The Power of Positive Thinking in Daily Life

The Power of Positive Thinking

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by Jayaram V

Positive thinking is a very powerful and potent force in manifesting reality and accomplishing tasks successfully. Positive thinking is a habit of the mind borne out of two important resources of your inner world.

1. The attitude with which you approach your life and view the world in general.

2. Having basic trust in yourself, your abilities and in the higher power which you accept as your mentor, giver and guide. Even if you have reservations about theistic beliefs, belief in one self would be a very powerful source of positive thinking.

How to practice positive thinking

The habit of positive thinking can be cultivated carefully by following some of the suggestions given below. These suggestive can be effective if you keep referencing them from time to time and integrate them into your subconscious mind. You can take a print out of this article and keep reading it frequently until the suggestiosn are firmly implanted in your memory.

1. Focus on what you want to be, what you want to achieve and how you would like to see yourself in future. 

2. Harness the power of positive belief to guide and direct your subconscious mind. To begin with start believing in the power of positive belief. Believe truly and strongly that what you want to accomplish and wish to happen will happen eventually. Belief is a very powerful tool in manifesting your destiny and your reality. 

3. Appreciate and enjoy fully what you already have, expressing gratitude for what has been already given to you. The mental state of contentment and gratitude prepare you to be ready for the things yet to come.

4. Act as if you already have the things you aim for, expressing gratitude for the reality that is being manifested by your positive thoughts, actions and feelings. 

5. Improve your chances of success by combining your positive thoughts with positive beliefs and positive action. Focus your mind on what you want to manifest and bring in the synergetic power of positive thoughts, positive belief and positive action.

6. Allow your higher mind to take over and give shape to your thoughts and beliefs. Stay focused but relaxed and allow the higher mind to do its magic. 

7. Stay in the present. This would take years of practice. But it is the key to positive thinking. If you are in the present and mindful, you remain attentive and responsive to events and situations spontaneously giving little opportunity to your worries and anxieties to shape your thoughts and actions.

8. Cultivate through meditation, positive affirmations and other forms of exercise positive states of mind such as elation, spontaneous joy, unconditional love, compassion, magnanimity, contentment, detachment, dispassion and so on.

9. Read books and articles on positive thinking till your mind is saturated with inspiring and powerful thoughts.

10. Accept yourself unconditionally. Forgiving yourself and letting go of your faults and blemishes would require years of effort and a great insight into our own behavior. But the effort is worth taking.

11. Meet likeminded people. In Hinduism there is a good practice called satsang, which means keeping the company of good natured people. The idea behind this is your consciousness becomes purified in the presence of good vibration and elevating thoughts. We can extend this concept into our relationships and associations. Keep the company of positive minded people, people who care, encourage, inspire,  appreciate, who are ever helpful, kind, compassionate and contended. Work for companies with sound business practices and positive leadership styles.

12. Chose your words carefully. Practice using positive words and expressions in both verbal and oral communication, especially in your writings and daily conversations. (Notice in this articles how many positive words and expressions have been used.). There is always a way to speak positively whatever be the situation or circumstance. This would take years of practice but would bring rich rewards in terms of relationships and success.

13. Accept problems, pain and suffering, failures and rejectiosn as learning opportunities. By embracing difficult and negative situations with postive attitude, you create opportunities to learn and grow.

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