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Destination KM - Portal providing access to research and news items with a focus on strategies and applications in the corporate world. Features a reading list, events and a newsletter.

Gurteen Knowledge - Comprehensive portal that provides forums, blogs, news feeds, event calendar, book reviews, articles, case studies, resource links, KM who's who listing, and extensive archives. - Insights from University of Sheffield on information management, science and systems. Includes the international e-journal Information Research, a list of related academic departments and guide to resources.

ITtoolbox - Provides a knowledge network and support environment for the IT industry. Features discussion groups, news, newsletters and a job bank.

KmWiki - Collective repository, annotated and cross-linked. Includes an index.

Knowledge Board - Forum to establish a community and to support and identify commonality in terminology, application and implementation. Features news, workshops, a library, event schedule and discussion forums.

The Knowledge Management Forum - Virtual community of practice focused on furthering fundamental theories, methods and practices. Features archives and news.

Knowledge Management Research Program - Studies technological and organizational challenges associated with introducing KM into the enterprise and conducts projects which apply and refine theoretical models. Features publications and projects.

Management and Information Systems Research Group - University of York's research projects in knowledge management, communities of practice, systems and globally distributed groups. Features current and potential projects.

Distributed Knowledge

Dynamic Knowledge Communities Initiative - An open source initiative intended to be used to network personal and community knowledge. Features project overview, documentation, news, and contact details.

Knowledge Communication - Presents research on knowledge communication between experts and decision makers in the realm of management and it contains background material and further references.

Working in Virtual Teams: Overcoming Time and Geography? - Section from a management information systems course on virtual teams as task-based groups that use technology to overcome some of the frictions of time and geography.

Web Epistemology - The Web as Distributed Knowledge - Discusses the importance of the epistemic impact of the Web. Features bibliography. (July 8, 2003)

Peer-Mediated Distributed Knowledge Management - Paper propose a peer-to-peer architecture which embodies the KEx principle. By Matteo Bonifacio, Paolo Bouquet, Gianluca Mameli and Michele Nori. [PDF] (June 6, 2003)

Access Algorithms and Data Structures Underlying a Distributed Knowledge Base - Paper presents the algorithms and data structure schemes to be used for knowledge storage and processing by various ICONS components and discusses the algorithms as they appeared through theoretical and experimental studies. By Witold Litwin and Gerard Levy. [PDF] (February 1, 2003)

Infrastructures, Incentives and Institutions: Fostering Distributed Knowledge Bases for the Learning Society - Paper describes a conceptual understanding of the relationship between learning and knowledge accumulation and suggests that diversified systems must be able to cope with the need to produce policies that nurture the learning society. By Pedro Conceicao, Manuel V. Heitor and Francisco Veloso. (February 1, 2003)

Authority in the Context of Distributed Knowledge - Paper discusses the role of authority as a coordination mechanism under conditions of distributed knowledge as well as other issues of economic organization. By Kirsten Foss and Nicolai J. Foss. [PDF] (December 3, 2002)

Information Architecture

Addwise - Specializes in information architecture and usability evaluations. Our in-depth knowledge of human-computer interaction, information design, and usability engineering enables us to offer our clients usable websites or Intranets.

Amichi - Chicago based knowledge management and web design firm that specializes in metadata creation and interface design. Offers company profile, description of services and testimonials.

Apperceptive, LLC - Design and architecture technology consulting firm based in New York.

Argus Center for Information Architecture - Reference for learning about the theory and practice of information architecture.

ASIS Summit 2000: Presentations - Includes an Information Architecture Glossary, and slides for 12 Information Architecture presentations. April 7-9, 2000, Boston, MA.

B C Bennett - Information architect, interactive designer, graphical user interface (GUI) specialist, multidisciplinary team manager. Resume and portfolio.

Becoming an Information Architect - Article written by Sacha Cohen, originally published on

Boxes and Arrows - Journal dedicated to discussing, improving and promoting the work of the information architecture community. Offers current, as well as previous issues and submission information for authors. - A resource site with information, links and analysis on information design and architecture, usability principles, Web design, content development and Internet news. Produced by contentologist G. A. Buchholz.

ContextualAnalysis - Information architecture consulting, specializing in content analysis and organization, taxonomy/thesaurus design, website indexing and back-of-book indexes in the humanities.

Dynamic Diagrams - A group of information architects, visual designers, and Web designers. Consultants in information architecture for Web sites.

Elegant Hack - Information Archtitect resources, weblog, and newsletter.

EnterFrame - Navneet Nair speaks on topics such as emerging technologies, enterprise applications, UI architecture and visual design. Includes archives.

Enterprise Architecture Forum - A free organization that helps Fortune 500 enterprises learn about Enterprise Architecture from several highly respected individuals in the community.

Enterprise-Architecture - Information about standards, methods and tools for Enterprise Architects, conference agenda and publications of Jaap Schekkerman.

EServer Technical Communications Library: Information Design - An annotated, rated directory of online resources in information architecture and information design.

Hey, Hey, IA! - One-stop information resource for information architects.

Hey Otwell - Andrew Otwell's blog, with links to information architecture, user-centered design, and interaction design resources.

Hierarchy Science - Principles of the creation of effective management systems: overview, experiences on introduction and development, legitimacy and an error.

IAnything Goes - Jeff Lash shows the importance of information architecture in the web development process, and how non-IAs can learn and incorporate information architecture concepts into their work in the converging world of information architecture, user-centered design, web development and business strategy. In Digital Web Magazine.

Iaslash - News forum for information architects.

Industry Leading Information Architecture Consulting - Knowledge transfer services. Specializing in information architecture development for Fortune 1000 companies and federal and state governments.

Info-architects Mailing List - Central repository for information architecture on the Web. Provides an active forum for issues relating to the theory and praxis of IA. Also offers a range of information consulting services and software products for Web-based content publishing and knowledge management.

InfoArk Information Architecture Consultancy - Using the latest automated software tools, we work with you to categorize, link and filter the content you and your clients need. London-based company.

InfoDesign - Dedicated to the growth and improvement of the information and experience industries through the provision of a centralized online resource. Features news, organizations, publications and events.

Information & Design - Consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia provides usability, user experience design and information architecture services. Features usability resources, articles, presentations and contact information.

Information Architecture Deliverables - A look at various information architecture deliverables.

Information Architecture for the World Wide Web - Book on how to blend aesthetics and mechanics for web sites and intranets that are easy to navigate and appealing to users, are scalable and simple to maintain. Features sample chapters, errata and reviews. By Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville.

