Feel the Silence Within

Inner Silence

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by Butt, Sajjad

Silence means no voice input of any sort. What happens when there is silence? We cannot hear anything from the outside, but the voices inside are what we hear pretty clearly. We can hear ourselves. We can loudly hear to what we think and how we think, if we do.

We do not give much time exploring to who we are, why we are, and how different lives we are connected to, how should we interact, etc. etc. etc.

You can call silence as a great quality time with oneself where one talks with oneself and hear. Do we hear ourselves, it depends.

There are a whole lot of dynamics that are going on in life and so many circles we are moving in, with different dynamics.

It is a common understanding that as we grow we learn and become mature, I have a little disagreement with that, we do learn things but I think we lose a whole lot on the course. I think we lose innocence, we lose trust, we make new beliefs on the experiences we have, we go bitter tremendously, we live in an agitated world, Why?

Why don’t we understand each other, if we do, why people change, just a thought.

We live in an interdependent world, its neither dependent or independent, we all move together, then we move. Just take a look around and we can understand better. How people know different skills and they are working for each other.

I believe we should get to know ourselves better in the silence inside ourselves to know who we are and how we interact and communicate, this is very important to understand all that cause mostly the dynamics are based on that. You cannot expect a person would say kind words if he/she is slapped by you. He/she has the right to hit back. Did you see what just happened? It created a hostile environment. Do we need that? Question for all to answer.

In the organizations there is a new era for managers, which they call as emotional intelligence in which they say that as the first principle, one should know who he/she is. I admire those words and they are true. It just opens one’s eyes on many things, not only on what to do, but on who we are.

Do Feel & Know yourself in the Silence Inside.

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Author:Butt, Sajjad may be contacted at http://www.keeptheheartsalive.com

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