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Ayurvedic Skin Care Bindi sells oils, hair and skin conditioners and nutritional supplements.

Beauteon Stick-on and reusable bindis, body-dots and body jewelry.

Bhaktivedanta Vani Trust Religious products from India including CDs, videos, and incense.

Blessings on the net Online shops for religious books, music, travel, arts and crafts.

Celextel's Online Spiritual Store Offers crystal malas, shiva lingas, incense sticks, rudrakshas, sandal malas, tulsi malas, and stone murtis.

Electric Havan Kund Offer an electric Havan Kund for performing Homa.

Giri Trading Puja items, gifts, books, audio tapes and other products for Hindu worship.

Gopala Dolls and Games Krishna dolls, Radharani dolls, Jaganatha, Subadhra and Balarama sets, and other related items.

Illumination Television Videos on the experience of the Hare Krishna devotees, festivals and pilgrimages.

The Journey Home Autobiography of an American Swami by Radhanath Swami.

Krishna Culture Online Vedic Store Resource for items from spiritual India.

Krishna Software Inc. Offers multimedia CDROMs on Indian philosophy, religion, and culture.

Mukunda Khatiwada: Khatmandu, Nepal Offers Rudraksha and Saligrams.

Oriental Records A selection of devotional music including Siva Sahasaranama, Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana.

Parihara.com - eDevotional Services Portal E-devotional services portal through which you can order poojas(prayers) at indian temples, perform vedic homams, get astrology reports & predictions, spiritual tourism and lots more. www.parihara.com

Power Fortunes Offering Vedic talismans and divination tools.

Prema Music Offer audio tapes and CDs of Sai Baba bhajans. Includes a photo gallery of Sai Baba and MP3 downloads of bhajans and prayers.

Pt. Vilas Thuse Provides pooja vidhi and astrology services in San Francisco Bay Area, United States.

Religious Accessories Puja items, malas, tapes and books.

Rudra Bhandar Offers Rudraksha, saligram, Yantras and ritual items.

Rudraksh Offers all kind of rudraksh, gems and yantras. Includes articles on different kinds of rudraksh.

Rudraksha Information about Rudrakshas and a guide for someone looking to purchase one.

Rudraksha Center Offer a range of rudrakshas and malas.

Rudraksham Offer a range of rukdraksha, malas, and pendants.

Sanatan Society Offer books, posters, and audio cassettes on Yoga, tantra, chakras, and mantras.

Saranam Offer Rudraksha malas and pendents, Yantras, Puja items, and Puja service at specified temples.

Shaligram.com Sells Shaligram Shilas, Rudrakshas, Yantras and idols.

Spiritual Journeys Travel offers to hindu pilgrimage destinations in India.

Super Tape and Discs Offer devotional music and Sanskrit chants in cassettes and compact discs.

Yantra Offers all types of Yantras, Shivling, and japamalas for worship.

Pujas online

EPrarthana.com Poojas to over 2000 temples in India through the net. Religious books, cassettes, cds, laminated photo frames, handicrafts, jewellery and wedding gifts.

Hindu Purohit Offer to conduct pooja, homam, and other Hindu rituals in various temples.

Siddhashram Shakti Kendra Tantrik sadhanas on order from the spiritual power research center.

Worship Packages Offers puja packages with accommodation at several temples.


Ana Yoga Offer Yoga products and accessories.

Angela Stevens Offers guided Yoga tapes.

Ashtanga Yoga Book, videos and poster featuring the Astanga Yoga teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Ask Yogi Marlon Yoga gear and related products.

Audio Yoga Offer CDs and MP3s. Also online lessons for breathing and relaxation.

Barefoot Yoga Company Products for yoga practice, including mats, mat bags, eye pillows, clothing, and practice rugs.

Bean Products Manufacturer of mats, bolsters, straps, zafus, zabutons, and other yoga tools and products.

Bheka Offer Yoga props, accessories, instructional materials, books, and Cds.

BigHeart Yoga Mat Carriers Specialized backpacks for carrying yoga mats.