Information Retrieval with Human Indexing (article) - This article discusses how information retrieval can be improved cost-effectively through the use of human outlining and indexing.

iPerceptions - A solution provider for customer retention and web analysis for building profitable relationships with web site users.

Jason Hobbs: Information Architecture - Articles about IA and the WWW. Written from the day-to-day experience of building and living online. Information Architecture Resources - Extensive links to Information Architecture resources by Jesse James Garrett.

Klariti Information Architecture - Dublin, Ireland-based IA and documentation specialists. Publishes monthly newsletter, KLARIFIED. - Information architecture consulting services from Louis Rosenfeld, a leading industry expert. Also hosts Bloug, a weblog on information architecture.

Lyn Dunagan's Info Architect Resume - Experienced information architect/usability consultant available for web projects. Experienced information architecture can improve the success of web sites, software, and other information delivery systems.

Mark T's Information Blog - Entries on making information useful. Includes archives.

Pinpoint Logic LLC - Offers information design and product strategy (tangible and Web-based). Located in Portland, Oregon, USA. Detail on services, clients, and company profile.

Rachel M. Murray Information Designs - Rachel M. Murray Information Design Inc. is an information architecture firm specializing in innovative planning and design for all forms of information - both digital and traditional.

Resources on Information Design: Models, Processes, and Techniques - Popular resources including a worksheet for preparing an information plan, instructions for setting objectives and planning an evaluation, guidelines for choosing a "type" of communication product and media, and issues to consider when setting editorial guidelines.

Resources on the Business and Management of Information Design - Popular resources including worksheets for setting budgets and schedules, tips on starting a successful work team, and an overview of the production and maintenance phases.

Salaries and Benefits for Information Architects - Survey results. We're compensated decently, don't put in ridiculous hours, don't have to travel too much... And apparently our employers don't require too much experience.

Semantics by Peter Morville - An irregularly irreverent column about information architecture, strategy and management.

SIGIA-L Mail Archives - Mailing list archives for the SIGIA-L mailing list, a discussion forum for information architects.

Step Two Designs: Information Design Using Card Sorting - James Robertson explains that card sorting is a very simple method of working with users to come up with a usable information design.

Tim Salam, Information Architect & Experience Designer - The articles, portfolio, and resume of an information architect and experience designer. Home to the development of Customer Momentum Preservation (CMP), a user-centered design methodology.

UE Architect - User experience design for web sites. Strategy, information architecture, interaction design, usability. Features services, portfolio, clients, resume and contact information. - Jakob Nielsen's column on Web usability, usability engineering, and his minimalist approach to Web quality, recommended links/books. Also his biography and upcoming talks.

VisionCor - Consulting firm that helps companies sustain knowledge management throuhgh the use of information and knowledge architecture.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 - From the World Wide Web Consortium. These guidelines are the closest you can get to official usability standards.

Web Design References: Information Architecture - Comprehensive and well-organized lists of links on the topic of information architecture. The site includes articles by knowledgeable authors, as well as the expected links to major organizations and resources.

Information Assets

Securing Your Organization's Information Assets - Examines the tools and techniques that help organizations gain and maintain control of the problem of effectively securing their information assets. By Bill Brykczynski and Bob Small in Crosstalk. (May, 2003)

Management Responsibility in Protecting Information Assets: An Australian Perspective - Discusses the role and responsibility of management in acting in the best interest of the company in the information age. By Adrian McCullagh. (April 18, 2002)

Harvesting Knowledge from the Organization's Information Assets - Presents different methods that can be employed to harvest the knowledge below the document level. By Eric Freese. [PDF] (May 21, 2001)

Measuring Intellectual Assets - Twelve techniques used to value intangible assets. By Jean Graef. (March 1, 1997)

Social Capital - An introduction for a doctoral seminar about Systems and Social Capital. By Michael B. Spring. (January 1, 1997)

Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling for Corporate Memory - Examines the steps of the knowledge capitalization process in a metallurgical domain, focusing on general characteristics which seem to be reusable for other knowledge capitalization systems. By Gaële Simon. (1996)

Information Overload

Agents that Reduce Work and Information Overload - Article discussing how artificial intelligence offers some solutions to problems of actively managing information.

Information Overload - An IR problem? - An abstract of a study by M.Montebello. Proceedings of the String Processing and Information Retrieval: A South American Symposium. A downloadable copy of the entire study is available in .PDF format.

Information Overload Annotated Webliography - Information Overload is a unique problem. Information tends to be everywhere and we have problems even to remember where we put it, much less what it is. Here is a small collection of links to increase your information overload about information overload.

Managing information - Ways to assist a person in deciding what information is actually needed.

The Role of Contextual Clues in the Creation of Information Overload - This paper presents the results from, and analysis of, a case study of a perceived problem of information overload from e-mail in a large international organisation. (Acrobat File).

We Have the Information you Want, but Getting it Will Cost You: Being held hostage by Information Overload - Research paper discussing overload and possible solutions. Time Utility. Volume. Verifying Accuracy. - Digging for Nuggets of Wisdom - Text mining is becoming a viable option for everyday citizens seeking to read, summarize, or analyze large numbers of documents. [Requires free registration to view.] (October 16, 2003)

Spinning Around - Information overload isn't just sending individuals around the bend, it's hurting productivity, writes David Adams. [The Sydney Morning Herald] (May 20, 2003)

The Register - Data Dyspepsia Blights the Workforce - Research from Gartner has found that 90% of companies believe they get too much information pumped through to them on a regular basis. (May 15, 2002)

eCFO - Fighting Information Overload - Knowledge management software helps find the most relevant, most useful data. (March, 2001)

How Much Information - An attempt to measure how much information is produced in the world each year. [Results are available in multiple formats and levels of detail.] (October, 2000) - Overcoming Information Overload - Although technology is causing information overload, it can also offer ways to combat it. (January 7, 2000)

Change and Information Overload: Negative Effects - Even the intellectually most advanced groups, the researchers, educators, managers and technologists, often feel overwhelmed by the changes in their domain. (February 19, 1999)

New Age Heralds End of Information Overload - Reuters, the global information and news group, has published international research revealing pronounced differences in the way that nationalities around the world are coping with the information age. The research shows that while some countries are now leaving the age of information overload behind them, others at much earlier points on the evolutionary curve are only just entering it. (July 12, 1998)

Desperately Seeking: Helping Hands and Human Touch - Looks at a number of solutions, including "agency," agent-like applications, improvements in the information chain and information brokering, which may help deal with information overload in the online marketplace. By Bjorn Hermans. (1998)

Deep Thinking and Deep Reading in an age of InfoGlut, Info-Garbage, Info-Glitz and Info-Glimmer - Schools must make a dramatically expanded commitment to questioning, research, information literacy and student-centered classrooms. Students will need a radically different skills array to negotiate this new information landscape. (March 1, 1997)

Managing Information: Infoglut - New tools can help tame an ocean of data. By John Foley. (October 30, 1995)

Informing Ourselves to Death - A speech given by Neil Postman, German Informatics Society. (October 11, 1990)

Knowledge Creation

Brain-Trusts - Facilitates innovation, business development, new ideas and concepts. Features events and a newsletter.

