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What Is the Meaning and Purpose of Life?

Vajrayana, The Journey of Emptiness

The Concept of Svarupa Avasta Your True Nature in Yoga Explained

The Illusion of Spiritual Practice

What is The Purpose of Yoga?

The Purpose of Spiritual Practice

The Concept of Maya or Illusion

How To Control And Manage Stress

Things that are difficult to do. Overcoming Challenges

The Meaning of Nirvana in Hinduism, Budhism and Jainism

Creating Your Path - A Modern Aranyaka

Misconceptions about Hinduism

The Power of Words

Think Success: A Collection of Writings

Choose Your Witness

Why Do You Imprison the Soul?

Space Meditation

God In Hinduism

Welcome Speech Addressed by Swami Vivekanada At Chicago

Hinduism and Socialism

Spiritual and Material Aspects of Hinduism

Self Realization What It Means In Hinduism

A Simple Secret Of Success

The Sacred Space Within And Without

Shankara Nada Sarira - A Devotional Song For Lord Siva

Evolution Of Life According To Samkhya School

A Devotional Song For Lord Ganesha, The Son Of Siva

Change Your Response - Choose Happiness

The Concept Of God In Early Hinduism

Happiness is a choice

The Wisdom Of The Bhagavadgita

Inspirational Quotes For Everyday Use - Part 2

Inspirational Quotes - Part 1

Significance Of Lord Siva

The Traditional Definitions of Yoga

Right Speech On The Eightfold Path Of Buddhism

Karmayoga In The Service Of Hinduism

How To Stabilize The Mind?

The Nature Of Citta According To The Yoga Sutra

Success Principles From The Yoga Sutra

The Original Meaning Of Yoga

The Meaning, Purpose And Practice Of Mindfulness

Centering Yourself In Your Higher Consciousness

Listening To Sounds With Mindfulness In Daily Life

Sattva, Rajas And Tamas The Qualities Of Prakriti

Hindu And Sindhu The Historical Connection

How To Cope With Fears

Lord Siva In Vedic Times

The Meaning Of Yoga

Parenting in Hinduism

Time or Kala In Hinduism

Divisions of Time in Hinduism

Time As An Aspect Of Creation

Affirmations For Self-Esteem

The Triple Canon Of Hinduism

What is Nirvana

What is Self-Realization?

Soul And Embodied Soul

Ego And Egolessness

The Mind and Soul

Practicing Mindfulness

Yoga & Its Primordial Roots

The Origins and History of Yoga


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