The Awakened Life - A Book on Spirituality

The Awakened Life by Jayaram V

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Date of Pub: October 20, 2010
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What is the Awakened Life?

The Awakened Life by Jayaram V contains useful and practical information and wisdom on spiritual beliefs and practices. It is useful for those who have a spiritual bent of mind and want to practice spirituality without ignoring their worldly duties and responsibilities. In the present day world, you need a philosophy that is generous and guilt free in its tolerance and acceptance of worldly compulsions. If you want to keep your sanity you need a spiritual state of mind that can readily absorb the visciousness of competitive life without losing compassion and the zest for living and loving.

The writings are based upon the knowledge contained in the ancient and modern texts on spirituality and spiritual life. According to the author, "This book is about cultivating a deeper awareness of life and the world around you from a spiritual perspective and dealing with the problems and situations in your life accordingly."

The author also explains what awakenign means. "To be awakened means to know that you are an eternal soul, you have a responsibility beyond this life and live with that conviction and attitude." He deals with the subject of spirituality with a modern mindset using the conventional wisdom. He insists that you do not have to go to forests or retire into an ashram to practice spirituality. According to him the purpose of spiritual life is to live holistically, "trying to satisfy both our spiritual and material needs, accepting what is being given to us by Nature or God, and without subjecting ourselves to the extremities of pain and pleasure." He regards spiritual materialism as a "compromise of sorts."which does not guarantee liberation but gives you an ability to withstand the pressures of life with greater understanding and patience."

Are you a spiritual person?

Perhaps you may need some introspection to answer this question. However the author provides a practical answer, which is very relevant to our times. "In today’s world, you may consider yourself as a spiritual person, if you go beyond the immediate needs and concerns of your mind and body and search for answers about your existence and your relationship with the world around you. You are spiritual, if you lead a contemplative life, without abandoning your social and family responsibilities. You are spiritual, if you believe that you are a spiritual entity and identify yourself primarily with your inner soul or self, instead of your mind and body."

Do you need to believe in God to be spiritual?

According to the author spirituality is a state of mind. Enlightenment comes with expansive awareness, not necessarily faith in God. Religious people are not necessarily spiritual. Most of them practice their religions ritually rather than spiritually.

He writes in the book, "It is also my conviction that belief in soul or God is not necessary to lead a spiritual life. God is perhaps an inadequate term to express the immensity and universality of the power that pervades all this, which is both personal and impersonal. It is impersonal when you look at the sky and contemplate upon the deeper space that stretches into eternity. It is personal when you hold your child in your hands and look into her eyes or when you hold a beautiful flower in your hands and let it enthrall you. The Buddhists do not believe in the existence of an individual soul or self. Yet it does not make them less spiritual. The Jains also do not believe in the existence of creator God, but the Jain monks pursue one of the most rigorous and austere spiritual practices in the world. They also venerate Thirthankaras, whom they consider as absolute and infinite beings. It is perhaps time we turn our attention from the externalities of religious rituals and primitive notions of God with a human form and envision Him as a universal Being, as described in some of our scriptures to know Him correctly and relate to Him directly."

How this book may help you.

This book may help you to become grounded in spiritual thinking and develop your higher mind, cultivating discretion, balance, sameness, equanimity, an open mind and an all inclusive awareness, without feeling guilty for you natural urges and materialistic desires. It contains serveral profound statements which can be used for daily meditation and train your mind to develop an all inclusive awareness, balance and stability. If you are looking for some inspiration, if you are confused about spirituality and looking for some direction and if you want to focus your mind upon higher thoughts to ground yourself into a higher awareness, this book may be right for you.

A few quotes from the book

As you can see from the following, this book contain several profound statements which can be used for contemplation and to expand your consciousness.

The universe is always eager to speak to you. You are one of its faces, one of its voices and one of its forms. You are one of the channels through which it speaks to itself. You are not aware of it because you are lost in your own little show...

Spiritual awakening generally comes after years of study, contemplation, change, experience and observation. Through spiritual awakening, we come to know who we are. We become self-aware, compassionate, sensitive, responsive, thoughtful, and insightful.

When you learn to use your heart rather than your intellectual mind to feel the presence of God, you will find Him first in your own heart and then everywhere as your own self.

When we don’t seek God for our own ends, we establish a true relationship with Him.

In each of us there is an ideal vision of life, a higher aspiration, which whispers to us, in moments of silence, about the possibilities and opportunities, with which we can transcend our lower nature and return to our pristine state.

The human mind is an abstract entity, part physical and part mental. From a spiritual perspective, it is a very complex receptacle of thoughts and impressions, where a great deal of churning takes place and where the human drama actually unfolds.

The ego manifests itself in many ways in our thoughts and actions. Responding to criticism, trying to defend oneself or clarifying one’s actions to win the approval of others are signs of egoism.

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Book Contents

Author’s Note - Look For God in Everything - Friendship with God - God as Your Role Model - Think of God Constantly - The Ego and Its Challenge - The Trinity of the Human Mind - The Middle Path - Avoiding Extremes - Letting Go Of Your Fears - Finding Inner Harmony - The Four Faces of Suffering - Manifesting With Right Intentions - Abundance is a State of Mind - Extending Your Identity - Cultivating Sameness - Stepping Out of Your Circle - Transformative Worldly Spiritualism - Unity and Diversity in Human Body - Seeing Things As They Are - Choosing the Right Food - The Process of Liberation - Spiritual Laws of Our Lives - On Human Suffering - The True Meaning of Spiritualism - Living Like a Lotus Leaf - The True Foundation of Spiritual Life - The Ten Reflections of Spiritual Life - Choosing Your Spiritual Guru - Glossary of Sanskrit Terms - Recommended Reading -

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