Business Thinking Implementation - An article by Hidetoshi Shibata in 1998 that describes creating leadership and organizational knowledge. Provides some information on how knowledge creation is key to successful management. The article is mainly about implementing good business thinking.

Centre for the Development of Creative Thinking - The COCD creativity site offers creativity tools and training. Web site is in English and Dutch

Create-It! Inc. - Our mission is to help growing businesses use creativity and technology to chart a course for the future using innovative strategies. We serve a diverse roster of clients through consulting, training, seminars and keynote speeches.

Creative Center of the Universe - Roger von Oech thinks this site is one of the most comprehensive web-sites around on the subject of creativity. It is a little whacky but full of good stuff that does make you think including the creative timeline of the world.

CreativeThink - Stimulate personal or group creativity and innovation through seminars, workshops, and creative thinking books that Roger von Oech has written. This is his company web site.

Creativity at Work - A resource for training and development in creativity and innovation in organizations. Has a newsletter, and some articles and essays by 'Corporate Alchemist' Linda Naiman.

Creativity Consulting: Proactive Solutions - We have assisted individuals, small businesses, companies, and corporations with insight, and innovative thinking.

DirectedCreativity - A guide to creative thinking for serious people, and the eight basic heuristics of directed creativity. This is the web site for Paul Plsek & Associates in Roswell, Georgia, USA. Heuristics are a key to good higher-order thinking and knowledge creation. See that section in particular.

Executive Development Inc. - A training and development company providing workshops and software around decision making, problem solving, team skills, creativity, and meeting management.

HBS Working Knowledge: Innovation & Change - The Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge web site has long been recognized as a good resource for more practical business fare than usually found in the Harvard Business Review, which makes this section on Innovation and Change articles of particular relevance to Innovation managers.

How Much Information? - Attempts to measure how much information is produced in the world each year by looking at media and other variables. Produced by the School of Information Management Systems at the University of California, Berkeley. Charts and graphs that show comparisons with various forms of knowledge whether digital or print, books vs. magazines, and on PC's vs Enterprise databanks. A participative ongoing study that welcomes input.

Illumine Ltd - Training in Creativity, thinking & learning for business & the public sector. In-house and open courses in Creative Thinking, Innovation, Mind Mapping, Speed Reading, Accelerated Learning, Study Skills & Stress Management. Certified by De Bono & Buzan

Innovation Centre Europe - Helps companies with 3rd millennium thinking and creative ways to change.

The Innovation Conversation - What's the conversation about inside your company? Creativity and speed -- or cost cutting and risk avoidance? New ideas and new opportunities -- or the stock market and layoffs?

Innovation House - Brainstorming, creative thinking and problem solving for business including free resources and access to Innovation Toolbox.

Knowledge-at-Work - A collection of personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation, by Denham Gray. Features archives.

New IQ - Discusses thinking skills, innovation, and organizational improvement. Reports current events involving thinking skills and training services.

Tacit Knowing - Dr. Juani Swart's resources for integrating theory and practice. Features conference papers, links and contact information.

The Thinking Business - The Thinking Business is an international brain training company specialising in thinking skills including creative thinking, strategic thinking, mind mapping and thinking styles profiling

ThinkShop - Thinkshop is an innovation consulting company with Seattle and New York offices. ThinkShop consults clients on creativity, innovation, naming, strategy and training projects.

Vital Enterprises - Develops world-class performers-- people who create desired results with minimal resources and who empower others with their knowledge, skills, and character to do the same.

Knowledge Discovery

The Deep Web: Surfacing Hidden Value - White paper on the Deep Web, an area of the Internet 550 times larger than the surface web crawled by traditional search engines.

KD Nuggets Tool Links - Tools for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. Comprehensive list of tools with Internet Links.

Knowledge Discovery In Databases: Tools and Techniques - Article by Peggy Wright that presents the results of a literature survey outlining the state-of-the-art in KDD techniques and tools.

Megaputer Intelligence - Data, text, and web mining software. PolyAnalyst includes in-place mining, strong Microsoft integration.

Mining Customer Data - By Gary Saarenvirta. A step-by-step look at a powerful clustering and segmentation methodology.

model&mine - Dorian Pyle, author of "Data Preparation for Data Mining", provides resources on data mining, business modeling, and analytical CRM, including: articles, White Papers, downloads, books, information on courses and consulting, extensive links, and FAQs for mining pro's and newbies.

Net Perceptions - Real-time relationship marketing and personalization, integrating high-scale data mining, analytic, and recommendation technologies with a direct conduit to action.

Nonlinear Thinking - A thought process that offers simple solutions within complexity reducing the dependence on experts, consultants and external resources. Features articles and tips for discovering novel solutions to recurring problems.

Psybertron Knowledge Modelling Weblog - What, Why and How do we Know ? Research into models for knowledge management in business organisation decision support. (Supersedes Ian's Knowledge Modelling Weblog)

Second Moment - The news and business resource for applied analytics. Powerful content weblog mixing articles, commentary, technique and critique of the intersection of academic KD research and the directed KD of corporations.

UCI Knowledge Discovery in Databases Archive - An online repository of large data sets which encompasses a wide variety of data types, analysis tasks, and application areas at the University of California at Irvine.

Knowledge Flow

Bottom-Up Knowledge Capture - Article describes the benefits of inverting the process of knowledge capture. By Peter Dorfman, originally published in Knowledge Inc.

Sense-Making - An approach to thinking about and implementing communication research and practice and the design of communication-based systems and activities. Features articles, bibliographies, dissertations, events and syllabi.

