Five Keys to the Abundance of Peace and Prosperity

Abundance of Wealth

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by Jayaram V

Abundance does not necessarily mean abundance of wealth only. Wealth is a human concept. The universe does not know anything about it, for it has abundance of everything. It has abundance of light, darkness, space, emptiness, silence, noise, materiality and immateriality. There are probably whole planets made of gold, silver, diamonds, precious stones, metals and fossil fuels. We may have scarcity of natural resources on earth, but there is no scarcity of anything in the universe, except perhaps life and consciousness.

Most religions acknowledge God as the source and personification of abundance. In some traditions, he is considered to possess six types of abundance namely strength, fame, wealth, knowledge, beauty and detachment. The last one, the abundance of detachment, arises from the abundance of completeness. When you have everything, you do not desire anything, depend upon anything, or become attached to anything. That abundance of completeness is such that nothing can be added to it, or subtracted from it.

The royal path to the abundance of peace and wealth

In the pursuit of abundance, it is important that you cannot aim for just abundance of wealth only. Abundance of wealth without peace will make life difficult, while abundance of peace without wealth is not possible, since wealth is required to fulfill the basic needs of life. Further, without the abundance of peace and wealth, true happiness does not arise. Therefore, the ideal approach is to seek abundance of both wealth and peace for your peace of mind as well as for pursuing wealth without sacrificing your values.

We may not have the abundance of everything, but we can have the abundance of material things, peace, prosperity and happiness in our lives. What leads to it? The royal path to abundance consists of five important attributes, which are vital to achieve success or abundance in life. They are, 1. Determination, 2. Clear goals, 3. Hard work, 4. Relationships, and 5. Perseverance. They are described below.


With willpower, there is nothing you cannot do, which is humanly possible. Studies show that you can cultivate willpower with sheer determination. With its help, you can overcome weaknesses and imperfections and change your self-limiting habits. Therefore, make a resolution that you will not allow any weakness or detraction to deter you or distract you, and you will not easily give up any task or leave it unfinished, once you begin it.

Clear goals

Goals are important for success in any field. Translate your vision of abundance in clear and precise goals. The goals must be specific and clearly worded so that you to know exactly what you want to achieve. They must be precise so that you can easily remember them. Set time limits and other parameters so that you can measure your progress and know where you stand. Most importantly, they must be achievable, realistic and practical. Once you set the goals, saturate your mind with them. Keep remembering them constantly. Write them down and keep returning to them.

Hard Work

Having the desire for abundance or a vision of abundance or goals to achieve them is not sufficient. You must translate your vision into reality, and for that you must be willing to put all your energies, talents and skills to work. Success is achieved by sheer hard work only. There are no shortcuts to it. You may work intelligently, efficiently, skillfully or effectively in the pursuit of your goals, but do not believe that there are any magical alternatives. Your thoughts, desires, beliefs and wishes can be transformed into reality only through sheer hard work. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to it.


You need the cooperation and support of many people in the pursuit of your goals. They may not necessarily benefit from your success, but their contribution and cooperation may be vital to it. Cultivate relationships with people and professionals who can help you with knowledge, skills and solutions and stand with you in difficult times. Make sure that you will not only seek their help when needed but also help them whenever possible, so that your relationships are not one-sided or meant purely for selfish purposes. Be generous in helping, and humble in asking.


Successful people do not easily give up. They know that to achieve anything in life, it is not enough to have desires, expectations, goals and vision. One has to keep trying and doing until success is achieved. Failures and disappointments are common in the pursuit of goals. They can be overcome only by sheer perseverance. As Maya Angelou rightly put it, “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”

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