How to Develop a Reading Habit

Reading habit

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by Althea DeBrule

Did you know that you see with your mind as well as your eyes? The mind stores memories and highlights of past experiences as well as color intensity, hue and a variety of other details. How you see (your eyesight) and how the brain makes sense of what you see is at the heart of a total visual experience.

On Being Eye-Minded…

Human beings are eye-minded. This means that in our waking lives we are likely to think, imagine and remember in terms of what we see. Just think about that! Scientists report that being able to read as well as reading on a regular basis:

Promotes brain cell production.

Increases your ability to move toward what you see in your mind.

Enables you to achieve success. If you can visualize or see it in your mind, chances are it will most likely to come to pass.

How to Develop a Reading Habit

When you form a regular reading habit, you reap untold benefits. Unfortunately, most of us just don’t seem to get around to it. So what’s a professional to do in this era of information overload?

Here are a few tips to jumpstart your reading routine and develop an "oh-so-necessary" reading habit:

Start with your reading basket. You know, the one that’s on your credenza or desk. You’ve been collecting articles, newspapers, and magazines for weeks now—planning to read them when you get a chance, but the chance never seems to come, does it? Why don’t you go through this basket, skim the articles for those that concern you and discard the rest or forwarded them to others who may be interested in the subject matter. Plan to read an article or two from this pile each day and develop a method to manage it more effectively.

Read a newspaper or listen to radio or television news every day. This will enable you to discuss current events (the morning or evening news can provide topics of interest). You should keep current on local business news as well as what is being covered in national business publications. Even when you travel, keep informed about any news that may impact your industry, company or customers.

Read a variety of books--business as well as fiction, biographies, and history. Write your ideas and observations down to clarify your thoughts and develop opinions you can embrace and share in conversations with co-workers or when networking and at business related events.

Listen to articles and books on tape. A good time to do this is during your commute. A huge variety of seminars, presentations, articles and books have been created in audio tape format. This eye-minded habit will help you reap more than you can imagine.

Consider attending the opera or theater. That's right! Develop or rediscover your interest. Get a copy of the story line for the play or opera and read it in advance to increase your enjoyment. Research any reviews or critiques to inform your expectations of the actors’ performances.

Discover new hobbies. Pick ones of interest that you know nothing about so that you can thoroughly investigate them. Read as much as you can and apply what you have read. Not only will you increase your knowledge, but you will develop new and thoroughly enjoyable skills.

Since vision is our dominant sense, it is probably the most compelling way we communicate with others. As we read, we bring images into play in our minds and the minds of others; we speak a visual language of wisdom and insight.

Often our greatest successes come when we look at pictures of information, apply wisdom and insight gained from these visual experiences, and see the results in our mind's eye. So…GO AHEAD! FORM A Read-and-Reap HABIT TODAY.

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