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Being alone and Feeling Lonely

Loneliness is a major social problem. This article provides suggestion to deal with the problem.

How Should We Deal with Our Bad Memories?

How do we manage our memory to remember the good things and forget the bad. Is it possible to eliminate bad memories and the suffering arising from them?

Ten Teachings of the Buddha From the Dhammapada

Ten teachings of the Buddha taken from the Buddhist text the Dhammapada, with explanatory notes

Wendy Doniger - Lies and Distortions

This page is dedicated to analyze the distortions and misinterpretations which Wendy Doniger of Chicago University used in her book the Hindus, an alternate history.

The True Meaning of Prakriti in Hinduism

An examination of the true meaning of Nature, Prakriti, Maya and Illusion in Hinduism and why artifiicial intelligence may not be artificial but natural.

Thinking Outside the Box

What thinking outside the box actually means and its implications in your life, thinking and behavior, with reference to karma, truth and your mental state

Navaratri - The Hindu Festival

About the Hindu festival of Navaratri, Ramalila, or Vijayadasami, how it is celebrated in various parts of India and why for nine days.

How to Find Original Content For Your Blog or Website

A few ideas about writing for blogs and websites and using original content rather than duplicate content, how you can do it creatively and find your own niche audience.

Hindu Society Contemporary Problems

An analysis of the problems faced by contemporary Hindu society in India and how they will influence the future of Hinduism.

Will Hinduism Take Over Christianity?

An examination of the moral and ethical influence of major world religions upon the people of the world and whether Hinduism will ever overtake Christianity

Why Older Workers Find It Difficult to Get a Job?

Reasons for long-term unemployment among older workers, and why joblessness is on the increase among seniors and older people above fifty

Why do battered women prefer to stay?

This essays briefly examines the primary reasons why battered women in many cultures prefer to stay with their abusive husbands, or batterers rather than leave them

The Wisdom of the Bhgavadgita, Main Page

The Wisdom of the Bhagavadgita is presented at Hinduwebsite.com on daily basis by Jayaram V, in which he explains the truths, concepts and philosophy hidden in the scripture

The Wisdom of the Upanishads, Main Page

The Wisdom of the Upanishads is presented at Hinduwebsite.com on daily basis by Jayaram V. This section contain important concepts and secrets of the Upanishads.

Thus I Have Heard Once - Buddhism

An explanation about the Buddhist tradition of using the expression, Thus I have once heard, in the Buddhist Sutras, such as Diamond Sutra, Heart Sutra, Lotus Sutra etc.

How to be Assertive and Tolerant

Know how to practice assertiveness and tolerance, and difference between assertive and aggressive behavior.

Reincarnation or Rebirth in Hinduism

Find answers to several questions about reincarnation or rebirth in Hinduism , rebirth means, journey of souls, ancestral world, karma and rebirth, according to the Vedas and Upanishads

Symbolism of Sri Satyanarayana Puja

Find the true meaning, significance and symbolism of Sri Satyanarayana Puja or Vratam, a popular ritual of Hinduism and the katha associated with it

Meat Eating in Hinduism and Buddhism

Is meat eating allowed in Hinduism and Buddhism. What is the historical truth?

What is Mount Meru?

Mount Meru is a sacred concept of Hinduism. Find here descriptions of Mount Meru in Hindu and Buddhist texts

Devayana - The Immortal Path of Liberation

What is Devayana? Devayana means the journey (yana) of the gods (devas). It is mentioned in the Mundaka Upanishad in the same verse which contains the famous saying, satyameva jayaete.

Morality and Nature in Good Vs. Evil

About Nature's approach to morality and ethical values in human life and why evil people triumph usually while good people suffer

Hinduism and Same-sex Marriage

About the status of marriage equality, same-sex marriage, or gay marriage in Hinduism and whether Hinduism recognizes marriage between persons of same biological sex, same gender sex, or transgender sex

Hinduism and Homosexuality

About how Hinduism regards homosexuality (gay sex) and treats homosexuals (gays, lesbians) and transgender people, with specific reference to their status in Hindu society

Seven Simple Techniques to Peace and Happiness

Find latest list of Featured Articles published from Hinduwebsite.com on Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Yoga, Self-development, Spiritualism and other subjects

The Importance of Right Knowledge

About the importance of right knowledge, discretion and pure commonsense in human life and why we need to pursue right knowledge.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Worship Shiva

Ten best reasons why you should choose Lord Shiva as your personal God and Guru and worshp Him with love and devotion

What is Kaivalya?

About the meaning and significance of Kaivalya or final liberation in Hindu spiritual and yoga practice. Audio version is also available.

Taking Responsibility For Your Life

About what responsibility means, meeting your duties and obligations and taking responsibility and accountability for your life, failures and successes with right attitude

The Self-Confidence Gospel

This essay is about what is self-confidence, the factors influencing self-confidence and how to build self-confidence holistically

How to Deal with the Monotony of Life?