Salmon Migrate from Stream to Sea and Back Again: Knowledge Flows Within, Into and Out of a Hatchery Community - Study examines how understanding how knowledge flows gives insight into ways in which scientists can work with communities and foster a mutual learning environment. By Leanna Boyer, Wolff-Michael Roth and Yew Jin Lee. [PDF] (2003)

Dynamic Models of Knowledge Flow Dynamics - Working paper describes a research approach and modeling environment that enables the dynamics of enterprise knowledge flows to be formalized through computational models. By Mark Nissen and Raymond Levitt, Stanford University. [PDF] (November 14, 2002)

A Theory of Implicit and Explicit Knowledge - An article on implicit knowledge, memory, cognitive development, visual perception, and artificial grammar learning written by Zoltan Dienes and Josef Perner. Published in Behavioral and Brain Sciences. (1999)

Knowledge Management: Recognition & Reward - Transcript of Prabhu Guptara's presentation at The Economist Conferences' 1998 Conference "Knowing More than your Competitors: Putting Knowledge Management to Work." Includes contact information. (September 24, 1998)

How Does Knowledge Flow? Inter-Firm Patterns in the Semiconductor Industry - Research examins knowledge-sharing patterns in the semiconductor industry. By Melissa M. Appleyard. Features survey results and references. (June, 1996)

Following the Knowledge Flow - Article discusses how knowledge exchanges may provide organizational alternatives closer to the real flow of knowledge. By Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, in Electric Dreams. (September 25, 1995)

Knowledge Representation

Conceptual Graphs Home Page - Features introductory material and bibliography, standard notation, events, projects, tools and researchers.

John Sowa on Knowledge Representation - Provides background material and tutorials on ontology and related topics in logic, conceptual graphs, and natural language semantics.

Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF) - A DARPA project. KIF is a language designed for use in the interchange of knowledge among disparate computer systems.

Knowledge Representation Resources - A list of knowledge representation resources, part of the AI Education Repository at the University of Southwestern Louisiana.

KR, Inc. - Charitable organization concerned with fostering research and communication on knowledge representation and reasoning. Features conferences, educational materials and mailing lists.

Modeling and Simulation - Resources and links published by INSEAD on Knowledge Representation and Exchange, Ontologies, Simulation.

Tockit Project - Aims to create a framework for conceptual knowledge processing in terms of social structures and a common code base. Features software description and contact details.

WebKB - A set of tools using Conceptual Graphs formalism for building and documentation of knowledge bases, indexing or connecting elements of WWW-accessible documents.

Knowledge Retrieval

APR Smartlogik - Suite of products and services designed to search, categorize and profile software for intranet, Internet and portal applications. Features company profile, white papers and contact information.

ASE Edge - Virtual platform in which knowledge is organized, analyzed and manipulated.

Information Retrieval - Online text of a book by Dr. C.J. van Rijsbergen of the University of Glasgow covering advanced topics in information retrieval.

Intellilinker - Short piece discussing development of text description, XML, and an interactive electronic librarian substitute.

ISYS - Suite of search software products that finds information in multiple file formats and languages. Features product descriptions, evaluation version download, company profile and contact information.

Knowledge Concepts - Develops technologies to enhance document management solutions to provide better access to relevant information both inside and outside the organization, irrespective of word of use or language. Features product information, news and contact information.

Strategy Software Inc - Offers a PC-based competitive information management system that can organize, summarize, analyze and share information. Features an overview of the company, contact details, news and job opportunities.

E-Commerce News - Upgrade and Archive: The Ongoing Threat of Data Extinction - Article. Saving digital information is turning out to breed its own set of unique challenges. (August 28, 2003)

Online Teaching and Learning

Altus Learning Systems, Inc. - Provides distance learning and online education services and tools for creation of on-demand interactive communications and presentations.

Ascolta - Live instructor-led learning over the Internet.

Astound Incorporated - Web conferencing solutions that provide online interactive meetings, multimedia presentations, chat and document sharing in real-time.

Blackboard Inc. - Provider of products that enable universities, schools, and corporations to host their classes on the World Wide Web.

Desknow - Open platform for internet-based collaboration services, accessible from PC and mobile devices.

HelpMeeting - A powerful data conferencing system, which can increase productivity while minimizing meeting time and reducing travel costs using only a web browser. - Online live interactive group learning and collaboration solutions that blend classroom and computer-based training.

iCohere, Inc. - Provides collaboration software, groupware and knowledge management tools to create communities of practice, build learning communities, and deliver online.

InfoWorkSpace by New ERAcom - Provides real-time multimedia e-learning solution by way of Multi-Channel Synchronization Technology. Integrate video, audio, whiteboard, IM and application sharing into one single solution.

Limu Solutions - Live web-based learning with integrated content management system. Ultra thin client requires no software installation.

Neofaculty - Technology software for distance learning with unlimited users connected.

NetMeeting UK - An independent company offering support services for users of Microsoft NetMeeting.

The Online Coaching Clinic - A learning program available to support performance using Web Based Coaching (WBC). Users have the opportunity to access a wide variety of coaching on the Intranet.

PresentPLUS - Interactive desktop conferencing and web casting with streaming audio/video, collaborative whiteboard and group web-surfing.

Session by Wave Three Software - Provides integrated IP voice and video at up to 30 frames per second, application sharing that enables users to view third party applications together, and workspace that supports digital media for real time collaboration. - Easy-to-use service that will have you conducting professional interactive Web conferences in no time.

vClassroom - This Aestiva HTML/os powered virtual classroom is available for short and long term rental by those wishing to provide interactive online training services.

Web Conferencing Central - Low cost online meeting tool for e-learning, sales presentations and document collaboration. A fully web-based conferencing system.

E-leaning Companies

Academee - Integrated learning programmes, blending consultancy, online e-learning and face-to-face classroom courses for management and professional development.

Allen Communication - Provides e-Learning solutions including learning portals, strategic planning for training, courseware development and authoring / design tools.

Artifact Software - Québec-based company specializing in e-training and developing interactive multimedia training software.

BasisMedia Corporation - BasisMedia is a full-service provider of e-Learning solutions. We use streaming media and the internet to transform classroom training into web-based training.

BlueU - A specialist developer of e-learning content, also provides consultancy and blended training in various IT, financial and business subjects.

Brainvisa Technologies - Specializes in comprehensive end-to-end elearning solutions.

Bridge Learning - UK based specialists in providing e-learning solutions including courseware, DVDs and training videos aimed at business and academic markets.

BrightWave Ltd - Designs and delivers customised e-learning solutions to both public and private organisations worldwide.

Broadband Learning Solutions Ltd - A UK based company specialising in implementing a range of interactivity learning and knowledge solutions for business skills, IT skills and virtual meeting.

Business Performance Technology - Provide e-learning solutions including analysis, customized design and development, off the shelf courses and blended solutions.

