How to Manifest Your Thoughts and Desires

Manifesting Your Thoughts and Desires

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by Roy Klienwachter

The three steps of manifesting the things which you desire are thought, word, and deed-three simple steps which get complicated when you try to put them into action.

How do you control the process so you get what you desire? First you must know exactly what it is you desire, not what is going to bring it to you. In other words, if you think "I will be happy when I get $31 million dollars"-this is not how it works. You may get the $31 million, but you may not be happy if along with it comes terminal cancer. You must be very clear-it is happiness you want, and it is happiness you will create. It may not come in the form of $31 million dollars. If you are not clear on what it is you desire, you will not create it.

When you decide on something you desire, listen to the dialogue going on in your mind and consider these possibilities. Ninety five percent of the world's money is controlled by five percent of the worlds population because they do not think the same way as you.

You decide "I want to be at the top in my present position in the company." The first things you start thinking about is-I am not qualified, I have to upgrade, there are five people in front of me who are in a better position, the boss doesn't even know I am alive. My spouse will not go along with the move or change in lifestyle.

Immediately when one starts to think about the steps he needs to take to get what he wants-he starts to move away from it. The fastest way to get what you desire is to know you will have it and focus on that only. Once you start to control the situation you are lost, and your thoughts will lead you into taking the steps to get what you desire and away from thoughts of already experiencing it.

If you think about it for awhile you will come to understand there are other ways of getting what you desire. Things you would never have dreamed of. If you were a really great manifester, a "master," you would simple snap your fingers and it would appear. Very few of us are there yet on a conscious level. Believe me on a subconscious level you are already doing it.

Let's for a moment accept you can have all you desire just by thinking about it, and explore the possibilities without trying to control the steps or process.

Now let's go back to your desire to be at the top position in your job. First of all you must ask yourself why it is you want to be at the top. If it is to make you happy or feel fulfilled, then that is a mistake in thinking. Happiness or being fulfilled may not be the feeling you will experience once you get there. If however it is your desire to "experience" being at the top, then you are guaranteed that experience when you know you are there.

You must also know you can not have anything you want! This sounds contradictory to what I have written, but it is true. When you say you want something (the second step in manifesting) you are declaring lack. I don't have this or that and it is a true statement of what you are presently experiencing and what you will continue to experience, as long as you are using the word.

However, if you say it is your desire to have $31 million dollars, then you are expressing a preference, not a lack. You may not have the money now, but it is not what you are saying-you are not declaring your present experience. You are simply declaring an alternative preference. Preferences, desires are the keys words in manifesting effectively. "It is my desire to have $31 million dollars" as apposed to "I want $31 million dollars" will bring the experience to you.

Now, back to the job situation. It is your desire to reposition yourself in your present job. You have already started off on a path leading you away from the position you desire. Not enough education, not first inline for the position, the boss doesn't even know you're alive, etc, etc.

Once again consider this; if you know what it is you desire-you know you will get it-it is all you have thought about all day. The end of the day comes along and you leave your job to go home. When you leave the building and jump into your car you find the traffic backed up on your usual route.

You make a quick decision to take another way-it is a little longer and out of your way, in fact quite a bit out of your way. However, it's a nice sunny day and a good opportunity to see another part of the landscape. You now have a choice to be miserable in your circumstance or accept the inevitable and enjoy the ride-you choose the latter.

You are driving along a quiet road you have never been on and some distance away you see some smoke coming from a car weaving from side to side. The car leaves the road and rolls over in a large water filled ditch. You rush to the car and manage to pull a women and her child from the car-you saved their lives. You are now a hero who just saved the lives of the wife and daughter of your present employer. He is so grateful he puts you at the top position in the company-wow!

Possible-sure it is? There is also the possibility of winning a lucky lottery and having your $31 million dollars. You could fall in love and marry into money, position, time, and circumstance. These are all valid alternatives to thinking your way into the experience you desire.

You may say these things are luck, chance, and out of your control. When you do that, you disempower yourself. You are saying you don't have the power to make those things happen. And you are correct-it will become your new experience. You will find yourself waiting for something or someone outside of yourself to make these things happen for you-you will be waiting for a very long time. You may even be tempted to say it's God's will, and you will still be waiting for a very long time. Your God gave you the power to create-in fact you "are the power" that creates. The universe responds unemotionally to your commands. You will always experience what you think about, and what you think about is always in your control.

In the process of manifesting, do not try to control the process. Know only you will experience what you desire. Know the system works perfectly without your help. Do not focus on the process, but the results. Be very sure about what it is you desire and know it is a desire and not a want. Thought, word and deed are the only steps in manifesting desire into experience. The more aware you are, the more you "know" that this is how it works, and the more you practice it, the better you will become. The faster you will create what you desire. This is the great secret the five percent knows and uses. It is what separates you from them.

The other and most important factor and the word I use most is-"know." Knowing something is powerful, it is final-it is absolute. If you know something, it is already your experience. No one can tell you any different. Wishing, hoping and having faith may be steps to getting you there, but they are also words which tell you, you are not there yet. These words also disempower you and lead you away from knowing. Faith and hope are for things which happen in the future, not now! Move away from these words and know you can have anything you desire anytime, anyplace.

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Author: Roy E. Klienwachter is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. A student of NLP, ordained minister, New Age Light Worker, Teacher and Phenomenologist. Roy has written and published many ebooks on New Age wisdom. Roy's books and articles are thought provoking, and designed to empower you to take responsibility for your life, and what you create. Roy Klienwachter may be contacted at

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