Visualization of Goals For Success


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by M. Anthony

Do you know the single best way to "supercharge" any goal setting program you use is through visualization?

What is visualization? And how do you do it for maximum goal achievement?

Actually, it's quite simple and something you do all the time.

Simply create a mental picture of the end result of your goal. Completely visualizing your desired goal is also an extremely powerful way to change one's subconscous programming for the better.

For example, if your affirmation is "I easily make $1,000 or more each week"

then you simply create a mental picture of:

depositing $1,000 into your bank account;

holding 10 $100 bills in your hand;

seeing a check of $1,000 made out to you.

The list is endless and only limited by your imagination. So let your imagination go wild...

Here's a chance to daydream like you did as a kid.

Let's assume your affirmation is "I weigh 110 lbs" (or whatever weight you wish to weigh) Simply create a mental picture of you:

stepping on a scale and seeing the numbers go to your desired weight;

looking in the mirror and seeing yourself as you wish to look;

having friends and family members tell you how great you look, etc.

Again, allow your imagination to take over and have fun with your visualization.

Each time you visualize your desired goal, feel free to change the mental picture or use the same one repeatedly. If you like, make your visualization into a mini "mental movie." Add as many senses as possible to the movie.

Start off with the visual aspect of the picture.

Then add the sounds you hear in your movie.

Then add the scents you smell in the movie.

Then add the textures of the things you touch into the movie.

Finally, add the emotions you feel into the movie. Feel the excitement, satisfaction, and sense of well-being you are experiencing as you have reached your goal.

This is often called "complete visualization" and gives your subconscious mind a very clear picture of what you want to accomplish.

Here's how a complete visualization, using the above example, would go:

You hold in your hands 10 fresh $100 dollar bills.

You can feel their crispness and notice their fresh 'money' smell.

You look around you and see your local bank.

As you wait in line to deposit your money, you begin to feel the excitement of knowing you now have $1,000 or more to deposit every week.

As you approach your favorite bank teller, you hear them say "Welcome to ABC National Bank. What can I help you with today?"..

Did you notice how you combined all 5 senses and the crucial element of positive emotions into your dream scenario?

You probably even felt a little excitement reading the above visualization.

That's the power of visualizations!

Again, let your imagination have fun and form your own unique "mental movies"

Did you know that if you spent 5-10 minutes every day doing this simple "daydreaming" you'd be on the effortless road to accomplishing any goal you wanted?

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