Copia e-learning solutions - Copia designs and develops custom e-learning solutions for business. Bespoke courses for System Training, Product Knowledge, Business Operations, Induction and more.

Corollis Ltd - Aim to provide an independent, clear and results-led approach to learning and development needs.

Corus Consulting e-Learning - Off-the-shelf and bespoke e-learning courses. Includes Health and Safety, First Aid, Induction and Engineering courses.

Cranial Expansion - Provides a variety of eLearning solutions ranging from standalone CBT/WBTs through distance learning and hybrid courses, all the way to fullscale virtual universities.

DefiniITion - DefinITion design and development e-learning courses for companies. The company is based in Belgium and their services include consultancy and support.

DLC Solutions - Producing online sales training, and professional education for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Includes portfolio, and details of software and design services.

e-Comply Compliance e-learning - e-comply produces e-learning for compliance issues including for Health and safety and HR. They meet the government's accesibility guidelines as well as ahereing to SCORM and AICC e-learning standards.

Employment Law Learning Technologies - Online compliance training for managers and employees on critical US employment law / HR topics, including harassment, discrimination, privacy and diversity.

Enspire Learning - Enspire Learning develops custom e-learning courses that include interactive multimedia, simulations, and engaging scenarios.

Epic Group plc - Providers of e-learning, blended learning and knowledge solutions. Site gives access to over thirty white papers on technology and organisational learning, show reports, book reviews and details of Epic services.

Epsilon Learning Systems - Epsilon provides training, consulting, research and development services for implementing systematic, integrative learning solutions.

Esyx Systems - Esyx Systems is a company based in France who provide communication and learning solutions for medium to large companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies that choose to outsource their learning needs.

eTelestia - On line training courses in Fashion Design, Pattern Making and Clothing Production for personal and professional use. Based on the eTelestia pattern construction and fashion design software for womenswear,menswear and childrenswear.

Etraffic Solutions Elearning Portal - International provider of online learning content, applications, and leadership development for K-12 and adult learning

Flying Fish - Flying Fish provides e-Learning training programs to corporate and government clients, specializes in custom e-Learning and program development.

Futurate Ltd - Developers of eLearning content and systems that are engaging and accessible to all. They offer a 'full service' from consultancy to implementation and maintenance.

Futuremedia Plc - Provider of corporate online training systems, and associated consultancy services. Specialists in e-Learning solutions for telecommunications, pharmaceutical and automotive markets.

The Global Learning Group - The Global Learning Group provide a highly interactive Web based learning & collaboration environment on a global basis to a varied audience.

I.C. Axon - eLearning solutions for the healthcare industry including sales training, professional development and patient education programs.

Inchone - Singapore based company offering a suite of products and services to help clients enable their eLearning initiatives.

InfoAlly - Offering modularized programs to augment full education programs.

InsightU - Specialize in the retail channel and offer a turn key e-learning solution.

Inspired eLearning Inc. - Inspired eLearning offer security awareness training, custom eLearning development and Learning Management System software.

Intelera - Develop engaging web-based training solutions exclusively for the software vendor market.

Intellinex - Provider of e-Learning solutions for workers in Global 2000 companies, government, and educational institutions. Courseware covers PC and business skills applications.

Interactive Services - Develop interactive training solutions for the telecommunications industry.

Intrac Design Inc - The development and delivery of customizable training programs for live classroom and e-learning delivery.

Invision Learning, LLC. - Providers of complete e learning solutions that align training objectives with business goals. - Provide a range of online IT and Business training courses. Also provide custom courseware development and corporate e-learning solutions.

Jenison Interactive Training - Provides online interactive training materials in office IT, management and business skills.

John Matchett Limited - Provides training courses, and learning management software including: training management, training administration, skills and competence management systems, e-learning, compliance monitoring, and examination and testing.

KBI - Provide a mix of classroom training, coaching, self-directed study through e-learning and real world application of principles.

Knowledge Interactive - Provides elearning consulting services and programmes including web based training course development delivered via the Internet, corporate Intranet or CD.

KnowledgeAlive - Provides professional services, content and applications for e-Learning that will take care of organisations' needs from pre-Learning, all the way through to post-Learning.

KnowledgePool - Award winning providers of blended learning solutions, bespoke e-Learning, and a range of off-the-shelf e-learning courses in management and IT.

Learnframe - Providing learning management systems and a framework for organizations to distribute and manage e-learning and online training material.

The Learning House, Inc. - Learning House, Inc. is an eLearning services company that creates off the shelf and custom online degree and professional development courses.

Left Brain Media - Provides custom AICC and SCORM compliant web based training development. Left Brain Media analyze your specific needs and collaborate to develop a high quality, custom e-Learning program.

Lifelong Learning Systems - Develop online courses and learning management systems for IT courses and to improve knowledge and performance.

Little 3 Creative Solutions - Provide bespoke eLearning and training solutions, as well as generic courses for a range of industry, education and community organisations.

Little Planet Learning - Provides design and development of learning experiences delivered live and through elearning, computer and web based training (CBT and WBT), and multimedia programs.

Marton House - Marton House provides learning solutions for a range of Blue Chip clients.

McGill Digital Solutions Inc - McGill designs, develops and delivers e-learning and electronic performance support solutions.

MDC Learning Systems - Provides software and support for corporate e-training ventures. Staff profiles, information on products and services.

m2studio - Company based in Germany that provides customised e-learning solutions for large companies.

Netlearn - Netlearn are solution providers of e-learning products including ICDL and ECDL.

Ninth House Network - A leading e-learning broadband environment for organizational development, delivering to the desktop experiential, interactive programs that leverage the world's foremost business thinkers.

Oak Tree Systems - A software development and consulting company that specializes in creating software solutions for businesses and organizations that provide training.

OutStart - OutStart offers learning applications for both large and small organizations and any size teams. Their products include LCMS, LMS, Authoring and Simulation Products.

Pinneast - Pinneast's e-Learning services include custom content development, AICC/SCORM technical support, help desk, Virtual University hosting and consulting.

Plateau Systems - Corporate learning solutions deployed at enterprises across the world enabling global organizations to increase productivity and save millions of training dollars.

PrimeLearning - E-learning company that specialises in business and professional skills courses provided off the self or can be custom made.

PTT - PTT provide a full range of e-learning development services from setting of training objectives, through course design to course delivery and learning management.

QBInternational - Provides customizable learning solutions including business skills workshops, custom eLearning development tools and services, training games and resources worldwide.

