Creating Opportunities and Achieving Success

Principles for success

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by Jayaram V

What does distinguish a successful person from a not so successful one? Why some people are more successful than others, or why some achieve great success in an early age while others may not achieve even a fraction of it in their lifetimes?

There are many reasons why people achieve or do not achieve success in their lives or in their actions. Many factors shape a person's life, including hard work, education, health, and even luck. Two most important factors that contribute to success and achievement are, seeing and making use of opportunities.

Successful people achieve their enviable positions because they seize opportunities and make use of them proactively. When they see an opportunity, they know it. What help them in this regard are, their optimism, adaptability, and open mindedness, which not only improve their chances of success and seeing opportunities which others do not but also keep them strong and resolute. They are also not afraid of failure.

Seven steps to boost your success

You too can improve your chances of success by making use of the opportunities that arise in your life. When you set goals and work towards them, you must be diligent and vigilant to seize opportunities and if necessary create opportunities. In this regard the following suggestions are worth remembering.

1. Treat opportunities as potential leads. Act as if your life and success depend upon them.

2. Make a list of current threats and opportunities you may have and see how you can make use of them to reach your goals.

3. Recognize and resolve the mental barriers such as fear of failure, fear of rejection, assumptions, prejudices, irrational beliefs, and habitual thoughts, which may prevent you from seeing and using the opportunities that arise in your life.

4. Study the lives of successful people to know and learn how they used their limited resources and opportunities to achieve success.

5. Cultivate possibility thinking. As you see possibilities, you will see opportunities also.

6. Increase your knowledge and field of expertize so that you can increase your awareness and your chances of seeing opportunities before others do.

7. Principles do matter. You cannot ignore the importance of ethical practices in achieving success. You will have many opportunities to exploit others, indulge in unethical practices, or profit from others through wrongful means. You should be aware of their consequences, and avoid wrongful methods in your pursuit of success and happiness

Opportunities that arise in your life make a difference. Your opportunities may be limited by circumstances, your knowledge, interest, and awareness. However, with due diligence and readiness you can make use of them. In most cases success is achieved by finding, creating and making use of opportunities. Smart people look for them and make use of them. They do not take anything for granted and keep their optimism alive.

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