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by Jayaram V

Discipline is the foundation of success. Planning your day and sticking to the plan is the basis of a disciplined life.

Summary: In the following discussion, we focus upon the importance of daily panning and its advantages.

Most of us do not remember the days that have gone by, except a few important ones such as anniversaries and birthdays, historical and significant events, or the days on which you had unusual experiences. Try to remember what you were doing this day last week or three or four days ago and most likely your mind may not throw up any memory. For many it is difficult even to remember what they ate yesterday for their breakfast or dinner, unless they eat the same food every day.

It is because those days are not registered in your mind and no particular memories were associated with them. This is natural, because we are not expected to remember everything and carry the burden of those memories that have no practical value. We do not have to remember everything to manage our lives or ensure our survival. However, it is certainly helpful if we can add a little structure around each day we spend and make it part of a whole by planning for certain tasks that eventually lead us to what we dream about or what we want to achieve in our lives.

Nowadays, everyone has a cell phone and it comes with many productivity apps, which are meant to make your life easier. Some of them are useful to plan your day, build task-lists or keep reminders. You can use them to structure your days and manage your time. If you do not like the option, you can still spend a few minutes every day in the morning to review what you need to do and how you may go about them during the day. It is a good routine you can cultivate with positive rewards. One thing about life is certain. You cannot go back in time except in thought and the day that has passed will never return. You cannot also stretch time beyond what is available. You can either make use of it or let it pass.

How do you spend the 24 hours in your day?

Do you live like a mere passive spectator, allowing your days to slip by as you get older and weaker?

Or do you take care of your days and thereby your life, like a champion who is in control of the situation?

Is your day a part of your life or just another day that comes and goes, like a silent breeze, stirring nothing inside as well outside?

As you spend the day, do you think that you are in charge of your time, working for your goals or do you feel that you just did nothing?

Remember, each day must, in some way, contribute to your over all goals.

Each day must, in some way, be connected to the rest of your life.

Each day must, in some way, contribute to your general well being and happiness.

There is no exaggeration in stating that if you take care of your days, it will take care of your life.

Are you conscious of how the time moves in and out of your life each day? Do you plan your activities wisely?

Do you begin the day with positive thoughts?

Do you remember the days that have gone by?

If your answers to these questions are in affirmative, it is great. You are one of those intelligent persons, who live their lives consciously and responsibly, with an eye towards happiness and success. But if you are not one of them, for one reason or the other, you have to do some rethinking and see what is missing in your life and your goals...

The following suggestions are helpful to plan your day and keep your life organized. They will help you live your life fully and creatively.

If you feel you are stuck in life, you can use them to get back on track. Following them, you can push through the day with greater energy and vigor. With them you can bring discipline and structure into your life. Remember ultimately it is your responsibility to make things happen or to become one of those highly effective people. So follow these rules and make your day.

  • Wake up early.
  • Start the day with some positive thoughts. Feel the silent and serene presence of peace all around you. Use positive affirmations if necessary.
  • Express gratitude for everything that you have in your life and for whatever good or bad that has happened to you.
  • Affirm your faith in God and in yourself. Ask God to guide you and be with you the whole day.

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