Qi Concepts Limited - Develop training solutions using a blend of traditional face-to-face training and interactive e-learning methods.

Red Tray Limited - Red Tray provides blended bespoke eLearning solutions.

Redbean Learning Solutions - International eLearning solutions provider.

Redwood e-Learning Systems - Redwood focuses on providing high performance learning environments where learners can experience, learn and practice concepts.

Resource Bridge - Developer of custom eLearning solutions.

Right Reason Technologies, LLC - Web-based training solutions company specializing in compliance and harassment training for education, corporations and small businesses.

Seward, Inc. - Seward, Inc. provide engaging, instructionally sound, cost-effective training solutions ranging from soft skills involved in sales to the most technically exacting fields of medicine, engineering, and finance.

Silverchair Learning Systems - Online employee education exclusively for the Senior Care industry.

Skillsoft - Providers of enterprise e-learning, a fully integrated student environment and courseware to support e-Learning initiatives in enterprises.

Solvolution Labs Europe - Providers of customised eLearning solutions, content and consultancy to both government & commercial organisations.

4system - E-Learning company based in Poland offering E-learning Platforms, Custom made courses, course authoring tools and E-learning consulting.

Tata Interactive Systems - Developer of custom e-learning solutions for corporate, educational and governmental organizations.

Teknical - Provider of information and learning technology solutions to the education sector, NHS, public sector and commercial sector. Part of the Serco group of companies.

Transition Associates - Provider of e-learning solutions including bespoke courses, technology tutorials, knowledge management, and learning management systems consultancy.

Trifus - Offers comprehensive e-Learning solutions customized to meet your organization's specific needs.

Virtual College - The Virtual College is a provider of E-Learning solutions across the UK.

Yapster e-Learning Inc - A Philippines e-Learning provider offering courses via Internet, Intranet, standalone PC and CD-Rom delivery methods. Also a provider of e-learning support services.

Zeus Learning - Zeus Learning India creates live "in-Application" simulations delivered over the web and provides end-to-end, custom eLearning solutions.

E-learning Portals

ACS Online Training System - Online training system with courses in gardening/horticulture and IT/ecommerce.

American Continuing Education and Training Institute - Offers online courses in business, health, and education. PDP and CEU credit is available. Courses start monthly. - A wealth of IT and Softskills online learning content aimed at all audiences from Beginners through to Intermediate and Advanced users in many areas.

Business Training Partnership - Provides clients with the ability to source any training requirement through a single point of contact.

Corpedia Training Technologies - Corpedia offers interactive, Web-based and Internet-tracked corporate education on legal and business-related issues.

Coursebridge - Offers a variety of fairly priced online courses for personal and professional enhancement.

CyberU - Provides a broad selection of online classes and learning resources, from self-development to continuing professional education to corporate training.

Earthnet Institute - A private, non-profit academic institution that delivers both distance learning degree programs and online courses for continuing education in ICT, personal enrichment, nursing and paralegal skills.

Eclectic Academy - Instruction on web site development tools, beginning classes on digital art programs, introductory business courses and the office programs you need to make it all work.

eduCanarias - Canary Islands Institute of Technology's education site.

e-learn - Web-based distance learning covering a wide range of holistic health, humanities, counselling, sports therapy and alternative medicine subjects.

eMind - E-learning for the financial services industry, but applicable to anyone interested in learning about finance. - Technical curriculum covering e-commerce, project management, programming, Networking and Internet technologies.

Enterprise Training Solutions - Offers multiple ways to learn, including instructor-led classes, self-study courses, and digitized books, all available 24x7.

Executrain Virtual Campus - A self-paced, on-line learning solution for business applications, technical professionals and business skills.

Fathom - A growing collection of online courses, plus free articles and lectures from leaders in education, research, and the dissemination of knowledge.

How Stuff Works - Contains tutorials on a wide range of subjects for people interested in learning the mechanisms of how things work.

How To Master - Application, soft-skills, and technical training available over the web or on CD-ROM.

Ilasallecampus - Canada-based subsidiary of the LaSalle College Group, offering various courses in both French and English. Catalog, admissions information, corporate profile.

Integrity Interactive Corporation - Web-based corporate compliance training, business ethics courses, and on-line legal information about compliance risks.

iSkolen - Open marketplace for online training, providing services for students, authors and course providers. [Norweigen] - Provides online courses to empower students with knowledge and education.

Jedlet - Offer online knowledge nuggets, that is brain food, knowledge management e-learning tools that act as instant tutors.

Knowledge Anywhere - Provides a resource to online training classes, industry links, and resources for developing online training. - Offers a suite of web based courses covering ebusiness related subjects, such as CRM, SCM, NetMarkets, Outsourcing, and Enterprise applications. - General courses in anything from automotive to science, or author your own course.

Learndirect - Distance learning and online courses as well as part and full time classroom courses throughout the UK.

Learning Hub - Offers short duration courses in languages, information technology, business, and personal development. Also includes courses for math and reading skills.

Limu - Global learning and knowledge marketplace where you learn and teach online, live, and interactively.

MindEdge - Extensive listing and search engine to online and in-person courses on business, health-care, IT, and most anything else.

MindLeaders - Find or purchase online training for information technology, desktop, business, safety, health, and leadership skills accessible through the Internet. - Publishes information that everyone should know, wants to know, or once did know and forgot. - Online and CD based training in Sage accounting software.

Online Learning Network - A wide range of e-learning courses, catering for both individuals and businesses at all levels, from improving basic computer skills to gaining technical qualifications. - Online instructor-led courses on professional advancement and personal enrichment for teacher education, business, and management.

OnlineVarsity - Provides a learning experience that a real-world university offers. Interact with tutors and classmates, and access learning material anytime, anywhere. - Online training for quality improvement and ISO 9000 compliance. Training records and web quizzes are included.

PDH Center - Approved online continuing education provider for professional engineers, land surveyors, and architects.

Professional Education Organization International - On-line university level courses for professionals in accounting, business, finance and economics.

The R. Jan LeCroy Center - Produces and licenses distance education products and services to colleges and universities nationally and internationally. - Online continuing education courses for AEC professionals.

Study - A training resource site that enables you to view, sample, purchase and download online self-study training courses that improve knowledge and develop individual business skills. - Offers mini courses (1 to 4 hours) with certificates by email upon completion. Site is available as hosted online training solution.

SyberWorks - Course topics include Supervision Skills, Occupational, Environmental, Health, and Safety, and IT.

Syntrio - Delivers complete web-based e-learning solutions that enable organizations to train staff, customers and suppliers just-in-time and in a cost effective manner.

