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i-toi TEFL are the worlds leading TEFL course provider having trained more than 135,000 people over the last 19 years. Their world-renowned training can be take in a style to suit the tutee; classroom, on-line or a combination of the two. If you can speak English, all you need is an i-to-i TEFL Certificate and a passport and within weeks you could be living and teaching pretty much anywhere on the planet. i-to-i TEFL courses are designed, built and taught with the aim of finding you a great TEFL job. i-toi TEFL are the only TEFL course provider that offers you the employer endorsed TEFL eResume. Co-developed with language schools to match their recruitment needs, your eResume showcases the quality of your TEFL training by creating a digital portfolio of your TEFL studies. What’s more, when you enrol on a course with i-to-i you’ll have access to thousands of jobs on their free TEFL jobs board. .

Translate Words & Full Text to 77 Languages - Free! | 1 Click Definitions & Translations. 77 Languages. Free Download. provides translation and language learning solutions. Established in 1997, the Company caters to both individuals and corporations alike. Babylon is the winner of numerous awards, including a Guinness World Records® certificate for the most downloads of a translation software.Babylon desktop translator is available as a free download and provides translations in over 77 languages. The translator works both online and offline, delivering instant results without ever having to change applications. With just the simple click of a mouse, your requested translation will instantly appear. Babylon's unique desktop tool was developed using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), an innovative technology that enables the system to identify both the term you want to translate as well as the text surrounding it. What this means, is that the software is able to provide contextual translations with an unmatched level of accuracy. In addition to its well-known translation products, Babylon offers a variety of language solutions. Products include professional translation for all of your official documents, mobile apps for your smartphone and instant grammar correction to assist you with your writing. Babylon also offers a variety of language learning programs for kids and adults. Babylon language learning software makes language learning fun and easy. Whatever your language needs are, Babylon has you covered. .

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