Ashtavakra Samhita


Translation and Commentary by Jayaram V

Chapter 7, Nature of the Eternal Self


Verse 1: Janaka said: In the boundless ocean that exist in me, the world moves hither and thither like a boat, propelled by its own self-driven winds. I am not disturbed by that. Commentary

Verse 2: In the boundless ocean in me, the world may appear and disappear like a wave because of its own nature, but it neither increases me nor decrease me. Commentary

Verse 3: In the boundless ocean within me, the creation named the universe happens. Yet, I am supremely peaceful and formless, and I abide in me alone. Commentary

Verse 4: Neither I am in the objects nor the objects are in me, who is by nature infinite and blemishless. Hence, disinterested (detached), desireless and peaceful, I abide in myself alone. Commentary

Verse 5: Oh, I am consciousness only. The world is verily a magical illusion. Therefore, how and where can the thought of accepting or rejecting it arises in me? Commentary

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