Attracting Abundance and Happiness


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by Jayaram V

When we speak of abundance, the first thing that comes into our minds is money. For many, that is all abundance means. However, abundance means more than having money. If you ask those who have plenty of money, they will more likely tell you a similar story. For them, money or material wealth is just one aspect of abundance. Abundance is more like a circle with many segments or divisions. It is not having just one thing but having many things that complement life and make it complete, peaceful, harmonious and worth living.

True abundance means abundance of many things such as abundance of health, happiness, peace, vitality, strength, intelligence, patience, creativity, skills, talents, virtue, beauty and wealth. They are all equally important, since they lead to your holistic Wellbeing. Even if you have them, sometimes you may not be at peace unless you learn to balance things and make wise choices.

Abundances can be negative also such as the abundance of suffering, poverty, adversity, hostility, anger, envy, pride, delusion, ignorance and so on. They all contribute to the abundance of misery and make life abundantly miserable. The universe perfectly exemplifies the true nature of abundance. It has the abundance of all the dualities and opposites of life. We are hurt by negative abundances because we have likes and dislikes. If we become indifferent to the dualities of life, then none of them matter. We will have the abundance of peace and equanimity. Only few people ever manage to reach that stage.

Whether you desire material wealth or spiritual wealth or a combination of abundances, you have to cultivate the right mindset, which leads to them, because it is in the mind where you sow the seeds of reality that you want to see manifested in your life. Our lives are shaped by many factors. Some are within our control and some outside our control. While we may not be able to predict our lives with certainty or control our destinies fully, it is possible to influence the course of our lives by changing our thinking and attitude.

By empowering yourself in powerful ways with positive and possibility thinking, you can change your perspective, thinking and attitude. If some things are not working for you according to your expectations, you must look within yourself for the causes and change them. In other words, if you want to see the change in your life, you must first see the change within yourself and make that a part of your thinking.

You mind is a field of possibilities. What you plant there determines the nature of the abundances which you may enjoy or suffer from. Therefore, you must be careful about what you hold in your mind, what you think about yourself and how you expect your future to shape up. If you want to attract positive abundances into your life, you must focus upon the following.

1. You are responsible for your actions. Your body is born in the womb of your mother, but your persona is shaped in your consciousness only by your thoughts, perceptions and desires. You may depend upon others for certain things, but you should not hand over the reins of your life to them. Unless you feel responsible for yourself and your dependents, you will not stand for yourself or set your priorities.

2. You have to respect the law of cause and effect. Your actions do not arise in a vacuum. They arise from specific causes. The law of cause and effect governs your life and destiny. Therefore, if you want to resolve your problems or overcome suffering and adversity, you must look to causes and address them. With mindfulness you can trace your successes and failures to their causes and mold your life accordingly.

3. The mind is where your life takes shape. Whether they are spontaneous or premeditated, all your actions arise from your thoughts and desires. They in turn lead to your success or failure or joys and sorrows. It is in the mind that you shape your personality and sow the seeds of your future. If you want to change your habits or some aspects of you thinking, attitude or behavior, you must change your thoughts.

Remember that you are the controller of your thoughts, character, circumstances and destiny. This is true irrespective of whether you are weak or strong, successful or not successful, and rich or poor, for you are responsible for whatever conditions that manifest in your life. If you think negatively, negative things manifest and vice versa. If you want to find solutions to your problems, dig deep into your own mind, find their causes and address them.

Pay attention to your own desires, motives and expectations to know yourself and how you cause things to happen. The more you explore your consciousness and study your personality, thinking and behavior, the greater will be your control over your actions and thereby your destiny. Cultivate the awareness to know how you can change your thinking and habits that are responsible for your current reality, and what you can consciously do to change them to manifest the life you desire.

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