Blue Lotus Offer meditation cushions, mats, and accessories.

Crescent Moon: Singapore Offer Yoga kits, mats, and accessories.

Divine Goddess Yoga Products Offer Yoga mats and mat bags.

Ecoyoga Offer environmentally friendly Yoga mats made from 100 percent natural ingredients.

EMP Industrials Australasia Offer Yoga mats, props, and bolsters.

Everything Yoga Offer yoga mats, props, and clothing.

FlexMax Offer a software tool for drawing Yoga postures(Asanas).

Halfmoon Yoga Products Canadian supplier offering sticky and tapas mats, cushions, blocks, bricks, bolsters and meditation products.

Health and Yoga Offers health information for fasting, meditation and Yoga along with sale of products.

Hugger Mugger Yoga Products Specializes in mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, and clothing.

Learning Yoga Offer Yoga videos, mats, clothing. Features articles on history, styles, poses, and benefits of Yoga.

Mats Mats Mats Yoga mats, straps, bags and blocks.

Ohm Works Offer deck of yoga cards and stretch deck cards providing poses with instructions.

The Shanti Shop Offers Yoga mat bags.

Sri Yantras SriYantra mandalas in Crystals. Sri Yantra the Indian and Buddhist multi pyramid sacred formations offered in 3 Dimensional Crystal form.

Yoga Accessories Carries a wide variety of yoga props.

Yoga Figurines Yoga sculptures and figurines by sculptor Jessica DeStefano.

Yoga King Offer Yoga products like props, furniture, halasana stool, setubandha bench, mats, books, CDs,and videos.

The Yoga Mat Mats and related equipment, information on workshops, and retreats.

Yoga Mats Offer all kinds of Yoga mats and supplies.

Yoga Props Offers yoga equipment including sticky mats, bolsters, back bending benches and many other items for practice.

Yoga Studio Shop for clothing, mats, and rugs, as well as meditation products.

Yoga Technology Offer a range of books and cds on Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Yoga.com Products for yoga, massage, homeopathic medicine, meditation and exercise. Reference materials on several of these topics.

YogaCraft Provides comprehensive details about ancient Indian handicraft items and religious products.

YogaKit Yoga equipment for teachers and students.

YogaPro Offering equipment, mats, toe stretchers and traditional props. Incense

Incense Sticks These sticks imported from India are twelve inches in length and burn for approximately one hour.

Sudharshan Dhoop Offer various kinds of incense sticks and holders.  


Divine Arts - Gateway to Indian Music (Hindustan and Carnatic) and Art

Cisco Study Guides : Industry's Best Cisco Certification Sites Offering Study Guides, Test Questions, Practice Exams Etc..

Neon Egypt: Unusual intuitive, improvised jazz and world fusion music website. Also find MP3 downloads and Haiku poetry.

Eye of Horus is the metaphysical store, labyrinth garden and mythic art gallery located in the Uptown area of Minneapolis. They specialize in books, ritual tools, candles, incense, jewelry, art and music for people walking a mystic path.

Diwalionline : For Diwali Online Egreetings, Diwali 2006 Greetings, Greeting Cards visit DiwaliOnline.Net

Fortune Predictions: Welcome to fortune predictions created by a clairvoyant, spiritual, psychic, tantric astrologer who gives you mystic answers, even without you telling the questions, by using ancient and modern methods.

Dollmarket.com: The Doll Market is the largest online source of Dolls and Doll Clothing, Doll Furniture and Doll Accessories, featuring artists and many more.

123Greetings.com Send free electronic greetings, greeting cards, cards, ecards and postcards with quotes and colors. Cards for holidays, birthdays, graduation, romantic, weddings, thank you, love & much much more.

Vietrantour is a professional Tour Operator in Viet Nam. We set foot to regions from the North to the South of Viet Nam to build the typically tour programs.

Diwali-cards.com Celebrate this diwali with lots of special animated e-cards to spread out the message of love and brighten up the festival season.

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