Seven Types of Abundance


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by Jayaram V

We generally perceive abundance as the state of having many luxuries and plenty of wealth. It is a limited and narrow meaning. However, abundance does not necessarily mean being rich or wealthy. It is one form of abundance only. Abundance has many aspects and appears in numerous forms. It is also considered an essential aspect of God, which manifest in our lives in diverse forms. Some of them are positive and some, negative.

For example, in worldly life we see not only the abundance of positive things such as wealth, happiness and joy but also the abundance of poverty, cruelty, corruption, ignorance, violence, suffering, and so on. Literally speaking, abundance means having anything in plenty or more than adequate. Because wealth seems to satisfy most of our desires and expectations, we primarily focus upon the abundance of material wealth.

However, material wealth has its own limitations. It does not satisfy our higher needs such as our spiritual or existential needs. Therefore, it is better to open your mind to material wealth as well as other types of abundances such as the abundance of health, relationships, talents, skills, knowledge, virtue, happiness, peace, etc., which have the potential to enrich your life and contribute to a well-rounded and fulfilling state of happiness.

You know from experience that these abundances are interrelated and complement each other. You can use them to attract other abundances. You may acquire them either by birth such as your natural talents and God-given gifts, and some by effort such as knowledge, positive relationships and work-related skills, which can help you reach your goals and manifest your dreams.

Anything in excess is a burden, if you do not know how to balance your life and stay in control. It is true in case of any abundance. It is not good to focus merely upon attracting the abundance of wealth only. Wealth by itself cannot guarantee you the life of true abundance, where you can pursue your material and spiritual goals and achieve balance, peace and stability.

Instead, you should focus upon channeling the natural abundances that you already have and let others also receive the benefits of it. You should learn how to put them to best use for your good as well as the good of others. As you let those natural abundances flow from you, you will automatically create the conditions for attracting other abundances, including wealth, which you do not have.

In the process, you will receive help form others and from the universe in diverse and mysterious ways. As you surround yourself with positive energy, well-wishers and positive people, you will also attract good luck and favorable circumstances. You can only give what you have. Therefore, see what you can cultivate in plenty, give in plenty or channel in plenty, without feeling diminished by it.

The universe has greater aims. You are not its sole purpose. Its abundances are for a greater good. Therefore, your entitlement to enjoy the abundances of the universe must incorporate the spirit of sharing and giving. This is the true secret of abundance. Begin with giving and channeling your natural abundances and increase your potential to attract and accumulate even more.

As you open the doors of your natural treasures, the universe begins to channel other abundances into your life. You will be surprised at how the law of compensation invisibly works in the world, and how your own positive actions and good thoughts manifest your desires and dreams. It is what we know in eastern traditions as Karma.

Truly speaking, all the we can accumulate in life is positive and negative karma, which in turn determines what we may or may not have, enjoy or suffer. In the following discussion, we focus upon seven types of abundances which you can secure to empower yourself and others to attract the abundance of material wealth, peace and happiness.

1. Health: The abundance of health depends upon both genetic and environmental factors. Nothing much can be done about the genetic factors, other than taking preventive and remedial measures to minimize their impact. However, it is in your hands to improve your health by managing the environmental factors such as clean habits, clean surroundings, exercise, adequate rest and recreation, healthy lifestyle choices, etc. The importance of health increase as grow older.

2. Knowledge: By knowledge we mean the knowledge which can help you gain mastery and excellence in focus areas and pursue your goals. Knowledge is power in itself. It can also unlock the doors to other types of abundances, especially name, fame, wealth, honor, status, dignity and so on. You should possess specialized knowledge, expert knowledge, general knowledge and practical knowledge to distinguish yourself and stay ahead of others.

3. Intelligence: It gives you the ability to see things clearly and make right decisions. Intelligence shines when you free your mind from cognitive distortions, negativity, emotional problems and irrational thinking. The commonest type of intelligence is common sense, which is not so common nowadays. You should focus upon other types of intelligence also such as emotional intelligence, social intelligence, verbal intelligence, cognitive intelligence and so on.

4. Courage: Fear is one of the most obstructive forces which prevent the natural flow of abundance in your life and prevent you from using your full potential or being fully effective. If you are afraid in any manner, you cannot effectively channel your natural energies or abundances in the required direction. You will also have low expectations and settle for less. Therefore, focus upon cultivating courage, confidence, self-esteem to deal with your problems and pursue your goals.

5. Virtue: In acquiring any type of abundance, the methods are important. In the pursuit of wealth or any abundance, you cannot sacrifice virtue or morality or resort to evil methods. Many people acquire wealth, through unethical, illegal or fraudulent means. They are some of the unhappiest people upon earth, for whom wealth becomes a curse rather than a blessing. This is true in case of all types of abundance. Therefore, aim for the abundance of virtue, and use that as the foundation to build other types of abundances.

6. Positivity: By positivity we mean a positive state of mind, which is filled with positive emotions such as love and compassion. For example, with positivity you can generously channel appreciation instead of criticism, empathy instead of callousness or indifference, love instead of hate, charity and service instead of selfishness, and faith and trust instead of betrayal. You can bring out the best in you to uplift yourself and others. If you focus upon cultivating positivity as your natural state of mind, you will channel positive energies and attract positive abundances.

7. Patience: Success in life demands discipline, perseverance and patience. They go together. In the pursuit of your goals, you cannot be hasty or impatient. When failures and problems beset your life or prevent you from reaching your goals, you cannot afford to lose patience or act impulsively. Sometimes, it is better to wait rather than take hasty actions or succumb to negative emotions. You must therefore possess an abundance of patience and caution and wait for the right time and favorable circumstances to find right opportunities, take right actions or make right decisions.

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