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Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism

This is a complete manual of the gods and goddesses in Hinduism, probably the one of its kind on the internet. The work is still incomplete.

Tolerance and Dogma in Hinduism

An article explaining why Hinduism is not a religion and why tolerance is practiced.

Hinduism - Rules for Fasting

What can you eat when you are fasting? Customs and manners associated with fasting in Hinduism.

Traditional Status of Women in Hinduism

What tradition has to say about the status of women in Hinduism. The problems and challenges faced by modern Hindu women

Hinduism Beliefs About War

A historical review of what Hinduism has to say about wars and when a war is justified

Hinduism and suicide

How suicide is viewed in Hinduism and when it is justified.

Violence and Abuse in Hinduism

A review of Violence, non-violence, domestic abuse, violence against women and female children and cruelty to animals in Hinduism

Religious Tolerance in Hinduism

What is true tolerance and how tolerance for other religions is practiced in Hinduism

Why the Disaster Happened At Kedarnath?

Find information about why the disaster at Kedarnath happened. Who is to blame for it? Is it Shiva or Devi?

Two Important Success Factors

Two important success factors common among successful people and necessary for achieving goals and improving your luck.

How To Be Happy With Meaning and Purpose

A research based article on what is happiness, the psychology and philosophy of happiness and steps to boost your happiness

The Psychology Of Happiness

A study in what is happiness, what makes you happy or unhappy and how to boost happy feelings

Hinduism - Upanishads - Mahavakyas

The list contains mahavakyas, or great sayings from Hindu scriptures with their English meaning. They are useful for meditation.

prajnanam brahma - Brahman is Intelligence

The meaning of the mahavakya, Prajnanam Brahma from the Aitareya Upanishad is explained.

What is Brahmacarya in Hinduism?

Brahmacarya means the practice of celibacy or sexual absinence. In Hinduism all students who study the Vedas have to practice it invariably.

Caste System and the Varnasrama Dharma in Hinduism

Caste system from the perspective of the Varnasrama dharma in Hinduism in the four stages of human life.

Ashrama Dharma, The Four Stages of Human Life

Ashrama Dharma, a unique perspective on the Four Stages of Human Life in Hinduism according to the Vedas

Is Islam a Copy of Hinduism?

People do try to establish a connection between the two. But what is the truth?

What is Intelligence? A Definition of Intelligence.

How do you define wisdom or intelligence? Can it be acquired?

What is the Highest Yoga?

Of the three types of yoga, the highest yoga is contemplation upon Isvara or the Supreme Self

What is faith?

Faith means not just religious faith, but the sum total of your convictions and beliefs.

Don't look for happiness at the end of the journey

Happiness comes not only from having but also from being and doing

How to break free from the monotony of life

How to break the monotony in life? A few suggestions to breatk free from the monotony of routine life.

Hinduism and the God of Death

The importance and symbolic significance of death in Hinduism. Why this knowledge may change your thinking and outlook.

How To Keep Your Motivation High?

Seventeen suggestion to keep your motivation and morale high.

The Four Feet of Wisdom, Part One

Four feet of wisdom. Four simple, free and easy means to cultivate knowledge, wisdom and awareness to grow mentally, intellectually and spiritually.

Find Your Inner Guru, the Truth Inside You

There is a mirror inside you which reflects and reveals the truth. It is your true inner guru. Find it and follow it.

What is Your Natural State of Mind?

What is your natural state of mind? How you can you regain peace and equanimity which are your natural states with the help of yoga?

The Essential Purpose of a Religion - A Hindu Perspective

What is the purpose of religion? Why a Hindu should practice religion, go to a temple or pray to God? Is religion necessary?

If Peace Is All You Want

If you want peace, you must seek it with all seriousness. Are you serious about having peace?

Extraterrestrial Life, Genetic Engineering and The Future of Hinduism

How Hinduism will cope with the emerging scientific discoveries in the apocalyptic age of planetary search, space exploration and genetic engineering.

Panca Darsanas - The Five Means of Knowledge and Wisdom

This article explains five means by which we may acquire knowledge and wisdom.

