The Secret of Attracting Abundance


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by Jayaram V

Summary: What is the secret to attracting abundance? How can you lead a happier, fuller and holistic life, in which you not only experience the abundance of wealth but also other abundances that enrich your life? Why most people are unhappy, despite having wealth and material comforts? Find out.

Generally, when we think of abundance what comes to our mind is mostly wealth. Wealth or money is an important part of our lives. We cannot live without it. It is needed for our comforts as well as our survival. However, wealth is not the only kind of abundance that we can have. There are other types of abundances, which are equally important, if not more.

For example, we can also pursue the abundance of health, happiness, strength, knowledge, wisdom, security, relationships, experience, endurance, character, virtue, skills in particular areas, and so on. They are equally important to our Wellbeing, peace and stability.

If people are unhappy, which most people are, it is because they may be lacking in one or more of these areas. It is evident from observation that unhappiness or suffering afflicts both the rich and the poor due to the absence of certain abundances.

When they are absent, they feel certain vacuum or lack in their lives, and keep worrying about them. It is why happiness or peace is fleeting and can never be taken for granted.

These different types of abundances are also interrelated or interdependent. You can see that from the following.

  • Happiness depends upon health as well as wealth.
  • It is difficult to build positive relationships without happiness or character.
  • Knowledge and skills are required to earn wealth and preserve it.
  • To practice endurance, you need to possess character and experience.
  • You cannot have security, without wealth or health or loving and caring relationships

They are just a few examples. You can see the interconnectedness of life, and the need for a holistic development of your personality and skills to derive maximum satisfaction out of your life and actions.

You will experience fulfillment when you achieve success in multiple areas that complement each other. Many people do not realize the importance of this. They keep pursing limited goals and achieve limited success or happiness.

Proportion is also important for harmony, balance and stability. Your life is complete when you possess all the desirable things in abundance and in proportion. If you give too much importance to one aspect of abundance, you may achieve it, but you may not experience completeness or fulfillment.

Many people pursue wealth at all costs, ignoring other important priorities in their lives. Most of them end up being unhappy. If you want to live life to the fullest, you must aim for an all-round life, in which there is a place for all the good things life can offer.

By now, the conclusion from our previous discussion must be obvious. If you have to enjoy a full life, you must focus upon various types of abundances, not just wealth or money. You must try to attract as many abundances which you deem necessary for a happier and fuller life.

Prepare a list of abundances that you want to achieve in your life. Set specific goals and create an action plan to reach them.

Self-limiting beliefs are an impediment to success. They limit your vision as well as your ability to achieving goals or abundances. If you think you cannot achieve certain things in life, or you have certain limitations to reach your goals, they will dog your effort and prevent you from being fully capable or effective.

It is necessary that you examine your thoughts to see what limiting beliefs have taken roots in you, and how they are affecting your success or your confidence. It is even better, if you find the limiting beliefs that are associated with each of the goals or abundances you seek, so that you can effectively deal with them.

You may have heard of centrifugal and centripetal forces. Centrifugal forces outwardly pull an object that is following a curved path away from the center. Centripetal forces do the opposite. They keep the object moving along the curved path around the center and prevent it from leaving.

If you are the center, your hopes and desires for success and fulfillment are like the centrifugal forces, while your fears and self-limiting thoughts and beliefs act as the centripetal forces. They keep you in your comfort zone and prevent you from jumping into a higher orbit.

Hence, what you think and what thoughts you allow to prevail in your mind are important. Your subconscious mind plays an important role in influencing your behavior and thinking and thereby your ability to achieve success in life. It is also influenced by your self-limiting beliefs. You can fine-tune your subconscious mind by countering those thoughts through repeated affirmations and by cultivating the right attitude and mindset.

Here is the essence of the secret to abundance. You need to effect a change in your thinking and approach to resolve the problems and challenges in life or to set your goals and priorities. You must become your own mentor, guide and motivator. For that, you must develop right awareness, be realistic, follow your dreams and aspirations and mold yourself according to your vision, ideals and goals. Then, the sky will be your limit.

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