12 Ways to Motivate Yourself


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by Sharon Langford

1. Do what makes you happy – be realistic about challenges you set yourself. If you’re going to give up or cut down on something you enjoy but is bad for you (ie. sweets, wine, beer etc) then find something to replace it with which is good for you AND you enjoy.

2. Give yourself a reward – when the daily grind gets you down, be selfish and plan something to look forward to … look out for some small rewards to make each day special.

3. Revel in a moment of calm – as everything starts to spiral out of control and your mind is racing, stop for a minute - focus on your breathing. This sixty seconds time out could save your day

4. Make time for you – invest in some ‘me time’. In these days of increasingly trying to do more in less time, time will buy you more happiness than money.

5. Spring clean your routines – prioritize the tasks you really need to do each day, stop doing those that can wait or be done on a weekly or monthly basis. Spend the time saved doing things you want to do.

6. Laugh like you’re a five year old – the average child laughs 300 times. Laughing releases endorphins, lowers blood pressure, reduces allergy symptoms and strengthens the immune system

7. Talk to a friend – isolation is not good for the soul; make sure you keep in touch and talking through issues with a friend can help you keep things in perspective

8. Re-order your priorities – with all the work, other commitments and friends home life can get squeezed out. Make sure you remember to keep time for family and close relationships.

9. Make your passion work for you – avoid a life of colorless drudgery, think about the things which lift your spirits, then make them happen. If you choose to be more excited then you will be.

10. Put your own stamp on life – take your own direction and worry less about what other people will think – it’s your life not theirs.

11. Step out of your comfort zone – be brave and try something new – you’ll find life seems fuller and you, personally, will feel more fulfilled.

12. Be generous of spirit – pay compliments to someone close to you – offer to help a colleague or friend.

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Author: ©Sharon Langford, 2005 Sharon Langford is a self-improvement coach and trainer working with individuals and companies to release their talents. She runs Kaleidoscope Learning Solutions

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