Child Death in a Hindu Family

This article explains briefly, how child death is viewed in Hinduism and handled by members of a Hindu family.

True Awakening Is Not Just About Enlightenment

True awakening is not just about spiritual enlightenment or liberation. Awakening implies manythings in life. Find out.

A Cosmic Prophecy - The Rise of the Asuras

The author makes a prediction about the future of mankind based upon the modern scientific theories of Evolution. What happens if Nature prevails and humanity fails?

Pursuit of Knowledge and Ignorance, Vida and Avidya

A new interpretation regarding the pursuit of Knowledge and Ignorance, Vida and Avidya, according to the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.

How to Survive a Recession Economy

How to survive through a recession economy and manage your job or business and finances.

Knowing Atman, the Imperishable Self - Part 1

Knowing Atman, the imperishable Self, a Guide to Self-realization based upon the teachings of the Upanishads in seven parts.

The Little Book of Happiness

This is a very comprehensive and detailed presentation on happiness from various perspectives. Ideal for both academic and personal study.

Saivism or Shaivism - Basic Concepts

Basic concepts of Saivism or Shaivism, such as Pati, Pasa, Pasu, Prakriti, Jiva, are explained briefly

What is Jnana or Knowledge? Free Knowledge and Cheap Knowledge

Find answers to what is knowledge, is knowledge a function of memory, what happens when knowledge becomes cheap and what is knowing without knowing.

What is Intuition and How to Develop Intuition

What is intuition, what intuition means, how to develop intuition, understanding intuition...

The Delusion of Being a Khan

A point by point response to the recent article written by Shah Rukh Khan on Being a Khan

Isa or Isavasya Upanishad, Verse 2

Are we here for duty or for enjoyment? What happens if we ignore our duties?

How to write, what to write and how to become a writer

"On writing, written vs. spoken words, why you should write, what are the benefits of writing, some myths of writing, and how you can become a writer

What is Citta or Chitta?

Yoga's best kept secret. What is citta? Is it mind, is it consciousness, is it some supernatural state or something else? Find out

The Decline and Fall of Indian Society

Hinduwebsite editorial. How evil has become the norm as people including celebrities use perverted logic to defend their rights and interests.

Defensive Pessimism, the Power of Negative Thinking, Part 1

In this article in two parts, the author, Jayaram V, explains the power of negative thinking and defensive pessimism as a strategy to reach your goals and deal with your problems.

Emotions - How to Understand and Deal With Your Emotions, Part 1

The author of Think Success, discusses the importance of understanding and knowing your emotions and dealing with them effectively to establish peace, balance, stability and happiness

A Conventional Approach To Deal With Conversions And Caste System

A Conventional approach to resolve the problem of caste system and caste discrimination by drawing inspiration from within Hinduism itself.

The Success Mindset

What is success mindset, how to cultivate it and why it is vital to one's success and happiness.

The Meaning of Nirvana in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism

Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism equally refer to Nirvana, but interpret it differently. This unique article, never published before, explains the differences and the reasons for the same.

Strategies and Techniques to Deal with Stress in Daily Life

Four proven and effective strategies to deal with stress and some techniques to deal with stress in healthy ways.

The Wisdom of A Wayward Yogi, Part 1

Random thoughts and inspirational quotations for meditation.

Displaced Anger - Expecting the Impoosible

Protests and their impact on Indian democracy. The importance of individual and collective karma in the destiny of a nation.

Maya - The Illusion of Life and What You Can Do About it? A Buddhist Perspective - Part 1

Are you real? Is your experience real? Is the world in which you live is real? Are they just illusions?

Why the Buddha Termed His Teaching the Middle Path

According to the author, the Buddha suggested the Middle Path, as a compromise between two popular traditions of ancient India.

Commercial Hinduism - Degradation of our Gods and Goddesses

Wrongful and ignorant depiction of our gods and goddesses and the commercialization and denigration of Hinduism in television serials, soap operas and other programs.

What is Compassion and How to Cultivate it?

What is the true meaning of compassion and how to cultivate it and practice it in everyday life?

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