Essays on The Bhagavadgita

Essays on the Bhagavadgita

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What this Book is About?

Essays on the Bhagavadgita contains insightful writings on the essential philosophy and teachings of the scripture from various perspectives. By studying them, you will gain a deeper understanding of it and its spiritual value.

Why you should read it

By reading it you will become familiar with many important concepts such as karma, maya, bhakti, liberation, etc., which will refine your spiritual practice. It contains many practical suggestions derived from its teachings, which are relevant to your current life.

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Table of Contents

The Status of the Bhagavadgita in the Sacred Literature
A Summary of the Bhagavadgita
The Meaning of Yoga in the Context of the Bhagavadgita
Five Lessons from the Bhagavadgita
Karma Yoga – the Path of Action
References to Karmayoga in the Bhagavadgita
Jnanayoga – The Path of Knowledge
Knowledge as the Means and the Goal
Buddhiyoga – The State of Wisdom and Discernment
Bhaktiyoga – The Yoga of Devotion
Maya – The Illusion of things
The True Meaning of Bhakti
Lessons from the Bhagavadgita for the Modern People
The Endearing Qualities of a Devotee
Atmayoga, Realizing the Self by the Self
Transforming the Physical Self
Stable Mind and Self
Purusha and Prakriti
Conquering the Ego, the False Self
The Divine Qualities of a Sattvic Person
Demonic Qualities of the Wicked
The Body as a Vehicle of Self
Making Sense of the Senses
Descriptions of the Self
The Wisdom of the Bhagavadgita
The Triple Gunas
The Yoga of Sorrow
The Causes of Suffering
The Purpose of Sorrow
The Resolution of Sorrow
The Symbolism of Arjuna’s Sorrow
The True Meaning of Renunciation
Symbolism in the Bhagavadgita
The Bhagavadgita in Daily Life

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