Ashtavakra Samhita, Chapter 9

Ashtavakra and Janaka

Translation and Commentary by Jayaram V

Chapter 9, Cultivating Indifference and Sameness


Verse 1: Ashtavakra said, “Knowing when the dualities such as the duties to be performed or not performed cease and for whom, practice renunciation with impassion and indifference. Commentary

Verse 2: Having reached the firm conclusion that all this is impermanent, polluted with threefold misery, devoid of essence, culpable and renounceable, he attains peace. Commentary

Verse 3: Blessed indeed is that person my child whose desire to live, passion to enjoy and eagerness to learn become extinguished after having paid close attention to the ways of the world. Commentary

Verse 4: Where and at what time or age do the dualities not exist for humans? Disregarding them and being content with whatever happens, one attains perfection. Commentary

Verse 5: After seeing the diversity of opinions among great seers, saints and spiritual people, which human being does not cultivate indifference to learning and attain peace? Commentary

Verse 6: Is he not a spiritual guru who gains the knowledge of the pure self through dispassionate indifference, sameness and intelligence and overcomes the cycle of births and deaths? Commentary

Verse 7: The moment you realize that the modification of the elements in truth is happening within the elements only, you are at once liberated from bondage and abide in your true self. Commentary

Verse 8: Because of desires only samsara. Knowing this, renounce them all. By renouncing desires, the world is renounced. After that, you are the same everywhere. Commentary

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