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by Jayaram V

Can you ever be sure about what may happen in future?

Do you know how your life is going to be ten years from now?

How far can you actually see into future?

Life is so uncertain. We have the knowledge of the past and present. You know where you lived or what you did even if you have forgotten most of the details. However, when it comes to future all that you can see are possibilities probabilities, choices, alternatives, likely outcomes, and scenarios. Is that bad? May be, from a certain point of view if you are an excessively anxious person. However, if you are intelligent and smart, even that knowledge is extremely useful to plan for your life.

To be successful in any endeavor, you must be a part astrologer and a part realist. You do not have to study the natal charts or the birth marks, but must possess foresight. You must be able to use your reason to estimate the possibilities of something happening or not happening, and what you may do about it. When you have that analysis, you can rationally plan your actions and execute them to improve the odds. So far, this is the best and the most practical approach in life to reach your goals.

Reality does not manifest until you put into action your thoughts, ideas and plans. Action is the basis for manifestation. Your thoughts need to be shaped, energized and focused for the results to manifest. Without action, nothing much happens, except perhaps the movement of thoughts, dreams and imagination.

It is what most people do. They let go of their daydreams, ideas and aspirations, and settle for what life offers to them. It is not a bad choice, but it does not enable you or empower you to shape your life or destiny. It does not help you resolve the problem of future which you cannot accurately predict.

It is when you set in motion your desire for something that things begin to fall in place. However, until you act upon it, your chances of fulfilling it remain extremely remote. Successful people use their thoughts, but they rely more upon right choices and right actions to move towards their goals.

This is the truth, any action by itself does not guarantee success. You must make sure that your actions are aligned to your goals and they improve your chances of success. Do not focus upon the result, but upon how you can improve your chances or probability of winning or getting what you want. No one knows how your actions will take shape and whether you will reach your intended goals or not, but if you improve the odds through careful choices and organized effort, you will have better chances of reaching them.

Life does not always move in expected grooves or happen according to your wishes and expectations. Uncertainty is the certainty of life. It is further aggravated by impermanence. We all deal with it in our lives, careers and relationships. You do not know what may happen tomorrow or a day after. However, if you know the conditions or circumstances that are at work in your life, you may know what may most likely happen. It is the little window of opportunity you have to peer into your future. It is like the telescope of your life with which you can see some aspects of it and make your own conclusions.

For example, if you are good to a person, your chances of earning that person’s friendship, trust and cooperation are high. If you annoy him, they go down. If that person is unstable, you expect an unsteady relationship, and if you stick with it, you may more likely experience pain and anxiety. In every aspect of life, you can always predict scenarios and make choices. With the help of simple common sense, you can always assess situations and estimate outcomes. You can also do something about everything that concerns your life, although you may not entirely control the outcomes.

You have a zone of influence or a circle of personal control, which you can use to improve your chances of winning or getting what you want. For example, if you are disciplined, and if you strengthen your resolve, the chances are you will not fall for evil temptations or become easily distracted by bad habits. You will have a good life and comparatively peaceful life, provided you are doing well in other areas of your life.

It is where our hope lies, in the possibilities or probable outcomes. If you want to achieve success in any field, improve the odds in your favor through intelligent actions. See how you can create favorable circumstances. In that approach are hidden the possibilities of tomorrow. It is the seed of what may likely happen. If you strengthen the underlying causes, you can increase the chances of seeing their effects.

You cannot be certain about life, but knowing the conditions, you can vaguely know what may happen or the probability of something happening. If you want something, make it possible through actions by creating the conditions that facilitate it.

Life is always about possibilities and probabilities. You can improve the odds with right measures and right actions. You can create conditions that are conducive to certain results. The outcome may still be uncertain, but you know you have vastly improved the chances of it happening.

Therefore, you must focus upon planning and executing your actions. Gather the right resources and find the right methods to improve the odds of winning and succeeding in any field. Focus upon increasing the probability of any occurrence or the outcome through intelligent actions. Improve the chances of achieving something.

For example, if you are looking for a job, what should you do? You should focus upon doing everything possible to improve your chances of finding a job. You must take necessary measures to ensure that your chances of getting an interview opportunity and succeeding in the interview are extremely high. You can use your intelligence to work out a plan of action and sincerely execute it. Know what you want. Know what makes it possible. Do it. This is the simple formula which most like work in any situation.

The whole universe is built on the possibility of probability. The earth itself appeared in the vastness of the universe when certain celestial events conspired to make it possible. Life appeared upon earth similarly. Even humans too evolved because certain conditions increased the chances of the appearance of humans and their survival. When dinosaurs were there, the probability of humans surviving upon earth would have been very low. When the big animals disappeared from the land, the air and the sea, humans had betters chances of surviving.

When you create conditions that favor an outcome, the probability of it happening increases. It is all that anyone can do in any situation. No one can guarantee future. However, you can tell what may likely happen if you have the information about the factors that are currently at work.

Smart people therefore, study situations before they act. They run scenarios before they invest their thoughts and energies into any venture or goal. They calculate the odds of winning in a situation and see whether they can be improved. This is the most rational and sensible approach to any problem or project in life.

Like them you too can always improve the probabilities and possibilities of achieving something by creating necessary conditions. Through intelligent planning and actions, you can create favorable conditions that improve your chances of winning. You can find suitable strategies that will work in your favor. If you adopt this approach, you may not always succeed but you will always know how you can adapt to situations. Hence, if you want to make things happen, focus upon improving the odds in your favor and keep working.

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