100 Secrets to Success from My Writings


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by Jayaram V

Your success in any task or endeavor depends upon how you use your strengths and skills, while working around your weaknesses and resolving them through smart choices. Common sense dictates that a combination of qualities, skills and attitudes determine your success in life. You must have vision and clarity combined with hard work, focus, dedication, determination, discipline, people skills, leadership skills, problem solving skills, creativity, integrity, knowledge, and positive thinking.

No one can accurately predict how your actions will create your future, or what consequences will result from them. However, if you have clarity of purpose and clear aims, using the above-mentioned qualities, you can greatly improve the chances of your success. We have listed below a hundred important ideas or secrets to achieve success. They are collected from the various articles written by Jayaram V. Hope you will find them useful.

1. Have clear, specific and attainable goals so that you can measure your progress.

2. Be proactive. Anticipate problems, threats and opportunities and act in time.

3. Resolve your problems before they become crises and overwhelm you.

4. Set your priorities so that you can avoid wasting your time and resources.

5. Manage your time with proper planning and organization.

6. Organize your work and things to avoid delays, stress and confusion.

7. Prepare well in advance to perform your tasks successfully and prove yourself.

8. Practice humility towards others knowing that you do not have all the answers or the wisdom.

9. Be openminded so that you can think through and make better judgments and decisions.

10. Become an expert or authority in your chosen field, with right knowledge and skills.

11. You are unique. Express your uniqueness by learning to be yourself and think for yourself.

12. Build relationships with right people to extend your reach and zone of influence.

13. Improve your communication skills. Pay attention to body language, emotions and words.

14. Build trust, being honest, dependable and consistent, and keeping your word.

15. Beware of your biases and thinking errors. Question your beliefs, assumptions and decisions.

16. Control your emotions so that you can think rationally and make right decisions.

17. Use positive affirmations to strengthen your resolve or change your thinking and habits.

18. Overcome your irrational beliefs and prejudices by disputing them.

19. Learn to appreciate yourself and others to feel good and build rapport and harmony.

20. Cultivate positive mental attitude to improving your thinking, behavior and relationships.

21. Avoid the habit of criticizing people for frivolous reasons, or using harsh and hurtful words.

22. Reward people fairly and justly for their services, and treat them well with honor and respect.

23. Believe in yourself. Without it, you will not sustain your motivation or reach your goals.

24. Pay attention to people when you are in their company, and listen to them without judgment.

24. Improve your listening skills to build empathy and understanding.

25. Challenge your negative self-talk and self-destructive thoughts to build your self-esteem.

26. Be strong and keep your courage and confidence in difficult circumstances.

27. Learn to delegate or take help from others rather than trying to do everything by yourself.

28. Do not be discouraged by rejection, failures and setbacks.

29. You may seek opinions, but have a mind of your own.

30. Stand by your vision and values.

31. Take calculated risks, but avoid recklessness.

32. Focus on solving problems rather than complaining.

33. Do not escape from your problems and difficulties.

34. Take responsibility for your actions.

35. Remember the people who help you.

36. Show gratitude for the blessings in your life.

37. Life is a journey. Enjoy the journey.

38. Take care of your health under all circumstances.

39. Do not ignore your family or your close relationships.

40. Change your unhealthy habits with determination.

41. Do not give up. Complete your tasks.

42. Establish good habits and routines.

43. Be cheerful and energetic when you are with others.

44. Accept your faults and mistakes and seek forgiveness if necessary.

45. Take initiative in performing actions.

46. Take care of your finances. Invest wisely.

48. Know your strengths and weaknesses.

49. Keep learning to remain competitive and effective.

50. Do what you love most.

51. Develop an all-round knowledge.

52. Improve your creative problem solving.

53. Practice meditation to overcome stress and experience peace.

54. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

55. Do not underestimate your competitors, critics and opponents.

56. Cultivate leadership skills.

57. Be practical and realistic in your thinking and approach.

58. Do not burn bridges.

59. Sometimes, it is better to be silent than angry and aggressive.

60. Be assertive rather than aggressive.

61. Do not resort to shortcuts for which you may have to regret later.

62. Reward people generously.

63. Share your success with others who deserve it.

64. Use a part of your income for charity and help the needy.

65. Treat others with respect, just as you would like to be treated.

66.Create a system of checks and balances and give freedom to work with accountability.

67. Try to exceed the expectations of your customers and stakeholders.

68. Do not discouraged by failure. Keep persevering until you succeed.

69. Learn from your failures.

70. Believe that you deserve success and a good life.

71. Avoid negative people as much as you can

72. Keep looking for opportunities and do not let them go waste.

73. If you are an entrepreneur hire the best talent and build an effective team.

74. Visualize the end and keep working to achieve it.

75. Use your free time to enjoy as well as to plan ahead.

76. Keep reviewing your progress constantly.

77. Be a self-motivator. Keep encouraging yourself.

78. Do not speak your mind unless it is necessary or when it is necessary.

79. Be flexible and adaptable to keep pace with changing times.

80. Know when to cut losses and move on.

81. Make customer satisfaction your highest priority.

82. Aim for excellence in whatever you do.

83. Be a good negotiator, but negotiate fairly.

84. Do not give in easily. Stand for yourself and your interests.

85. Know how to defend your actions and speak for yourself.

86. Do not be afraid to speak your mind when it is necessary.

87. Impressions and your public appearance matter. Dress for the occasion.

88. Know how to get along with others so that you can have their support when needed.

89. Prepare for contingencies and unexpected developments.

90. Know how to resolve conflicts and differences of opinions.

91. Have people in your close circle who speak their minds and tell you the truth.

92. In difficult situations, keep your calm and balance.

93. Do not give up hope even in failure. Keep trying with different methods and approaches.

94. When you do not know, ask rather than assume.

95. Use positive worlds and expressions in your speech.

96. Fill your mind with thoughts that help you progress in life or reach your goals.

97. Focus upon what you can do or what can be done rather than finding excuses.

98. Make peace with your past and your failure and look ahead.

99. Pay your dues and abide in law.

100. Do not fret over things you cannot control.

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