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This section is about spirituality, spiritualism, spiritual life, awakening, mysticism, divine qualities and higher consciousness. Spiritual effort in most religions is based upon three main basic beliefs: 1. Our present state or reality is ridden with problems and suffering. 2. We can overcome the suffering and impermanence to which we are subject and 3. Through spiritual effort and discipline, it is possible for us to transcend our limitations and experience higher states of consciousness and even discover the inner self that is hidden in all of us. Spiritualism elevates our thinking and behavior. It is more than simple religious practice and can be a good cure for the petty and narrow-minded thinking that often people cultivate because of their excessive attachment to religion. Religions divide people into groups and communities, whereas spiritualism helps us to see the world as the manifestation of one Supreme Reality. Our spirituality takes us beyond dogmatism, fundamentalism and obscurantism which are responsible for divisions and disunity between nations and peoples. The need of the hour is spiritual growth of the human beings, and this section will help you know more about this subject.

Spiritual Essays

We have included here important essays on spiritual wisdom that lead to inner growth, insight into spiritual practices such as meditation and mindfulness, right thinking and living, self-awareness, healing, balance, witness consciousness, discernment, purity and self-transformation

Spiritual Practice

Spiritual knowledge is important to cultivate the right mind and attitude, but it is not useful unless you practice it. These essays provide you with practical advice on cultivating necessary spiritual qualities to find peace and harmony, and develop direct awareness into your essential nature.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is an integral part of spiritual practice and self-transformation. These essays help you know principles and practice of yoga, meditation techniques, breathing practices, body contemplation and mindfulness .

Spiritual Texts

These are a few selected e-texts and digital books covering a wide range of spiritual and metaphysical subjects, including occult, nysticism and yoga, which help you spend time in the company of great minds.

Spiritual Masters

We have included in this section a few selected works of renowned spiritual writers and masters such as J. Krishnamurthy, Kabir, Khalil Gibran, Mother of Pondicherry and Pythagoras.


This section includes writings of early theosophists about the history of Christ, yoga, planes of consciousness, creation, afterlife, karma, thought-forms, human personality, etc.

Spiritual Quotations

These inspirational thoughts and quotations from renowned spiritual masters, philosophers, thinkers, free spirits, and scholars of the past and present, cheer you up, nourish your mind and elevate your thinking.

Spiritual Audios

Our audio presentations speak about tapping into higher intelligence and knowing the meaning and significance of several spiritual sucjects and practices such as good and evil, silence, peace, compassion, liberation, etc.

Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo, one of the greatest Indian spiritual masters of the past century speaks to you through these selected essays the secret knowledge and wisdom of India that can open your mind to the truths you have never heard.


Selected discourses from H.W.L. Poonja, another Indian spiritual master, popularly known as Papaji, an awakened yogi, who captures your heart with his simple, but elegant and enlightened wisdom. .

Swami Yogananda

Read the Autobiography of Swami Paramahansa Yogananda, who comes from a great lineage of spiritual masters. This is one of the few books in English ever written with the  first knowledge of ancient and modern spiritual practices and an eyewitness account of extraordinary spiritual experiences.

Yogi Ramacharaka

This section contains a selection of works by Yogi Ramacharaka (William Walker Atkinson), a pioneer of New Age Movement, theosophy and occultism in the USA at the turn of the last century broadly inspired by the ideals of Hinduism. Although he was born in the USA, he had a good grasp of Indian wisdom.

Spiritual Videos

We have a few popular and original videos on Spiritualism, yoga, meditation, spiritualism, Buddhism, Jainism and related topics. .

Spiritual Websites

This contains a selected list of some of the best and informative websites on spirituality, spiritualism and related subjects. .

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