Invocation of Ganesha with 108 Names


Aum, Sri Mahaaganaadhipataye Namah

Guidelines for pronunciation are in the footnotes at the end of the page

1. Aum, Gajaananaaya Namahaa

2. Aum, Ganaadhyakshaaya Namaha

3. Aum, Vighnaraajaaya Namaha

4. Aum, Vinaayakaaya Namaha

5. Aum, Dvaimaathuraaya Namaha

6. Aum, Dvimukhaaya Namaha

7. Aum, Suraarighnaaya Namaha

8. Aum, Mahaaganapathaye Namaha

9. Aum, Maanyaaya Namaha

10. Aum, Mahakaalaaya Namaha

11. Aum, Mahaabalaaya Namaha

12. Aum, Herambaaya Namaha

13. Aum, Lambajatharaaya Namaha

14. Aum, Hasvagreevaaya Namaha

15. Aum, Mahodaraaya Namaha

16. Aum, Madothkataaya Namaha

17. Aum, Mahaaveeraaya Namaha

18. Aum, Manthrine Namaha

19. Aum, Mangala swaruupaaya Namaha

20. Aum, Pramadhaaya Namaha

21. Aum, Pradhamaaya Namaha

22. Aum, Prajnaaaya Namaha

23. Aum, Vighnakarthre Namaha

24. Aum, Vignahamthre Namaha

25. Aum, Vishvanethre Namaha

26. Aum, Viraatpathaye Namaha

27. Aum, Shreepathaye Namaha

28. Aum, Vaakpathaye Namaha

29. Aum, Shringarine Namaha

30. Aum, Pramukhaaya Namah

31. Aum, Sumukhaaya Namaha

32. Aum, Krthine Namaha

33. Aum, Supradeepaaya Namaha

34. Aum, Sukhnidhaye Namaha

35. Aum, Suraadhyakshaaya Namaha

36. Aum, Balotthithaaya Namaha

37. Aum, Bhavaathmajaaya Namaha

38. Aum, Puraanapurushaaya Namaha

39. Aum, Pushne Namaha

40. Aum, Pushkarotshiptha varine Namaha

41. Aum, Agraganyaaya Namaha

42. Aum, Agrapujaaya Namaha

43. Aum, Agragaamine Namaha

44. Aum, Netrakruthe Namaha

45. Aum, Chaamikara-prabhaaya Namaha

46. Aum, Sarvaaya Namaha

47. Aum, Sarvopanyaasaaya Namaha

48. Aum, Sarvakarthre Namaha

49. Aum, Sarvanethre Namaha

50. Aum, Sarvasiddhipradaaya Namaha

51. Aum Sarvasiddhaye Namaha

52. Aum, Panchahastaaya Namaha

53. Aum, Parvatheenandanaaya Namaha

54. Aum, Prabhave Namaha

55. Aum, Kumaaragurave Namaha

56. Aum, Akshobhyaaya Namaha

57. Aum, Kunjaraasura bhanjanaaya Namaha

58. Aum, Pramodaaya Namaha

59. Aum, Ashritha-vatsalaaya Namaha

60. Aum, Shivapriyaaya Namaha

61. Aum, Sheeghrakaarine Namaha

62. Aum, Shashvathaaya Namaha

63. Aum, Bhavaaya Namaha

64. Aum, Brahmachaarine Namaha

65. Aum, Brahmaroopine Namaha

66. Aum, Brahmavidya-vibhave Namaha

67. Aum, Jishnave Namaha

68. Aum, Vishnupriyaaya Namaha

69. Aum, Bhakthajeevithaaya Namaha

70. Aum, Jithamanmadhaaya Namaha

71. Aum, Aishvaryakaaranaaya Namaha

72. Aum, Jyaayase Namaha

73. Aum, Yaksha-kinnara-sevithaaya Namaha

74. Aum, Gangaa-suthaaya Namaha

75. Aum, Ganadheesaaya Namaha

76. Aum, Gambhira-ninadaaya Namaha

77. Aum, Vatave Namaha

78. Aum, Abhishtavaradaaya Namaha

79. Aum, Jyothishe Namaha

80. Aum, Bhkthanidhaye Namaha

81. Aum, Bhaava-gamyaaya Namaha

82. Aum, Mangala-pradaaya Namaha

83. Aum, Avyaktaaya Namaha

84. Aum, Modaka-priyaaya Namaha

85. Aum, Kanthimate Namaha

86. Aum, Dhruthimate Namaha

87. Aum, Kaamine Namaha

88. Aum, Kapittha-phala-priyaaya Namaha

89. Aum, Apraakrutha paraakramaaya Namaha

90. Aum, Sathyadharmine Namaha

91. Aum, Sakthyai Namaha

92. Aum, Sarasaambunidhayai Namaha

93. Aum, Mahesaayai Namaha

94. Aum, Divyangaayai Namaha

95. Aum, Manikinkinee-meghalaayai Namaha

96. Aum, Samastha-devathaa-muurthaye Namaha

97. Aum, Sahishnave Namaha

98. Aum, Satatotthithaayai Namaha

99. Aum, Vighathakarine Namaha

100. Aum, Visvagdrushe Namaha

101. Aum, Visvarakshaakruthe Namaha

102. Aum, Kalyaanagurave Namaha

103. Aum, Unmatthaveshaaya Namaha

104. Aum, Varajithe Namaha

105. Aum, Samstha-jagadaa-dhaaraaya Namaha

106. Aum, Sarvaishvarya-pradaaaya Namaha

107. Aum, Akraantha-chida-chit-prabhave Namaha

108. Aum, Srivighnesvaraaya Namaha

Aum, Sri Varasiddhi Vinaayakaya Namaha

Ashtotthara sathanaama pujam samarpayami

Dasangam guggulopetham sugandham sumanoharam
Umaasutham Namasthubhyam Grihaana varadobhava

(After this in the traditional worship one makes offerings of incense, light, food, flowers, thaambulam (betel nut or areca nut with betel leaf), and niraajanam (lighted camphor) to the deity accompanied by further chants)

Suggestions for Further Reading

Guidelines to pronunciation: Sanskrit is essentially a language of sounds and sound vibrations. The efficacy of Sanskrit prayers depends upon the vibrations that are produced during chanting. It is difficult to transliterate Sanskrit words into English with full justification to the original sounds. In the above stated transliteration we followed a simple approach to make it easier even for those who are not familiar with English or Sanskrit. Wherever you find repeat vowels (aa, uu, ee) please stretch the vowel sound (for ex., aa as in vast or path, uu as in cool or root, ee as in eel or feel). Similarly, "ai" should be pronounced as in gait, fight, or tight. Th should be pronounced as in think or thick, but when t alone is used, it should be pronounced as in two, top or tip.

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