11 Ways To Improve Your Memory

Improving memory

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by Mary Lennox

We can all be forgetful from time to time. When we try to do too much at the one time, set ourselves unrealistic schedules, or are stressed, memory or lack of it may cause more difficulties. There are a lot of strategies we can use to help with this. For the purposes of this newsletter, I will only mention a few of the options available.

1. The use of mnemonics. Well known ones are

30 days hath September………rhyme.


Red and Yellow and ………….

Remember, remember the first of November.

The more senses your mnemonic appeals to, the more likely you are to remember it. So, insert colour sound etc into it.

2. Attach some humor into what you want to remember. You are more likely to recall something that makes you laugh or smile.

3. If you know you need to do something, don’t procrastinate, and do it now before you forget!

4. Have a TO DO list but remember to look at it.

5. Try to attach what you want to remember to something else so that you have a prompt. .

6. Give yourself visual prompts .i.e. Leave a note for yourself on the car dashboard if you need to be somewhere at a set time. On the fridge if you need milk.

7. Create a visual association in your head .i.e. if you need dog food, see an image of your dog unhappy beside an empty tin.

8. If you need to tidy things away, leave them where you can trip over them.

9. Keep things in the same place. I need to tell myself this with regard to glasses, keys and phone.

10. Try talking to yourself. Telling yourself what you are doing can be quite powerful.

11. Work at reducing stress or managing it better as this has an adverse affect on your ability to remember things.

Try to remember the power of MEMORY. Memories can be useful to recall when you are feeling low. If your relationship is not at its best, memories can remind you of the fun times and sometimes the reason you got together in the first place. Why you should put some time and energy into making it work for you again.

Memories don’t change; it is how you view them that can alter over time. If you are hurt by someone, it can be easier to recall the bad times, or to alter what were positive memories in some way.

You can help to keep your memories in tact by looking at family videos, old photographs, using mind maps, reading letters or even talking about past times.

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