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Videos on Hinduism, Buddhism, Yoga, Self-help and Spirituality

Welcome to Hinduwebsite video center. Watch original videos on various aspects of Hinduism and related religions. For your convenience, we have arranged them into different categories. Please use the links in the left column to view them or the ones shown below. This page has been configured for the latest browsers and some browsers may not display the video. If you do not see the video, please click on the link to download the video from YouTube.

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Self esteem is respect for self, feeling good about self, having positive self-image, self acceptance and feelings of self worth. Self esteem is key to happiness, success, relationships, inner peace, self-confidence, decision making and integrity. What you demand from life, achieve in life, expect from life, depend upon your self-esteem. Use these affirmations frequently for good results. Watch this video regularly till you remember them.

The Purpose of Yoga

What is the purpose of yoga? It is to return you to your natural state of mind, which is peace, stability and equanimity. In the normal course of your life you do not stay in this state because of various reasons. Yoga aims to bring you back to your natural statue, which is peace.



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