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Guinness World Records - Online edition of the book bearing the same title. Features world records arranged by category, the Daily Wow selection, games, and user favorites. Flash plugin recommended for viewing.

Aviation and Space World Records - Compiled by Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).

International Federation of Memory Sports - Mental records, memory contests and achievements.

International Guinness Record Holders' Club - Information for record breakers, record statistics, contacts for event organizers and record festivals.

The Most Translated Web Page - World record attempt for the most translated www page. Contribute by translating this web page to your language. - Records, amazing stories, supernatural tales and funny pictures.

Auto Records

Across the Lake - A website dedicated to Donald Campbell, his Cars and Boats, with a page for collectors

Bluebird Electric 1991-2002 - A history of the project. The story is told with reference to media articles, correspondence between team members, recordings and other documents.

British Steam Car Challenge - The British attempt on the steam world land speed record.

Land Speed Cars - The fastest wheel driven Bonneville streamliners in the world along with a collection of land speed cars. Hot rods at the famous El Mirage dry lakes. - Premier Land Speed Racing website on the internet. Information on all the events SCTA, ECTA, USFRA, Muruc and Lake Gairdner, also have latest of the Jet vehicles. Free monthly give aways and contests. Free email, web hosting services, chat server, and message boards. Live updates during Bonneville.

Mallo Racing - Trying to a break the world record in Bonneville, with a Cummins diesel powered 28 roadster. Includes photos and links.

North American Eagle - 800 mph land speed record challenger.

Russ Wicks - He holds the World Speed Record for propeller-driven boats and is an Indy Car and Unlimited Hydroplane Driver.

Spirit of '76 - Al Teague - Home of one of the fastest piston engine vehicles in the world. Al Teague "Spirit of '76" has attained speeds over 430 mph.

Thrust SSC - Photos of Thrust SSC at Blackrock taken on 15th Oct 1997 when Andy Green broke the World Land Speed Record and went supersonic.

Tom Bruch - Land speed records set at Bonneville Slat Flats and ECTA with 1.8 liter Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup Truck.


Heights of Famous People - Lists the height of the tallest and shortest people in history as well as the heights of famous people in film, television, sports, and politics.

The Human Marvels - Teratological historian, J. Tithonus Pednaud, podcasts and writes about human oddities; unique individuals he refers to respectfully as Human Marvels.

Trivia Guy - Wilson Casey, holds two world records for the longest trivia broadcast and longest radio broadcast by an individual.


Gliding World Records - Records in gliding complied by the World Air Sports Federation. Consult the history of past gliding world records.

Weightlifting Records - Records compiled by International Weightlifting Federation.

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