Are you easily bored? This essays is about dealing with the monotony and boredom of life

What is True Surrender?

About the true meaning and significance of surrender and devotion in spiritual life and how devotion and surrender are interrelated.

Materialism and Spirituality, The Two Paths of Life

An essay about the difference between materialism and spirituality, the basic approaches to life and how one may choose for peace and happiness.

Understanding the Meaning and Methods of Success

An abstract analysis of the meaning, implications, philosophy, methods and strategies of reaching goals and achieving success

What Makes You Happy?

Find out factors that are responsible for happiness, how to be happy with simple strategies that boost your morale and wellbeing.

Core Values For A Principle Centered Life

About the core principles and values around which you have to organize your life and actions to achieve peace and happiness and realize your cherished goals

Relevance of Scriptures in Modern Life

This essays is about relevance of the knowledge of scriptures and epics in this modern age of information, inventions and scientific exploration.

How to Improve Curiosity and Sustain It

This essays explains what curiosity means, its importance and how to develop and sustain curiosity to increase knowledge and awareness, and achieve success

Mental Liberation: Achieving Mental Freedom

his essay explains how to free the mind from conditions and limitations and achieve mental liberation to live unconditionally, which is important for spiritual liberation

Finding Your Soul

A brief explanation of how to find your inner Self by restraining your mind and senses and practising meditation, concentration and concentrated meditation

Present Moment Awareness in Everyday Life

How to apply present moment awareness to simple daily tasks and learn to live here and now and experience peace and happiness

Proven Techniques to Make Money and Grow Rich

An essays on the Secret Formula proposed by Napoleon Hill to turn your thoughts, desires and dreams into riches and make money using your subconscious mind

When You Lose Your Job

What to do when you have lost your job? Here are few actions you may take to recover from job loss, find new employment and rebuild your career

Enjoying the Simple Pleasures of Life

A guide to enjoying the simple joys and pleasures of life within your means with right mental attitude

When You Are Criticized

This essays is about how to respond or deal with crticism and use it as a feedback for self-improvment.

The Witness Self or the Observing Self

This essays is about the witness Self or the observing Self and becoming centered in it with mindfulness and other yoga techniques

The Theory of Knowledge in Jainism

This article is about the various views in Jainism and Jaina philosophy regarding the theory of knowledge, perception, intelligence, standpoints, nayas and viewpoints.

An Outsider Perspective on Jainism

In this essays the author speaks about his personal views on Jainism and its emphasis upon virtuous living and self-sacrifice.

Confusion Over Indian History

This essay is about the myths and distortions in Indian history and the need to correct them

Symbolism of Meerkat Island in the Life of PI

This essays analyzes the symbolism hidden in the movie and novel, the Life of PI regarding the meerkat island, the ocean and some related incidents

Hindu Goddess - Rati Devi

A description of Rati or Rati Devi, the Hindu Goddess of love and sexual passion who figures prominently in the Puranas as the consort of Manmatha, the god of love.

The World as a Matrix

The essay analyzes the idea presented in the movie Matrix that the world is a temporary construct or an illusion created by machines.

The Causes of Success and Failure

The author identifies the causes responsible for success and failure and explains that success is largely due to effort, self-reliance, and proper use of time.

Hinduism - Sex and Gurus

This essay examines the moral code regarding sex in Hinduism and the sexual conduct applicable to spiritual gurus and ascetic people

Healing Through Compassion

This essays is about the practice of compassion, karuna or loving kindness and how you can use it to heal others and yourself

How You Can Attract Abundance, Healing Others

This article suggests two ways to attract abundance into your life and a very effective wayt to overcome suffering and advesity.

The Basis For Spiritual Life

This essays is about the justification to aspire for the best and the highest in us and aim for the ideals of spiritual life

How Karma Applies to Animals?

This article explains how the law of karma applies to the animals who lack intelligence and free will.

Breath or Prana in the Upanishads

The meaning and importance of breath, breath control, types of breath, and their significance in the Upanishads

The Truth About Karma

Know what karma means, types of karma, karma in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainsim, and truths about karma

The Buddhist Heavens and Buddhist Comology

his article explains the Buddhist cosmology consisting of 4 hells (asura lokas) below and 26 heavens above. The heavens (deva lokas) are divided into kama lokas, rupa lokas and brahma lokas inhabited by gods and goddesses.

Buddhism - The Concept of Anatta or No Self

The concept of Anatta or non-existence of an eternal Self in Buddhism is explained based on the teachings of the Buddha

Hinduism - Gods and Goddess in the Vedas

An account of the Vedic deities or gods and goddess of the Vedas such as Indra, Agni, Vayu, Varuna, Soma, Rudra etc.

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