and exclusive novelty items from top shows Animal Planet – Wild tees, exclusive accessories, and DVDs from serious hits Science - Tees and DVDs for even more discovery Velocity - Gadgets for convenience and discovery, home appliances, and adrenaline filled programming Each network shop features specialty items related their unique programming, and all programming from our networks is available on DVD, HD and Blu-Ray!

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