A Practical Approach to the Law of Attraction


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by Jayaram V

Summary: The law of attraction is based upon the idea that your predominant thoughts create your reality. However, one cannot achieve abundance by just thinking and daydreaming. Here is a practical approach to the law of attraction, matching your thoughts and desires with right action, without blind faith in its magical ability.

If you want to know where you may be headed, or how your future may turn out to be in a few years, pay attention to your predominant thoughts and habits, or what consumes your mind and interests. They indicate how your future will likely be, and in which direction you may be heading. It is because your predominant thoughts and desires influence your decisions and actions, and they in turn shape your future and destiny. The good news is, by changing your thoughts and habits, you can change your future.

With regard to the mind, most of us might have heard or read that the mind has the magical or supernatural ability to precipitate reality, and there is some secret about how that power of the mind can be harnessed. We are not sure whether the mind does possess that power, or whether it works the same in all. Most people seem to be incapable of using that power. Perhaps, some people are better at envisioning things and foreseeing the future or translating their thoughts into reality. The same can be said about the power of the mind or the law of attraction. Just as many metaphysical truths and supernatural abilities, there is no certainty about the powers of the mind and how they can be harnessed.

Therefore, we cannot solely depend upon them and expect miracles. Hard work still matters, and so also a practical approach to your goals and desires. You must match your thoughts with action and willpower. Whether you believe in the supernatural abilities of the mind or not, it is certain that we can make things possible with discipline, determination, concentration, intelligent effort, perseverance and reinforced beliefs. You may use these abilities to persevere in your effort to realize your goals.

However, since thoughts and intentions always precede actions and act as their source, it is necessary to pay attention to your thoughts and control them, especially negative and obstructive thoughts, knowing well that by just thinking and daydreaming you cannot accomplish much. You cannot ignore the importance of organized self-effort and the need to engage in goal-oriented actions. Even luck or chance has a greater possibility of showing up when you engage in actions. Therefore, with courage and conviction in your methods, and with faith in yourself and your abilities, put your physical and mental energies to work to achieve the abundance of peace, prosperity and happiness in your life.

Making the law of attraction work for you

Whether the law of attraction works or not, and whether the mind has supernatural powers or not, our minds and bodies do possess certain natural powers, and they are the source of everything we want to be or everything we want to achieve. The power of action is more evident in our lives than the power of our minds. The mind seems to be our secret ally in our actions and destinies. Therefore, we must harness the power of both in effective ways.

To achieve any goal or realize any dream, you must put your mind in a positive frame and focus upon the desired ends, while performing matching actions. You must also believe in the possibility of reaching them through sustained and vigorous effort. In other words, you should not act mechanically, but with a goal, purpose, conviction, concentration and faith in the outcome. Without your mind participating in your actions with interest and conviction, you may not achieve much. Most likely, it may even become an obstacle or a barrier, and work against you rather than with you.

Therefore, know how to harness the natural powers of your mind and body, without blindly believing in their supernatural abilities. Do your part, and leave the rest to chance, luck or God. As the Bhagavad-Gita states, you cannot be sure of the results, but you can take care of your actions and do them with sincerity, concentration and conviction, without unduly worrying about the outcome.

In this regard, the following suggestions are helpful. They will help you increase the chances of making your thoughts and intentions come true. If it is a possibility, this is the effective way to make the law of attraction work for you.

1. Have clear and specific goals. Write them down and frequently refer to them. Let your mind be saturated with them and with their related visions and positive outcomes

2. Believe in your ability to achieve your goals. With faith, you can effectively persevere in your effort to motivate yourself.

3. Use affirmations to fine-tune your mind, cultivate positive thoughts, strengthen your resolve and faith, as you focus upon achieving the desired success.

4. Visualize the end in detail with corresponding emotions that accompany success. With creative visualization you can improve your actions and organize your thoughts to achieve set goals.

5. Learn from your failures and mistakes. They are inevitable when you perform actions to pursue goals or achieve success. Learn from them so that you can become wiser, efficient and effective.

6. Cultivate healthy relationships with people who are an important part of your life and may play a direct or indirect role in your success. Their support and cooperation are vital to your success.

7. Cultivate a cheerful and positive attitude, so that you will not lose morale or feel discouraged by setbacks and failure but keep your spirits up in difficult times.

8. Closely monitor your progress, without bias and with objectivity, if necessary in consultation with others, so that you can proactively foresee problems and opportunities, and act accordingly.

9. Let your motivation to achieve success come from within, and in the pursuit of goals it is better not to depend upon the approval of others to make decisions or engage in actions.

10. Organize your life, and your thinking around your goals or according to the goals and the purpose you choose. Thereby, you will have fewer distractions and conflicts.

Choose what is most important for you, whether it is material success or a life of holistic pursuits, balance and fulfillment. Success is not an end in itself, but a means to the enjoyment of life, peace and prosperity. Therefore, let your success be a source of enjoyment rather than a burden. Pursue your goals with determination, but without ignoring the importance of a balanced life.

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