Your Teachers And Gurus Come In Many Forms

Krishna and Arjuna

by Jayaram V

Notes: I have translated the Bhagavadgita twice. The first one was a loose translation. The second one was a word to word translation with a detailed commentary. The commentary is however different from what you will find here. In this section I will share with you my thoughts about the knowledge, philosophy and wisdom of the Bhagavadgita as I understand it from my perspective. Jayaram V

When Arjuna faced a dilemma, he requested Krishna to help him. You may think Arjuna was privileged to have Lord Krishna by his side when he had a problem and got a rare opportunity to converse with him. Sometimes you are lucky to have good people by your side when you have problems. Some people are fortunate to be born in good families. As the Bhagavadgita suggests it is the result of good karma in previous lives. It does not happen to everyone.

However, the truth is there is no shortage of messages that you may receive in your life in numerous forms which may help you resolve problems and overcome obstacles. It can happen through intuition, in a dream state or through an unmistakable sign. In life you too have many opportunities to converse with good people. However, most likely you may not use them because you expect a lot of drama to accompany divine intervention.

This is the truth. Help comes to you in many forms. You must be willing to receive it and let that help manifest by offering no resistance. It happens only when you have faith and let your ego rest in silence. Or you must earnestly look for answers and solutions. Those answers need not have to be accompanied by miracles. God does not have to appear before you in a golden chariot with a flute and deliver a long discourse of 18 chapters and 700 verses.

He may come to you as your parents, teachers, friends colleagues, brothers and sisters, or even as your pet to say a few words, make a gesture, show a sign or give a hint. They are your potential teachers. They are already inside your mind as images and memories, and have already enriched your life and consciousness, through their positive and negative interactions and taught you many lessons.

You do not acknowledge their help because you have preconceived notions about divine intervention. You can always find good people in your life, people who know, teachers who can teach, friends who can help, and people like me who are willing to share with you their knowledge and wisdom. Help comes without notice. When it comes, you must be ready to recognize it and use it.

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