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Discounted is a safe, secure, online newspaper subscription service. Theysell subscriptions to the largest local newspapers around the United States, currently offering over 350 newspapers, serving over 40,000 zip codes with over 3,000 different subscription options. Subscriptions are for local home delivery only. Their subscription options range in frequency from 7-days a week to Sunday-only and the durations range from 4 weeks to 52 weeks. Subscription discounts are guaranteed to be the lowest prices on the web. Founded in 2001, Discounted Newspapers as an online subscription service for local and national newspapers on the web, they have a direct relationship with every newspaper that they offer. This ensures you of prompt, reliable service and great prices. The checkout is quick and easy, and your newspaper delivery will begin within a week of your order.

Subscribe to USA TODAY print - Save up to 50% off Newsstand | Sports Weekly Subscription | e-Newspaper USA Today - Don't miss a single story with the USA Today e-Newspaper. Order Now! Smarter. Faster. More Colorful!

USA TODAY is the most widely read newspaper in the United States. Every day more than 5 million people read USA TODAY to get their news. People love the fair, balanced and complete coverage that USA TODAY provides, in a concise and quick to read format. USA TODAY also has exclusive stories and the latest headlines. By subscribing, you will enjoy the convenience of home or office delivery. USA Today Subscription Services are available for USATODAY, USA Weekend special, USAToday Education, and Sports Weekly. You can subscribeto get  either print home delivery of USAToday or convenient electronic delivery with e-Newspaper. You can also subscribe from the same site to Sports Weekly, your inside source for Baseball and Football. The offers are available to new subscribers only. Home delivery is not available in some areas. While subscriptions to USA TODAY are not available outside of North America, international readers who are interested in subscribing can do so with the electronic edition of USA TODAY. The electronic edition of USA TODAY is an exact replica of the edition available in the USA with all the benefits of interactivity and electronic navigation.

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