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Are interested in designer quality handcrafted silkflowers made with dedication? Silkflowers.com is the nation’s largest supplier of designer-quality silk botanicals, including floral arrangements, decorative stems, plants and trees at affordable prices, delivered directly to consumers with utmost care. . They are your complete source for home decorating and unique gift giving ideas - offering a superior selection of designer-quality silk flower arrangements, natural looking artificial trees, lifelike silk plants, coordinating containers, and decorative room fragrances all shipped factory direct. Hand-crafted by Silkflowers.com floral artisans in their Cincinnati, Ohio facility, their beautiful silk flower arrangements, plants and trees are designed using only the finest silk flowers and artificial foliages available. They continually create new and unique floral designs that can’t be found anywhere else. Their award winning, talented silk flower artisans are always keeping up with the latest fashion trends, colors and decorating styles.  Every silk flower arrangement, plant and tree offered by then is a hand-crafted silk floral masterpiece designed and assembled in theirr factory and shipped directly to your door. Silkflowers.com products hold their natural beauty for years with little to no maintenance and are a cost-effective and allergy-free alternative to live plants. They offer Hassle-free Return or Exchange within 30 days for a full merchandise refund.

Decorate with Beautiful Handcrafted Tapestries and Wall Hangings from Novica.com | Shop Handmade Gifts Under $30 at NOVICA | Shop Unique Amethyst Jewelry at Novica.com | Find the Perfect Anniversary Gift at NOVICA | Shop Garnet Jewelry at Novica.com!

Discover the world of art and hanidcrafts as you support artisans and artists worldwide. Novica.com is leading provider of worldwide fine art, home decor, and artisan crafted jewelry. Provide your visitors with a gateway to the fascinating cultures of the world. Visitors to the website will explore remote regions across the globe, where they can view the faces of fascinating artisans, read about their lives, learn about the meaning behind their works, and select from more than 30,000 unique, handmade works of art. NOVICA has had a profound impact on the lives of many artisans. Many artists have been able to overcome the economic challenges felt in developing regions of the world, and have been able to concentrate and work full time as artists.  Artisans from around the world (many living in rural communities) don't have the means to sell their work on the international market. NOVICA gives them a free platform to do this, and reach customers on a global scale. Their  teams of local art experts based in every region, provide artisans with all the backup they need. From product development advice, to quality control assistance, they are there to make their listing process as smooth as possible. Watch video. Since they care about who they're buying from, and who they're supporting, they they go out of their way to capture the real artisan story. On every product page on their website you'll find a portrait and detailed biography of each artist. Thereby, the empower artisans to build a sustainable business from their craft. Novica ensures that artisans enjoy full control so that they are free to raise or lower their own prices, can withdraw their products at any time, and can even put their items on sale. They also provide them with microcredit support by offering 0% interest loans to artisans who want to expand their business and bring more income to their wider communities. You can also lend to artisans directly on their website, or visit their loan page on kiva.org. In a world where there are so many mass produced products, with no record of who made them, and under what conditions, NOVICA gives you the choice to say no to sweat shops and child labor, and to vote with your wallet for a happier world. In the past, artists have been forced to give up their art in favor of a more lucrative career. NOVICA allows them to carry on with their craft, as there is now a platform from which they can operate a sustainable creative business. They are obsessed with every artistic tradition out there, and want to teach you about them too! Through their Keepers Of The Arts page, they hope to promote awareness for endangered traditions, and provide a place where you can target your support. .

Save on Premier Artisan Jewelry Everyday with Site Super Sales at JeGem.com!

Find handcrafted Jewelry! JeGem.com brings you a wide selection of one-of-a-kind artisan handcrafted jewelry featuring a diverse range of gorgeous gemstones in unique sterling silver and gold settings. Each piece of JeGem jewelry is individually designed and painstakingly crafted. Using jewelry making techniques that have been handed down for generations, their gifted artisans ensure that each gemstone's unique beauty is truly revealed. The jewelry is offered at the best prices and they guarantee that shopping with then is 100% secure and reliable..

Forzieri.com United Kingdom | Get the latest in fashion and accessories at Forzieri.com!

FORZIERI is the All-Italian Luxury Dream Store featuring the latest collections from over 200 ultra-exclusive brands, from the globally renowned designers to gem-like local artisans. Specializing in one-of-a-kind Jewelry, Handbags, Leather Goods, Shoes, Men’s Accessories, Home Dècor and more, FORZIERI epitomizes the magic of Italian style in a magical virtual luxury loft. Their collections have been enchanting the world since 1998 by featuring cutting-edge emerging designers, undiscovered master artisans and iconic fashion houses. Founded in 1992 as a family-owned boutique in Florence, Italy, today Forzieri has developed into a world-class online shopping landmark, transmitting its culture and atmosphere to more than 150 countries with flagships in Italy, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, China, Japan and Australia. They wanted to take the thrill and prestige of a high-end department store to the next level so they created the Luxury Avenue at Forzieri. Inspired by the Renaissance architecture of Florence’s historic panorama, a highly selected group of Italian brands together with premium European guest designers create a must-stop shopping experience. .

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