Achieving Success and Abundance with Goals

goals and abundance

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by Jayaram V

Summary: This essay is about how you can use different sets of goals for health, happiness and abundance in all areas of your life.

It is true that a lot of life happens on its own. People achieve health, happiness and the material abundance in various ways. Some get there through hard work and some through chance and luck. Even when one works hard, there is always an element of chance, since a lot of things are not under control. If you seriously examine your life, you will realize that you control but very little of what happens to you and in you.

While we may take credit for our achievements, we cannot deny the role chance plays. Chance meetings, coincidences and unexpected happenings do often lead us in new directions and help us in surprising ways. However, we cannot leave everything to chance. We need to find purpose and direction and establish goals that help us realize our innate potential, creating opportunities to use our talents and skills to achieve success and abundance.

Goals help us channel our energies in specific ways and make use of our limited resources for specific ends. The very idea of a goal can trigger in you to think positive thoughts and motivate you to transcend your limitations and seek achievement. There is no doubt that goals can transform your life, bringing out the best in you.

However, the mere act of having goals by itself is not sufficient. You must have plans, focus, determination and perseverance to carry out your goals. You must also be smart enough to know what can be achieved within your constraints and circumstances, so that you will set realistic goals, rather than engaging in wishful thinking and losing opportunities to achieve success.

Different goals for different purposes

How can you achieve success with goals? You can transform yourself and your life by choosing right goals and pursuing them. By having different goals in different areas and for different purposes, you can equip yourself with the required mindset and traits to see success according to your vision and thinking.

1. Goals for personal development: These relate to the goals which you want to pursue for your self-growth to prepare yourself for success. They may be about the habits you want to overcome, the habits you want to develop, the skills and knowledge you want to learn, the education you want to pursue and the qualifications you want to earn, which will help and prepare you to achieve success and happiness in life.

2. Goals for professional success: These relate to career goals or goals that help you achieve professional success. They may be about achieving recognition in your field of work, seeking excellence or perfection in the areas that will put you ahead of others in competition, cultivating or improving job knowledge and skills or improving interpersonal skills and communication with those who are vital to your success.

3. Goals for health and Wellbeing: These relate to your physical and mental health which help you keep your energy levels high and pursue your goals with a healthy mind and healthy attitude. They may be about avoiding bad habits, leading a disciplined and healthy lifestyle, keeping your natural urges and desires under control, eating healthy food, doing exercise, giving your mind and body adequate rest, etc.

4. Goals for Financial stability: These relate to how you want to achieve financial abundance, or self-sufficiency and stability and prepare for your retirement, through right investments and sound financial planning. They may be about how you want to invest your savings, pay your mortgages or loans, plan for contingencies, take care of your future expenditure on children’s education, insurance, etc.

5. Goals for healthy relationships: Relationships are important in life. In the pursuit of your success, some relationships are helpful, some are troublesome, while success may put some of your relationship in risk, as people may feel neglected, undermined or even betrayed. Therefore, you have to set goals to build a proper network of personal and professional relationship and cultivate skills that are necessary to build effective and mutually satisfying relationships.

6. Goals for spiritual wellbeing: Wealth and material success do not guarantee peace and happiness. You need to lead a balanced life, in which your material success is tempered by your spirituality and higher thinking. Have goals to know yourself from a spiritual perspective and to cultivate virtues such as detachment, objectivity and mindfulness so that you will not become lost in the pursuit of selfish goals or become overwhelmed by the pressures of success and materialism.

7. Goals for helping others: Your success should not be solely about you, especially when you can see that no one can achieve success and abundance without the cooperation and contribution of others. Therefore, let your success be a source of happiness and fulfillment not only to you but also to others. As a payback to society or community, you can have goals to help others by sharing your abundance through philanthropic and charitable activities or voluntary service.

Thus, by having different goals in different areas you can develop an all-round personality and aim for success and abundance, without losing balance or becoming lost in the pursuit of material gains. You also require a tough mental attitude to pursue you goals until the end. Many people set goals, but do not carry them through. They give up when they encounter difficulties or feel discouraged by the opinions and criticism of others.

What is worse is having goals but not doing anything about them or giving them up for lack of resolve of willpower. Make sure that once you set your goals you will not easily give up. Make that a fundamental and defining principle of your life and actions. Finish what you begin so that you will not have any regret in life. Break your inner conditioning to transcend your limited self and reach your goals in creative and transformative ways.

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