ThirdAge School of Online Learning - Provides a mix of courses for adults in their mid-40s through 50s. - A single source for e-learning courses in IT/ICT, personal development and the management of resources, people, information and finances.

Training Department .com - Providers of internet based course training. web based testing and online authoring tools.

TrainingA - Self-paced computer training CDs available for Windows, Office, web design, programming, hardware, and small office. Courses offer multimedia and testing.

Tutor2u - Extensive free online courses and resources for students and teachers of economics, business, and politics

UniversalClass - Fee-based real-time online courses on many very different subjects taught by reviewed experts.

Virtual Training Company (VTC) - Online and CD-based tutorials and training courses on over 150 different software titles including Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Flash.

WebCourse - Customized secure learning portal for organizations that want to quickly deploy a full featured web based learning program with measured results.

WebCT - Resource and communication channel for course developers, content providers, trainers, and on-campus users.

Youachieve - Comprehensive library of business skills from well-known experts provided in self-paced, self-directed formats.

Online Courses

Academy of Media Arts - Offers a Certificate or an Associate of Science Degree in Web Design online, although many classes are also taught on campus.

Anderson-davis, Inc. - Online administrative courses for personnel in business management.

Automated Learning Corporation - Providing improved quality and performance of manufacturing personnel worldwide through CBT courses.

Boat Ed - Boating safety courses with online boater certification tests, sponsored by state agencies.

Centre for Project Management - Postgraduate and post-experience education and training as well as corporate training, research and consultancy in Project Management.

Cogito Learning Media - Provider of interactive multimedia courses and course supplements for higher education and distance learning.

Course Shop - Self-study online courses up to AS/A-Level (university entrance) in Maths, Physics, and Chemistry, featuring Video Teachers, two-way communication with instant response, and millions of possible questions.

Dadalos Education Server - A program of UNESCO. Offers basic and advanced courses in human rights, democracy, political parties and exemplary historical figures.

eLearning at the University of Calgary - WBT and live interactive training in professional development.

Fred Pryor Seminars - Resource for seminars, tapes and online training, specializing in business training and professional development.

Gardeners Academy - For those who wish to become gardeners and gardeners who wish to become better.

Global Equine Academy - Offering online professional equine training. Horse training classes for the real world. Nationally known trainers and certified teachers.

Hawaii Virtual School (HVS) - Offers a variety of courses for grades K-12, and includes further education courses for all age groups.

The Human Equation - Online course in Preventing & Managing Sexual Harassment, as well as advice to small and medium sized employer about risk management and human resources advice.

Indiana Wesleyan University Online - Electives and college credit courses online through this Christian college.

The Long Island Board of Realtors School - Offering online courses in real estate, approved for Continuing Education credits in the state of New York.

Master of Life Sciences - Online degree through the University of Maryland e-learning program.

MIT OpenCourseWare - News and information on the project to make the course materials used in the teaching of virtually all of MIT's courses available on the Web, free of charge, to any user anywhere in the world.

Northwestern Theological Seminary - Online seminary provides training in theology.

NWTC Online Learning - Courses offered completely online by Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and accredited by the NCA.

Omar School of Construction Education - Distance learning continuintg education courses to registered and certified contractors in the State of Florida. Licence and contact information.

Optimnem - Offers tutor supported online courses for all ages in languages, math and English.

Parents Encouraging Parents - Online classes on parenting with live interactive discussions.

Post University - A fully accredited University located in Connecticut offering baccalaureate and associate degrees completely online.

Project Management Outreach - A comprehensive Internet-based flexible (distance) programme from the University of Phoenix, leading to the degree of Master of Project Management.

Quintessential Careers - Online career courses that explain how to be more competitive in the job market.

RHS Online Education Center - Online Education Center with Occupational Safety and Health related courses that enables organizations to efficiently train any number of employees through self-paced courses.

Ryokan College - A Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology Online.

Speedread America - Accelerated learning of speed reading by non-profit educational research organization.

Spiritual Courses - Classes on a variety of topics including alternative health, wildlife, literature, religion, social sciences and spiritual studies. Includes fee schedule.

SportsManagementU - Provider of online Sports Management Education via the Internet.

Techniworks Action Learning - Off-the-shelf courses for legal compliance and management, customisation possible.

TravelCampus - Comprehensive online travel and tourism training.

University of Berkley - An alternative school offering individual, non-residential, specialized college degree programs in the United States and internationally.

Virtual Assistance U - Offers an online interactive program, with details of coaches and curriculum. FAQ, and testimonials.

Virtual Learning Center - Offers a variety of self-paced online courses.

Yorkville University - Offers a master of arts degree in counselling psychology.

Delivery and Management Systems

ABC Academy 2000 - A standard product for creating, managing and distributing corporate and academic e-Learning.

Achievement Technologies - Educational management systems for accountability, online test preparation, and workforce readiness skills.

AcuLearn - A Learning Service Provider that is involved in the production, management and delivery of multimedia content for e-learning.

AskMe Enterprise - An enterprise solution that enables corporations to capture their employees' tacit knowledge, catalog their expertise, and enable anyone within the organization to retrieve and exchange knowledge.

Atlantic Associates - Provides training management software for training firms and class based software for computer, aviation, sports, gymnastics, after school, music and acting schools.

a2zclass - A business solution for creating and managing online learning environments.

Boniva Software, Inc. - Provides integrated software infrastructure solutions, powered by its VELOCITY Platform, to improve channel efficiency and increase employee productivity.

@campus, Inc. - Provides web-based class scheduling, online student registration, and bookstore e-commerce infrastructure for educational communities and training institutions.

Cisco Learning Institute - A section corporation supporting public charities which promote or provide technology education. The CLI e-Learning Solution offers authoring, delivery and management tools for online personalized learning.

ClassLeader - A platform for online education management and communication: e-learning software by instructors for instructors.

Courses by Wire Inc. - Offers web based training development and managed course hosting.

Coursewhere - Provides a secure internet-based course/seminar registration management system.

Dennis Tester - Specializing in the design and development of interactive web-based learning systems.

DKSystems Online - Develops OnTrack for training and OnTrack Online learning management software for the enterprise.

DOTS by WebRaven - A web-based application, centering on the provision of a courses on-line to individuals, tracking skills and competencies and HR and resource management.

EDU System by Argus - Presentation of an advanced e-learning management platform and associated services for education and corporate training. - Software and services that enable institutions and corporations to deliver online education and training.

eLearning Engine by - Robust, scaleable and fully customisable solution to deliver training online.

ePath Learning - Supplier of infrastructure tools that empower subject matter experts and training professionals to build, distribute, and manage elearning courses.

