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RealtyTrac Visit the nations #1 site for foreclosures and find homes for half the price. RealtyTrac provides customers a one-stop destination to make better-informed real estate and housing decisions. Recognized nationwide as a trusted industry partner, RealtyTrac delivers the accuracy, support, and flexibility required to get the information you need to achieve maximum results. Subscribe to Realtytrac membership to access to 1.2 million foreclosure property listings and 4.2 million for sale and recently sold homes nationwide, including pre-foreclosure addresses, auction dates/locations, bank loan amounts, owner information and much more. Your man in the courthouse. RealtyTrac have hundreds of experienced abstractors who collect property information at local courthouses nationwide so your data is accurate. Their housing data is unbiased, trusted and regularly featured in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and appears on CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS News. Even the federal government uses real estate data from them. With RealtyTrac you will have access to property details, values, loan information, taxes and sales history on close to 100 million homes. You will be able to find critical quality-of-life information including schools, crime rates, cost of living and much more for any neighborhood, to make informed decisions.

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With Free access for 7-days, find your next investment waiting for you, from a free list of nationwide bank and government foreclosures! is America's largest provider of distressed properties, with more than 1.8 million foreclosure, preforeclosure, bankruptcy and tax lien listings across the United States located conveniently in one place. They deliver the latest, most complete residential foreclosure property listings in an easy, accessible format to our customers and business provides distressed property statistics to highly respected national media outlets. Gain exclusive private access today because you might never see them tomorrow!Subscribers benefit from a revolutionary built-in investment tool that instantly calculates potential money-making equity spreads, ensuring the quickest and most-profitable purchase decisions possible before the amazing deals are gone. Their incredible hidden foreclosure deals come complete with critical tax roll and community information, as well as property photos and map views (aerial, street, etc.), providing a 360-degree picture of the home of your dreams!

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