Impact of Unchecked Immigration on Ecosystems

A duck and ducklings by a lake

by Jayaram V

Many people in today's world have a soft heart for wildlife preservation and environmental protection. Ironically, most of them also believe in globalism, open borders and unlawful immigration, without considering the consequences of quick demographic changes on various aspects of life and society. In the debate about climate change and immigration, many are missing an important point, the impact of unchecked immigration upon the local ecosystems and food chains.

For example, some types of animal meat are automatically excluded from the staple diet of most Americans. Most of them do not prefer the meat of frogs, geese, waterfowl, land turtles, wild turkeys and several other exotic species. They do not even think of killing them because of compassion, respect for law, or pure sentiment. So far these species have been enjoying public protection in the country because people look to other alternatives for their protein. People also follow licensing rules in the country to hunt wild animals or fishing in local ponds. You do not hear many complaints that those rules are violated.

However, the situation may not remain the same with unchecked immigration as the new immirgrants may not have the same respect for law or the same food preferences. As people with different food habits, lifestyles, hunting preferences, settle in this country, many wildlife species which have been so far enjoying public patronage and protection may either become extinct or end up becoming food to those who have no reservation about killing them or eating. Frog meat, snake meat, and duck meat are staple diet in many cultures and for such people the natural resources and vast opens spaces in the country, with hardly any supervision, offers many avenues to bring food to their tables.

The worst victims will be frogs, migrating birds, water fowl, gees, wild turkey, snakes, reptiles, and turtle. One may already see the invasion of people into private residential areas looking for fish, and water fowl. They enter ignoring the trespass laws and knowing well that entering private property is a crime. They do it because they know that during the day most people will be at work or busy indoors. Some of them can be seen carrying large bags to carry the birds from the ponds which they quietly catch. It is possible that those people may not be illegal immigrants, but with increased, and unchecked immigration such incidents may become more frequent and common.

Large birds like geese, ducks, and wild turkey are a good source of protein. Some of them are protected species. However, for a person who is inclined to disregard the law, or who enters the country without any regard for laws or trespasses into a private property ignoring the consequences, those words may mean nothing. It is time that someone does research on the impact of unchecked legal and illegal immigration upon the local ecosystems and the native wildlife, and how it may transform the local food chains and push many wildlife species into near extinction. Do not be surprised if after a few years you may not see any fish, geese or frogs in the local ponds.

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