E-Presentations Pro - Allows users to display their content via the Internet, administer exams, and track participant progress. Best of all, there is no software or hardware to purchase.

ETA by Talon Systems - Training administration software for schools and aviation.

e-train - Our Web-based training technology provides continuous online learning for career success.

e2train - e-learning solution providers offering learning management solutions for web based training via Kallidus LMS

FlexTraining - Provider of flexible Web Based training systems. Your company or organization can build, deliver, and manage courses over the Internet or your Intranet.

Generative Resources - Links and services to help organizations realize the benefits of collaborative technologies.

Gyrus Systems - Provides training and learning management systems, a corporate university, and software for online enrollment and skills management.

Hosted Test - Web-based software application enables online administration of tests and exams to students anywhere in the world.

Informetica - A Learning Management System that provides an online e-Education system for K-12 schools, colleges, universities and corporate training facilities.

InterWise Millennium - Global developer of live eLearning products. Distance learning software and services for training over the internet.

IntraLearn - E-learning platforms to midsize enterprises, corporations, and colleges. Resold and supported worldwide by Authorized IntraLearn Resellers.

IntraLibrary by Intrallect - A web-based digital repository for e-learning. It can be used to manage, share and re-use e-learning content, and as part of a wider content management solution for training material.

ISOtrain - Training management software by Softekpr. Tracks, schedules, and organizes the training process required to comply with regulatory requirements like FDA and ISO 9000.

John Matchett Limited - Providers of e-learning solutions powered by the Registrar LMS, that enables users to deliver, manage, test and report on both instructor-led and on-line training.

Knowlagent - Improves customer service through its non-disruptive e-Learning platform, empowering customer contact agents to intelligently respond to consumer queries and anticipate future needs.

The Knowledge Business - Providers of Knowledge, an Internet software application which enables all types of organizations to create, manage and deliver different types of corporate information over either their Intranet, or Internet.

Knowledge Impact - Provider of end-user e-learning and performance support solutions for enterprise applications such as CRM and ERP.

KnowlegeBridge by Websoft Systems - A robust Learning Content Management Systems architecture allowing distributed teams of non-technical editors to manage e-learning content seamlessly.

Learnframe, Inc - Develops the Pinnacle Learning Manager (PLM) and other e-learning training management solutions that allow distribution and management of online learning.

The Learning Manager - Complete software solution for development, delivery, and management of online learning. WIN also publishes comprehensive WorkKeys training textbooks and CD-ROMs.

The Learning Springs - Providers of a web-based learning interface, Aurora, that uses advanced technology to unite students and teachers in a virtual classroom environment.

LearningSoft - Dedicated to developing educational game experiences for the Spanish-speaking Internet market.

LearnLinc Corporation - Online Training solutions using a live, interactive, virtual classroom carried over the Internet, corporate or university intranets, or wide area network environments.

LearnWright, LLC - LearnWright is a business-to-business e-learning and training solutions company, targeting the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Link-Systems International inc. - Distance learning software, specializing in mathematical, scientific, technical and medical material. Run online tutoring, live chat and discussion boards.

LUVIT AB (Publ) - Flexible server software for e-learning. The software is an open back-office product, based on MS NT/SQL. It is currently available in 10 languages.

mGen Enterprise by mGen, Inc. - An advanced multimedia distribution and asset management system with a fully integrated e-Learning applications.

NetDimensions - Creates knowledge-management solutions that distribute, document and administer corporate training programs over the Internet and through intranets and extranets.

ObjectJ Inc. - Bringing mobility to eLearning industry through Pocket PC devices, and providing tools and technologies missing from eLearning solutions.

Online Expert - A hybrid next generation delivery infrastructure and e-learning platform from LearnKey.

rapidLD - A professional services and consulting partnership developed to help organizations select and deploy learning solutions.

RISC - Training management software including on-line enrollment, testing, forecasting and records management.

Saba Software, Inc. - Provides human capital development and management solutions.

SBLMS - A hosted web-based Learning Management System (LMS) that includes a dedicated web-server on multiple backbones, dedicated server staff 24/7, and daily data backups.

Serf - Web-based distance education environment developed at the University of Delaware providing the means to deliver courses anywhere in the world.

SOF - A web-based software that helps you set up and manage your e-learning business,helping create a cost-effective solution for delivering training and education online.

Solstra - Proven solution for delivery tracking and management of online learning. Co-developed by British Telecom and Futuremedia PLC.

SyberWorks, Inc. - Provider of e-learning management systems and customized web-based training.

Syntrio Inc. - Hosted learning solutions and course modules in compliance, loss control and general business skills, complete with e-learning tracking and management.

Teamscape - Completely web-based training management system, with online curriculum planning, scheduling and logistics, student enrollment, course delivery, and competency management.

Test Track Learning Management System - Learning and Content Management developer and hosting services. - Make and sell your self-scoring PC based tests. Sell or give away your tests with our Study-It and Test-It software.

THINQ - Develop and implement learning management systems, specializing in web-based, large-scale deployments.

tmsSEED - Web-based Smart Extended Education system that allows you to run your virtual university or conduct course via the internet without any programming knowledge required.

Traineasy - Online Knowledge Management and learning solutions to organisations wanting to make more effective use of their staff and intellectual capital.

Trainframe - Operator training software from Global Solutions for use on OS390 and MVS mainframe systems

Training Register - Training, Skills and Learning Management System for scheduling and tracking CBT, WBT and instructor led training.

TrainingForce - A web-based training management solution designed to automate the daily tasks of corporate training departments and for-profit training companies.

VCampus Corporation - ASP-based e-learning solution with a ready-to-go library of content and fast customization tools.

VeriLogix, Inc. - Specializing in developing, delivering and managing employee training programs for industrial, aerospace, financial, service, and high technology companies.

Vitalect, Inc. - Develops, deploys, hosts, and supports web based learning courses for corporations and universities.

Vuepoint - Provides eLearning software for corporate training, for enterprise platform eLearning, and solutions.

WebCourse Services - Web-based e-learning software and learning management system for creating online corporate training using new or existing training materials in multiple file formats.

WebStudy, Inc. - Offers a product suite designed to deliver online college courses, stream content to students, store learning objects and provide real time live video to individual students in an online or classroom environment.

WebTrain - Internet software that can develop, deliver, assess and track training and education on the Web.

WIDS - Software for developing online learning systems.

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