How to Deal with the Monotony of Life?


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by Jayaram V

I am not easily bored. It was true even when I was a child. My grandfather who brought me up put a number of restriction on me from going out and playing with other friends. He was worried that I would climb trees or swim in the local pond or canals and hurt myself. Therefore, he kept a close watch on me and did not let me go out frequently and spend time with my friends. I resented the controls, but learned to solve the problem by staying home and inventing my own games. The trick to boredom is to keep yourself busy, and I learned that trick very early in my life. In fact, many children do it because they are inventive.

There is no connection with boredom and laziness. Laziness does not necessarily lead to boredom and boredom is not caused by laziness alone. A number of factors are responsible for the monotony or boredom experienced by people either chronically or occasionally. Everyone experiences it occasionally, when they have nothing to do or when they are lonely. However in some cases the feelings may remain persistent and require professional help. Some people who suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder may experience boredom frequently as they quickly lose interest in what they do. Some people are easily bored by routine and seek variety and novelty in their daily lives. They may also complain about boredom and monotony. The following are a few suggestions to deal with the monotony experienced people. Those who experience boredom may have to look for deeper causes with professional help. The following suggestions are meant for those who are normal and healthy and do not suffer from any deep psychological issues.

1. Find a purpose. It is generally found useful to keep boredom away If you have a purpose that is larger than extends well beyond your personal interests and individual needs, it will keep you motivated and busy to do something for yourself and others.

2. Keep yourself busy. It is the best cure for boredom. Find something new to do. Expand the scope of your actions or your duties, be they household duties or office responsibilities. If you are employed, find ways and means to take up additional work.

3. Do things differently. There are many ways in which you can perform your daily tasks. Try to keep experimenting with the food you cook, the television programs you watch, and the way you shop or dress.

4. Find opportunities to interact with your friends and family, but do not make it a routine.

5. Create some goals of learning new knowledge and new skills or update your professional knowledge and skills, with self-study or by joining a professional course.

6. Do regular exercise. Exercise makes you active and energetic. If your body is in good shape, your mind will be in good shape.

7. Help others. Help you children in their homework, having fun time, visiting a local museum or historic site, learn new skills. You may also help friends, family, or join a voluntary organization to help those who need help.

8. Notice the differences. Even though you may visit the same, meet the same people and find yourself in the same situations, your experiences are never the same. There will always be changes and differences. The person you meet may be wearing a different dress, talking about a different subject, the time may be different, the traffic would present a different spectacle, or may be even the food you eat tastes different. When you are mindful of these changes and pay them attention, you will not experience boredom.

Life is a precious opportunity to live and experience the simple pleasures of life. It is sad that many people do not recognize its value. Having the opportunity to live the life of a human and experience the world through the five senses is in itself a great blessing. The world is never the same. It always keeps changing. Impermanence is inherent in our lives. Everything within us and around us keeps changing constantly. Therefore, there is not reason for us to experience boredom. We experience boredom because we freeze our minds mentally and refuse to acknowledge the life that happens around us. Being mindful, staying in the present, and paying attention to the constant flow of life is in itself a great cure for boredom. If you have the right attitude and open to experiences, you will not find excuses for boredom and loneliness. Therefore, if you constantly feel bored, examine your thinking and free your mind from the inner blockages to experience the joy and thrill of living.

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