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Since 2000, Hinduwebsite.com has gained a unique reputation on the Internet as the most authoritative website on Hinduism and related religions. Millions of visitors visited our website and benefited from the writings we have provided. Many colleges and universities in various parts of the world use our information in their curriculum and religious studies. Hinduwebsite.com is also the first website on the Internet to provide information on the composite socio-religious culture of the Indian subcontinent covering all religions that originated in India, besides Zoroastrianism, which is closely linked to its history and antiquity. Many websites have come afterwards, but we still maintain our unique status. Our books also represent the same quality and vision with which we have served you all these years.

Just like Hinduwebsite.com, Hinduwebsite Books are unique, one of their kind, and written with the specific purpose of providing quality information on the selected topics. Each book is carefully written to provide valuable insights and intuitive knowledge. We request you to purchase these books and read them with the specific purpose to improve your knowledge and insight. We want you to read them because within them they carry the light and wisdom of centuries and millenniums. To be born in India is a blessing, and to be blessed with the knowledge of its unique culture is even a greater blessing. Not everyone can write about Hinduism and spirituality with such directness and simplicity as Jayaram V who has the gift of gods to see things from a unique perspective and explain the complex philosophies in a simple manner. Jayaram brings to you the ageless wisdom of India in a language you can understand and relate to. His life's mission is to bring the knowledge and wisdom of the East to the West and bridge the cultural gap between the past and present generations. If you live in the USA, please buy these books and acquaint yourself with the knowledge that guides the soul of India. The information they contain is more valuable than the money you will be spending to purchase them.

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